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  1. Absolutely loving this game at the moment. Have to say that I'll be very sad if this really is the last Souls-type game as the gameplay in these is like crack. Bloodborne 2 I hope!


    Slowly piecing together the NPCs and world and admiring the stunning level design.


    There's no way this will be the last game of its type from Miyazaki, but I really hope they try their hand at something totally different and give us a few years of space between this and (hypothetically) Bloodborne 2 or DS4.


    Anyway, playing it right now and I'm already completely enamoured with it.

  2. That's actually a pretty great cover, and the marines look a little more reasonably proportioned. Been playing Ultimate Edition recently, and I'm struck at how uneventful the entire campaign is. You get combat fatigue because there's almost nothing to do but go through a string of arena fights with a small variety of enemies. You get combat fatigue by the end of it, especially since you work out the fairly simple tactics needed to dispatch any combination of enemies early on. It was always fun in coop but there's been ten years of genre innovation since that game came out, so I'm hoping they've got some new ideas. I'm liking the direction The Coalition seems to be taking the series in so far - a little more atmospheric, centered around light horror elements, without squad chatter that seems as though it could have been lifted straight from a CoD chat lobby.


    Very much hoping it comes to PC as hinted recently if they don't totally fuck up the port this time.


    I thought this looked a bit bleeeeh, tbh. Very low key and just not very exciting.


    The section they chose was total garbage, but as dark as it was you could see from the environments that they made some changes to the aesthetic design. Architecture looked more gothic than the bombed out neoclassical buildings from the first trilogy.


    I'll get this so long as it comes out on PC. Still nostalgic for those good 'ol times back when the N-E crew used to tear it up online very night.

  3. The first one was a great idea narrative design wise - using the way the elements in the world are organised to tell your story rather than just have a bunch of text or cutscenes. One of the first games I can remember that made me feel that it was doing story in a way that you couldn't get in another medium. Too bad it was Schafer's first 3D game and played kinda bad though.

  4. This game is amazing, but so so much better in coop. Yet to find a competent buddy to play it with though. And yeah, it's hard as fuck. I haven't played it since it came out for real but I did find that while it was in early access, dying was more frustrating than it should be just because the early levels have very little variation to them and you have to sit through them, until the difficulty ramps up to nuclear armageddon level a few levels later. So yeah, the only real frustration for me was the stark disparity between the first two levels, which you would have to sit through repeatedly, and the mid game.


    Will get on this again soon.

  5. Just listened to Wide Open and Go, and it's pretty alright. Wide Open is super subdued compared to classics like Block Rockin Beats etc, but Go - that chorus is euphoric. Seems like the bros have managed to learn some new tricks from HudMo and Clark, but I don't think they're ever going to top their Wipeout years

  6. I really enjoyed their 90s stuff, specifically Dig Your Own Hole and Exit Planet Dust. Is the new album more along the lines of the earlier, syncopated psychedelia or their later stuff which is less repeating progressions of electronic riffs and more ambient?


    I'd find out myself but internet where I am is shiiiiit.

  7. Yeah, got a very similar vibe to Shenmue, the clunky controls, the QT events, the cheese etc... :heh:


    In a world where gaming is getting more serious, refined and politically correct, Yakuza is like an old-school breath of fresh air. Incredibly silly and gamey fresh air, which I can't get enough of. :grin:


    Yeah I think it might have been the difference between my expectation and what I got that put me off it a little. Was expecting it to be some sort of super serious character drama, but the gifs above show more what it was actually like :heh:

  8. You guys have all mentioned JRPGs and I don't really find those intimidating at all because they all generally tend to follow the same template and gameplay conventions. The games I find intimidating and impenetrable are things like Sins of a Solar Empire and Dota 2, where it's the system of rules governing play that's the source of intimidation rather than the length or tone.

  9. I have to disagree with this. I only questioned Daft's use of that word when he was attempting to belittle and condescend me. If someone acts that way with me, then I return in kind. I also don't ignore truths or evidence when I make an argument. I just don't jump on the hate train you guys have been running for years. That doesn't mean I ignore facts, it means shockingly that I have a different view to you.


    Condescend is an intransitive verb.

  10. I wouldn't mind this, but I can easily live without it. Think the screen would look a bit too cluttered with more stuff on it.




    Had a panic attack reading this. I fucking love Gwent.


    I wonder if somebody, someday will ever make a real life version of the game. Like, a board with the different combatant/infantry symbols on it and then the decks. Woodbuy.


    Got into Gwent right at the endgame, did one of the final quests and Ermion disappeared from the world map so I couldn't complete my card collection. Fucked off doesn't even begin to describe. Would love if Gwent was multiplayer.

  11. There's a fine line between lame and actively infuriating, and I don't know what side the title of the game sits on. Just seems like a forceful attempt to be quirky. Hasn't "badass" made the list of adjectives that reached the tipping point five years ago and is now only used by middle aged businessmen in khakis to describe the putt they just made at the par five?


    Game itself looks fun though. Just call it Tembo.