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  1. On 27/06/2022 at 8:23 AM, CrowingJoe79 said:

    Well, the zombies didn't drop items. Sure, you pressed X over people's corpses. But it makes sense for some guards, military personnel or cops to have the ammo you find, since they're authorized to have it in the first place, like the enemies on the island in RE4, for example. That totally makes sense, right? Or civilians in Raccoon City and elsewhere could have ammo too, if they somehow managed to get a hold of any guns. But in RE4, it's stupid how the farmers who don't even have firearms to begin with, can leave items behind. 

    RE4 was the true beginning of the Hollywood type action tropes. Some could say 2 or even 3 started it, because Mr. X and Nemesis also drop items. But those are real survival horror games. I'm not sure why people say RE4 is a survival horror game too, when it's an action based, murder fest, that basically just has horror elements attached to it, so that it's not going to be seen as a 100% betrayal of the core gameplay. But otherwise, it's not really affiliated with any of the storylines from before. 

    On Wikipedia, I don't believe RE5 or 6 are even referred to as being survival horror games. So in my opinion, RE4 shouldn't be classified as being survival horror either. But that's debatable, because it is still scary in some sections with you having to plan your movements.

    Sure. They mention Raccoon City and Umbrella here and there in RE4 to not break continuity too much. But we should have received a game about Umbrella ending first, as it was pointless to build that up, just to then tear it down. It was just such a major disappointment. If you can follow along here...

    Well it's really up to your own personal preferences whether you care about the absolute mess of a story in the RE franchise. I personally don't. The character interactions per game can be fun and interesting, but the broader story is full of post-hoc addendums. Resident Evil 8 in no uncertain terms retcons the T virus, telling us that all of umbrella's inspiration came from the mold. As for issues with the gameplay; I really don't understand tying expected gameplay to a franchise beyond a certain point. I mean there are Resident Evil Survivor games, light gun shooters, coop horde games etc. Resident Evil 4 plays substantially better than any game prior in the franchise because there is an emphasis on mechanical depth in a way there never has been before. Skillshots matter. Weapon upgrades matter. Managing health items and inventory matters. Identifying enemy weaknesses matters. The original PS1 games were more akin to old PC adventure games with a horror veneer added on top. The combat amounted to pressing left trigger and shooting in a vague direction, unloading enough rounds into an enemy to topple it, and then hoping you have some matches in your inventory. 

    Your issue with realism is baffling because there are a whole host of issues from the bottom up if you expect any sort of "realism" from a Resident Evil game. All you seem to care about it where and how loot drops, but not, for example, the fact that you have to pivot and turn before walking in the earlier resident evil games, the fact that there are all manner of arcane puzzles wherein, for example, you have to replace a shotgun on a mantelpiece or the ceiling begins to descend. It's all idiotic, and all the more fun for it. 

    The idea of caring about a game's plot over the interactive experience you have, is so antithetical to what a game is that I don't understand why you're playing these games and not just reading some obscure fanfic on the internet instead. If you don't like Resident Evil 4, that's fine. But your arguments for why it is a bad game is one of the most profoundly absurd tracts of text I've had the painful experience of reading through for a while. The game is almost universally beloved for a reason. Try and remove yourself from the idea that it exists within a "franchise" framework, and look at it for what it is. 

  2. Just now, The Bard said:

    @ArtMediocre Fair enough. Even though the end game content is sparse, I'm eager every time spiral abyss resets so I can try it with different team compositions and builds. 

    I agree with you that there is a lot of prohibitive bullshit in it. And that's largely to do with artifact RNG. But I'm a stubborn bastard and I've got 40 crit value artifacts on practically all my showcase characters. I've never really played a game with combat and team building quite like this. I genuinely love the game. 


  3. Fair enough. Even though the end game content is sparse, I'm eager every time spiral abyss resets so I can try it with different team compositions amd builds. 

    I agree with you that there is a lot of prohibitive bullshit in it. And that's largely to do with artifact RNG. But I'm a stubborn bastard and I've got 40 crit value artifacts on practically all my showcase characters. I've never really played a game with combat and team building quite like this. I genuinely love the game. 

  4. This is just a cavalcade of bad arguments, starting all the way from the thread title. "Should" is different from "Is". The idea of someone caring about a Resident Evil game's story is absolutely laughable because it's all barely cogent bullshit strung together ad-hoc and retconned to create some sort of continuity that does not matter in the slightest. And finally, the idea of it being "unrealistic" that Ganados are loot dispensers; my guy, it's a videogame ass videogame, the idea that a good game has to have some verisimilitude to real life is so self evidently silly that I don't think I have to say anything further. Do you not like RPGs because stat allocation is unrealistic? Do you dislike shooters because the idea of carrying 50 fully loaded clips is unrealistic, or fighting games because combat on a 2D plane is unrealistic? 

