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  1. Overrated

    In the "Halo is overrated" debate, which takes place on every big gaming board on the net, people always seem to bring up how the game's controls are somehow inherently flawed because you use an xbox controller instead of a mouse and keyboard, on which first person shooters were born and bred. There is a fundamental misconception that leads to this conclusion and I'm here to clear that up. Just because it's easier to aim with a mouse and keyboard does not mean that playing with a joypad is intrisically inferior. Console and PC FPS' are not the same. While it may be easier to aim more quickly on a PC, the increased difficulty of aiming with two analog sticks is what creates a big part of the learning curve of a console FPS like Halo 2. Of course anyone using a mouse and keyboard would dominate (almost) anyone playing Halo 2 with an Xbox S pad, but when the playing field is level and everyone is using the dual sticks, the player with better aim is generally going to win. Of course other factors balance in, such as battle tactics, which with Halo 2's slower gameplay (compared to UT) are very important in determining the winner. Bottom Line: Just because you like mouse and keyboard better for FPS games doesnt mean that it factually is better. As for my overall opinion on the overratedness of Halo2, the campaign is a bit lacking unless you play it on heroic/legendary with co-op. The game's Multiplayer and especially the online interface are shining examples that all future FPS games should learn from.
  2. Halo Discussion

    'Only woman that ever loved him gotta call him her son.
  3. Return of the Great CE Quiz!

    7. Demon Machine. And of course every time it dropped, there were curses abound for it was not a ballista.
  4. Halo Discussion

    As the founder and most skiddiest member of Team Skidmark(I am the only American, after all), I can only view such mocking words as a challenge. Although we sure as hell don't play "properly", ie matchmaking with intent to gain a high level, we certainly have decent players So come, my brethern, let us gather as one and show this gnave the true fecal power of Team Skidmark!
  5. The best console this generation.

    Although my favorite games of this generation have been primarily from Nintendo, the most fun I've had has been playing Halo2 on Xbox live. So I'd give the nod to the Xbox. "It's good to play together" is a very fitting motto.