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  1. It can't be Metroid; those games didn't sell well enough both times they were released for Nintendo to wager on a third. I doubt it's Sunshine, being that it's the least loved 3D Mario game and barely anyone would care enough to buy it. I'd say out of the three games suggested, it's most likely to be F-Zero GX. But then again, there isn't a thing you can do to that game to make it an iota better. I hope it's F-Zero though, I'd love an excuse to 1. Play that masterpiece again and 2. Buy a Wii U.


    As for Metroid, if Nintendo aren't working on a new 3D entry then they absolutely do not understand their most die-hard fanbase.

  2. You know how I'm perpetually late to everything? Well holy fuck, Hotline Miami. It's the most extreme violence; human pinatas bursting open at a touch, mixed with extreme tension because you die in one hit too, mixed with the most PCP-trip induced soundtrack ever.


    SO GOOD.

  3. I can't believe you sat through that for two hours. I mean it worked for what it was trying to do, it was scary, but I felt fatigued after half an hour. Had to go listen to pop punk for the next hour to shake that mood.

  4. Question, since I don't trust yahoo answers folks; I only got a PS4 recently, but I've had plus since it launched. I didn't download stuff like Resogun when it was still on plus, so will I have to pay up if I want to download it now, or will it recognise that I had plus way back then and let me nab it for free?

  5. "Stated something as an empirical fact." Jesus, spoken like someone who genuinely doesn't understand the difference between objective and subjective statements. Anything that relates to a judgement of creativity is naturally subjective because it refers to something that is measured by an arbitrary standard of taste. Unless you're going to take creativity in strictly denotative terms by which taking a shit is an act of creation. Asking someone to append "in my opinion" to something that by its nature can only be an opinion is something an ill educated thirteen year old would say.


    I don't actually know where this thread is, or what is being discussed but I just randomly want to add my (yes) opinion; I love Nintendo games. To me, Nintendo are like the Valve of console software; so many of their designers just have some sort of intuitive design gift that often results in things like Mario Galaxy or Super Metroid. The problem for me is that while the games are often fantastic, buying a Nintendo console is more and more a grit-your-teeth-and-do-it kind of procedure that goes against your better judgement because what you're being sold is often superfluous gimmicks that hold absolutely no gameplay value. I don't want to pay a premium for a second screen when everything I'll be playing on the console could literally and with no concessions be managed with a Gamecube controller.

  6. Oh shit, I forgot that the PS4 version of Planetside 2 is due to release some time this year. @Fierce_LiNk, considering you were impressed by BF4, you're going to have your face melted by Planetside. Each map contains the equivalent of about 80 Battlefield maps and over 2000 players. One of the few games that you can call epic in its original meaning.

  7. Yeah this is bawls. The extra tenner or so from Amazon was probably worth it for release date delivery.


    Also, anyone played the F2P games, specifically Blacklight and Warframe? I remember having a decent time with Blacklight on PC a little while ago, it's pretty much mechanically Call of Duty with weapon renting.

  8. What Dwarf said. Battlefield is in a league of it's own in terms of the creative options it gives you. Take call of duty for example, the extent of what you can do really amounts to little more than getting fools in your crosshairs and pressing the trigger button. There's a good amount of skill involved, but after you've mastered being a good shot, all that's left is map knowledge.


    With BF, imagine getting shot down by a tank as you sprint to a capture point. The opportunities for revenge are about as limitless as you can imagine. You could spawn in the passenger seat of a friendly chopper, parachute down with an engineer loadout and rain rocket shells down while skydiving. You could get a jet and do a strafing run. Or you could get a squaddie to locate the tank on the map, and then get the rest of your friends to sneak to it's location and unload your rocket launchers on it. My personal favourite is strapping C4 to a quad bike, riding it in a straight line to the tank, jumping off before you're in firing range and detonating the C4 right as the quad bike rolls up.


    The whole fun of it is in hatching fucked up G.I Joe schemes and then seeing if they work out. I'm kind of tempted to get this for PS4. I've heard it runs like shit next to the PC version though.

  9. I'm almost at the end of Watch Dogs, so I'll finish that and get right on with Assassin's Creed. It will get played. It better be worth the hype!


    It's probably going to be the opposite actually. I mean, a good game is a good game, but I'm pretty sure part of why I was so into AC4 was because I was expecting it to be a bit shit. But it's still better than Doge.

  10. It is surprisingly good, isn't it? Ine's playing it a lot. I'll be on that at some point.


    Super good brahstafarian, only knock against it would be that for a Metroid style game the environments aren't very memorable, to the point that they have to make up for it with a waypoint. If they get to do a sequel I'd love it if they worked on the world a bit more, the action and abilities and feel of the game are great.


    Also, I ordered The Last of Us from Gamestop. Apparently it was dispatched last Wednesday and it still hasn't arrived. Anyone have any experience with these fuckwads? Don't think I'm ever going to buy from them again.