    Come on now. Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games ever made. The mood was eerie, the enemy design and combat encounters were amazing, the weapon upgrade system was incredibly satisfying, and there was so much diversity in the settings it had you play through that it was unbelievable that it fit onto a Gamecube disc. 

    You're too caught up in what you think Resident Evil should be that you can't understand what it could be. 

    I cannot sanction this buffoonery. 

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  5. Holy shit, I check in two years later and people are actually playing. 

    My UID is 704333082

    Username Orion. Add me, we should coop sometime. If pressed I might tell you the obscene amount of money I've spent on this game, although you'll probably be able to tell that from my showcase anyway. 


  6. Yo people, what's the happy haps? Anyone playing this on PC/Mobile. Figure I'd ask if anyone wants to coop because I'm balls deep in this game and I can't stop. Also I've done literally everything until the December update, so I figure it'd be cool to chill and help people out with bosses etc. 


    Anyone for some Genshin a-gogo, baby?

  7. 15 hours ago, Zell said:

    Either in the London Borough of Milton Keynes, or we crash Bard's.

    Man I miss being in Walthamstow and getting the two of you too drunk to go to work the next day :p. Have a particularly fond memory of us drinking a liter of Vodka, a bottle of port and playing Rock Band until 4am. Will have to get you and Anil down to my crib for a hang when I'm back in the country!

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  8. I joined back in the Cube-Europe days. I well and truly miss this place, and sometimes, once or twice a year I'll type n-europe.com into my browser and sit there staring at the title page. It's much like going up into the attic of your childhood home and seeing the boxes full of memories, photographs, toys, and trinkets that you never use but you can't ever discard. More than any other thing on the internet, this site feels like a real, living place to me - it's gone through so many coats of paint, add-ons, consolidations and visitors, some transient, some that stayed for a season or two, and I really have it to thank for helping me through my school years. 


    I'm 31 now, and many of the people I really liked from here, I ended up becoming friends with in real life. I doubt there will be a forum culture like it again, honestly. There was something amazing about having a sizeable, but contained group of people that you'd respond to on a daily basis, whose viewpoints you internalised over the course of years, and that you could have meaningful conversation with, rather than what I tend to do these days - mostly doom-scrolling through my Twitter or Facebook feeds. I feel like in the times of the 'rona, a lot of us could use this place as much as we did a decade ago when we were all teenagers or young adults.


    Anyway, I hope you all are doing well! I'll try to post some more, and hopefully get into fewer arguments than before - can't guarantee it though ;).

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  9. I can tell From Software had a lot of fun designing the Guardian Ape boss. I have never felt quite as fucked with in one of their games before. I adore the combat though, it takes a lot of its mentality from fighting games, and I feel like all the bosses and minibosses have such great, fleshed out movesets that they could be their own characters in a FS fighting game. 

    It reminds me of playing fighting games before the internet just gave you all the frame data, where you'd have to figure out what moves are plus on block, correct spacing versus specific characters, and looking for animation tells by eyeballing it and playing the matchup again and again.

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  10. I really wish there was some sort of free roam practice mode where I could learn the map and mess around with the guns free of any hazards. My biggest frustration with Battle Royale style games has always been that there's an artificial steepness to your learning curve at the beginning because you have one life and most of it's spent looting rather than in enemy engagements. It creates a sense of panic when you do encounter enemy players in a way that a traditional FFA multiplayer mode doesn't because you have such a limited timeframe to learn the rules of engagement and put them into play. 

  11. On 30/10/2018 at 2:07 PM, Jimbob said:

    In that short space of time, that's impressive numbers.  Some over at ERA were thinking it wouldn't hit 20 million by years end.

    No, that debate was to do with Nintendo saying that the console would sell 20 million units in just the financial year between March 2018 and March 2019.


    So far it's only made about 7 mil of that figure, but who knows, Holiday sales could make up a chunk of the remainder.

  12. 15 hours ago, Julius Caesar said:

    May I ask where you’re finding it at that price? It’s £46 on Amazon at the moment.

    Oh I mean the digital copy, I'm not in the country at the moment and physical copies are going to be hard to come by at the moment.

