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  1. The Android Thread

    http://www.comparemobiledeals.com/ http://www.comparemobiledeals.com/mobile-phones/Samsung/Galaxy-S2?&tab=Pay-Monthly&page=1&sortby=Cheapest 600 Minutes 500 Texts Internet (no idea how much though, prob at least 500MB) £30.64/month Free GSII 18-month contract £95 cashback through the retailer £60.60 cashback through Topcashback Total: £395.92 That seems to be the best deal. If you want 12 months instead this deal is still the cheapest, just cancel in month 11 (you give 30 days notice) and they'll ask you for £153.20 as a final payment (plus month 12's bill), which would make the total £365.28 for the year. You could recoup the early termination fee by selling the Galaxy, you won't need it assuming the reason for cancelling was to get a new phone! While I dislike the Galaxy (it looks rather dull, just a slab of plastic with a big screen that's too bright and oversaturates colour) it is kinda hard to see the iPhone 4S, Nokia N9/N950 or HTC Titan as good value when there's such a powerful phone going this cheap. It's quite disgraceful really.
  2. Batman: Arkham City

    Still hacked off that it ain't coming til November. Publishers have utterly screwed up the release dates this year for me. Battlefield 3, Skyrim, MW3, Batman and Assassin's Creed all within a little over 2 weeks. I'm tempted to get this on 360 because no way do I have time to play all of those at once, and it's pretty difficult to choose between Batman and Skyrim!...
  3. Galaxy Nexus

    I'm more interested in Motorola's Droid RAZR to be honest. That handset looks insanely good! Still, not a bad update. Tempted to sell my iPad and try out ICS on a tablet now.
  4. Batman: Arkham City

    That's why I don't pre-order online unless it's a really good deal (BF3 + 3 pairs of DKNY boxers for £30 kind of good). The supermarkets are usually competitive on price even if nobody else is.
  5. Batman: Arkham City

    It's a shame they pushed the PC release back though. Comes out the same day as Skyrim.
  6. iPhone 4S October 14 starting at £499

    The Vodafone eForum is always loltastic. It's full of Vodafone apologists telling customers that problems are their own fault and have nothing to do with precious Lord Vodafone, the saviour of all. Must be a nightmare working in the online team these days, having to tip-toe around those plebs who are doing nothing but damage to the Vodafone brand.
  7. The Apple Thread

    Have you had a play with the new design Nanos? They're actually quite awesome, especially for running. I didn't like the design at first either, but I have to admit, if I still used an mp3 player I would pick one up.
  8. The Apple Thread

    There's some OK stuff. The split keyboard, Reeder, Reminders, the new notification system. iCloud seems like it will be pretty good too if you have multiple Apple devices (I don't, so it's of little use). Oh, and they finally fixed market auto-correcting to Market. Overall though it's the usual story with an Apple update. Performance sucks on older devices. There's so much keystroke lag on the iPad 1 now. Actually, just about everything lags, screen rotation, app switching, tab switching. I'm always quite amazed how a few small tweaks to iOS can wreak havvok on performance. It's beginning to make me quite cynical towards Apple devices. I've recently upgraded my Windows Phone to Mango. Performance improved. They added multitasking and a whole host of other features and managed to optimise the already smooth OS. When Apple did that, performance on my iPhone 3G went through the floor. Now the same thing has happened on the iPad despite the tweaks being relatively small. I'm beginning to wonder if they do this on purpose, or if they just don't see the point in optimising new versions of the OS for older hardware. Either way, I'll probably downgrade. I'm going to be watching the ICS news with interest. It might be time to jump ship.
  9. Batman: Arkham City

    November is going to seem so far away come next Tuesday (especially given I'm actually away when the PC version hits the shelves). Still gonna wait for the PC release though. I picked up the PC release of Asylum a while after I completed it on Xbox (it was something like £3 in a Windows Live sale) and it was stunning! Didn't really tax the system either, which was impressive.
  10. The Apple Thread