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  13. 8 minutes ago, drahkon said:

    One thing that needs to be changed from brawl:

    If you use shield while standing on the edge of the stage/a platform and get hit, you have to fall off. I absolutely FUCKING hate that you can simply just stand there with the shield up and wait for the exact moment the combo ends. It may have some advantages or positive aspects but no...it needs to go. FUCK THIS SHIT.

    I may be irrationally angry at this...but it SUCKS.

    Many things (almost everything) need to be changed from Brawl, but not that. Why can't you just do a series of safe pokes to get the shield radius down and then spike them with a low smash? Also shields aren't immune to grabs. Down throw the dude, and smash attack on bounce. Maybe don't use predictable blockstrings as often? 

    Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, are you saying that if you get someone to the edge of the stage, a blocked attack should cause enough pushback to force someone off the ledge slightly, or do you mean that they should straight up take the full force of the attack as though it wasn't blocked in the first place?

  14. 1 hour ago, Goron_3 said:

    Calling it now - this game will be closer to Smash 64 and Melee than Brawl/Smash 4. There are many reasons I think this (including the way the logo was revealed and the dark aesthetic that the trailer used) but my main reason is that every Nintendo game since the original Splatoon seems to have been built around the "easy to play, hard to master" philosphy that their older software used, and not the Wii/Wii U philosophy of designing a game to be played and enjoyed by casual/non gamers.

    From the Mario Tennis trailer that we got yesterday to Mario Odyssey's advanced movement (especially coming from 3DW), I'm fairly confident we are going to see a more mechanically advanced game (i.e. more movement options) that will take and expand the core gameplay of 64/Melee with the huge roster of Smash 4. Central to this is the fact that the physics engine will be based around an analogue stick again, so I expect the whole game to feel less stiff.

    It just needs more combo opportunities. They did improve things after Brawl's clusterfuck by just reducing frame recovery universally on landing, but that also meant that the game very tightly controlled the types of combo runs you were able to execute, and there just wasn't the level of player expression that you see from Melee pros like Hungrybox or Westballz. Some equivalent of cancelling really needs to be brought back. I'm fine with leaving wavedashing out, because while it was fun to do, it wasn't ever as integral to the way Melee played as the shffl. 

  15. Ok so I cancelled my preorder. Then I bought it again after playing more of the beta and figuring out there's a universal parry and a pushblock mechanic. That really changed the game because before, the game was just one player or the other sitting there eating blockstrings and waiting for an opening. Now I can punish predictability as well as push frame advantage. I'm not typically into tag fighters, so I can't tell how deep the combo system is, but it still feels a little featherweight compared to GG or even Persona 4 Arena.

  16. Ok I played a few matches and I think I'm going to have to cancel my preorder. This thing is far too simplistic for me to dish out full price for. It's like a fisher price Ark Sys game. I still have Persona 4 Arena and Guilty Gear to play through, maybe I'll pick this up when it drops in price.

  17. 48 minutes ago, ArtMediocre said:

    I'd buy both if they come for the Switch. Soul Calibur 2 is the only fighting game I've played as much as Smash. Great rooster, really well balanced, and even with the best cameo fighter in a fighting game. Link just made a lot of sense in the Soul Calibur universe. 

    If I could pick though, I'd go with SC VI. I'd rather have a fresh experience with a new game rather than yet another port of an old game. Not that I really mind, but if I can have a brand new game, I'd rather give that a go. 


    Bruh, I love Soul Calibur a whole lot, especially 2, after which Namco commenced to fuck both the art and the mechanics almost beyond repair, but that whole series is the most wonky, broken ass set of games you can imagine in terms of balance. From messed up shit like lizardman's infinite combos in the first game to the fact that there were a grand total of about 4 tournament viable characters in SC2. Things that could have been fixed with a post launch patch or more through QA such as the fact that Voldo can't actually do any forward facing grab attacks on Nightmare or that Xianghua not only has one of the smallest hurtboxes in the game but also the best range, damage and speed.

    I love the games because there aren't many others like it, but I seriously hope they do something to make this something you'd watch at the Evo finals rather than something you'd mash buttons on after a few drinks with your pals.

    Whatever they do though, I can see from the footage they've presented already that it isn't going to be a shitfest on the level of SCV. Meterless guard impacts are back for a start, so I'm there day one. Soul Calibur's always been something I can get people who aren't into fighting games to play, but it's always come at the price of a lowered skill ceiling for the games because most of the game is to do with spamming target combos. I'm really hoping they make this one something special.


    Edit: Also, best Cameo in a fighting game is Akuma in Tekken though.

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