    I've had iOS5 on my iPad for a couple of days now. It's poop. Actually, that's not really fair. iOS5 is nice, but the 1st gen iPad seems to have a bit of a RAM issue with it. I just lost a few-hundred word post on the Vodafone forums because I opened settings then switched back to the browser. The page reloaded. No other programs open. This has been happening a lot, the browser can't handle as many pages as it could in iOS4. Multitasking? Forget it. Pages reload as soon as you re-enter the browser. Not good. EDIT: Actually, it seems to keep the pages as long as you don't switch out of the browser. I just had all 9 tabs running fine. The system slows right down though, takes a good few seconds to switch from one tab to another.
  11. Onlive Launches in UK

    A couple of Ebuyer Value Homeplugs for £25, problem solved. OnLive has enough potential lag problems without them encouraging WiFi. Wish I could try this out. Not got a fast enough connection though sadly.
  12. iPhone 4S October 14 starting at £499

    I'm actually tempted to pick one of these up. Three are doing the iPhone 4S 16GB on The One Plan for £35/month, 24 month contract (student discount bringing that down to £32/month). The phone costs £99, but there's £109 Quidco cashback available. The One Plan allows tethering, so I could cancel my mobile BB and sell my MiFi. Basically I've worked out that I could save £10/month by cancelling my Vodafone contract and jumping over to Three. It might cost me £245 to cancel it, but taking in to account the monthly saving along with the money I'd get for the Mifi and my current phone, and I think I'm covered. If I don't like the 4S then I could always sell it on for at least £400 anyways.
  13. iPhone 4S October 14 starting at £499

    Maybe. I've just not got a lot of enthusiasm for Android, ICS would have to be quite a drastic improvement before I'd want to go near another Android phone.
  14. iPhone 4S October 14 starting at £499

    Sorry to disappoint. It's £429. It's increasingly looking like I'll be grabbing the obscenely large HTC Titan for my next handset. Not seen anything to tempt me away yet.
  15. I Want to Ride a Bicycle

    Lights are actually a legal requirement for night riding. If you don't have them the Police can issue you a £30 fixed penalty notice. Not using them is a bit of a dumbshit thing to do really, they make you more visible to other road users. Personally wouldn't want to rely on a high-vis and reflectors, it's not worth the risk.
  16. I Want to Ride a Bicycle

    Puncture repair kit. Wilkinsons are pretty good for those, cheaper than any bike shop I've seen and their kits work (I can vouch for that, my front has 3 patches already ) There's a commuting section on the Bike Radar forums which also has some pretty good links to commuting guides.
  17. Battlefield 3

    Nice menus. Other than that... "Your connection to EA online was lost" FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Not again. I had enough of this shite with Bad Company 2! Why can't EA just use the same systems as everyone else?
  18. I Want to Ride a Bicycle

    Is there a brake level on each handlebar? If not then you're probably going to take flying lessons then die a tragic death with your melon splattered over the pavement. Presumably there is. I can't see a reputable retailer selling a bike with only a front brake (even though the bike in that pic you posted has no rear brake).
  19. I Want to Ride a Bicycle

    Took me a while to find it, but this is where I got most of the info from: http://quickrelease.tv/?p=327 This one is rather alarming: The Neistat Brothers aren't the only ones to pull this off either. It seems nobody really gives a hoot if you're robbing a bike. Most probably assume that you own it and lost the key or something. TBH though, it's not hard to find out how to steal stuff. There's even a guide to making a bump key on Lifehacker (a bump key opens almost any yale lock, so about 60% of British homes ). The more you know about stealing the easier it is to stop people robbing you.
  20. I Want to Ride a Bicycle

    5 mile commute each way for me. Downhill all the way in which is awesome! Due to rush-hour traffic I'm usually the fasted thing on the road! Cycle home - not so awesome. I'm riding a Specialized Rockhopper purchased through Cyclescheme http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk/ Don't skimp on the lock and buy some decent lights would be my advice. Oh, and always lock your bike near others. If there's easier targets available then thieves are unlikely to try stealing your ride. I use this and these, bought off eBay for £45. Probably got lucky there. A mini D-Lock is a difficult thing to break. Cable locks can be broken with bolt cutters, chains can be cut with saws, full size D-Locks can be easily broken using a mini bottle-jack. A mini D lock is too small to squeeze a bottle jack between the lock and the bike frame, bolt cutters won't get through it and a manual saw will take ages. They're pretty much only vulnerable to noisy power tools like circular saws (which are usually only used by professional bike thieves. If they want your bike there's not a lot you can do about it. Not worth their risk for models under £1k though usually). Oh, and this is probably obvious but it's surprising how many times people don't do it. Lock your frame (not the wheel) to a solid, immovable object. The number of times I see wheels (with quick release bolts) locked to bike stands or bikes locked to bins (put the bin in the van along with the bike) or short poles (lift the bike over the top) is just silly. It's just asking for people to take them.
  21. Battlefield 3

    Maybe give the code away then? The beta goes public on Thursday so the 'early access' is literally just 2 days.
  22. Battlefield 3

    I'd forgotten about this. DICE games are always bloody awful for the first few weeks. Even BC2, which was in beta for a good while before release, was an utter mess at launch. I remember struggling to get online games, getting disconnected regularly, having PunkBuster throw fits at me every 5 minutes and all sorts of other shenanigans. I wonder if that's why they do single player now? Providing an ample distraction while they fix the online game?
  23. Looking for a TV

    At this price point LED is all hype. It's a backlighting technology for LCD panels, replacing CCFL. Compared to CCFL it's cheaper, smaller and uses less power. The advantage of buying an 'LED TV' vs an LCD is that you get a thinner, more power-efficient TV. At this price range it won't affect picture quality as you'll be getting edge-lighting, not a full LED backlight. Edge lighting performs similarly to CCFL lighting (it's the same principal) but has the power, size and cost advantages associated with LED backlight tech. LED vs Plasma is the same old LCD vs Plasma debate that's been going on for years. Big quote time: k completely different to another. However there have been recent improvements to the picture presets these days, with some that aim to try and get as close as possible to the industry standards. The industry standards are the settings that film makers and TV producers use when making their programs and movies for home viewing. This means that white and all the colours match the movies you watch on your TV. THX certified Plasma TVs have at least one preset in the picture menus which set the colour gamut and white colour as correct as possible so you can watch all your TV and film material on your TV with (close to) correct colours and white point. All you have to do is make sure the brightness and contrast settings are set for your room using the test patterns found on some DVDs and Blu-rays. THX picture mode is not just for using with THX certified DVDs as suggested in some manufacturers' manuals. It is designed to be used with everything you watch on TV. Some Plasmas also have a picture wizard feature that will walk users through a basic calibration on the TV. To get the best from your TV we would always recommend a professional calibration. This is especially true if you have gone for one of the more expensive screens and you want to get the very best out of your investment. In conclusion If you want a natural image with accurate colour, good black levels and excellent motion resolution, and your viewing conditions are appropriate, go for Plasma. As always, there is no such thing as a perfect TV and what will suit you is determined by your viewing environment, budget and the type of material you want to view on your TV. We would always recommend that you do some research and demo the models you think will suit your needs before you spend your hard earned money. That's at the top of the AVForums Plasma forum, housed in a shoutbox type thing. It's editorial content, not user created content. It was written by their reviewer. That's the conclusion from HDTV Test's review of Panasonic's flagship TV this year. It's a Plasma. They call it the best on the market right now. Panasonic's Plasma TVs regularly pick up Highly Recommended from this site (and many others that actually test TVs properly). Not bad for apparently outdated tech... I can't comment on the specific models you're looking at because I've not been paying enough attention recently to know how specific models compare. From what I did see while I was digging up this post, that price on the Panny Plasma is a ridiculously good bargain, the model down (U30B) is usually around that much! If you think Plasma is right for you, based on the information in that AVF quote, then it's probably the set to buy.
  24. The Apple Thread

    There's been too many conflicting rumours this year for an accurate guess on what the handset will be like. The best guess is that Apple are releasing 2 different iPhones, or iPhone rumours are getting muddled up with iPod Touch rumours. It will be announced before the end of the month though and released early in October.