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  1. Gran Turismo Sport (Let it cooook)

    Honestly though, look at the thing in motion, the tree textures look like someone cut out the margin doodles a preschool child with limited fine motor skills drew, and stuck them on the side of the track. Truly awful. Then again it was the same with Drive Club and most other racing games. Trackside foliage has always looked gash. @dwarf Verisimilitude is totally worthwhile when it puts you in a situation that you wouldn't otherwise be able to experience though. Not sure about you, but I don't have the cash nor the stones to make a go of racing professional racecar drivers in like 800+ horsepower vehicles. But yeah, this thread has little discussion of the simulation and more fake car porn. Spoiler: Project Cars, Forza 6 Apex and Horizon 3 all look much much better than this game.
  2. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Madman confirmed.
  3. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Mostly looking for a Splatoon 2 release date. Hoping it hits before E3 New franchises (I mean, I'd be fine with one-offs but who are we kidding, this is the fucking videogames industry). Like at least one original game. I do love Nintendo's turn based franchises so Advance Wars or Fire Emblem would be great. Also...maybe a Zelda remastered collection with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in one package? Too much to ask? Probably.
  4. Wicked. Went there for part of the memory quest. Didn't try and get past the guardians though. Maybe I'll try and cook up some sneaky snails or just paraglide in.
  5. My personal metagame in BoTW is finding especially curvaceous valleys and shield surfing down them. I'm fairly early game though ~ 25 hours in so I haven't got any shields that don't break withing like thirty seconds. Any tips on where I can get a shield that doesn't suck/ is more permanent? I might get to some story stuff in between catching sick air, but the opportunity for amusing myself and creating my own fun in this game is so incredibly high.

    I bought this, Snipperclips and Zelda and so far this is the only one I'm having definite buyer's remorse over. I know Nintendo consoles haven't had any F-Zero quality zero g racers lately, but considering I played both Redout and Formula Fusion to death over the past year, this just doesn't match the vibe of the other two. Don't even need to mention Wipeout, which is the undisputed king.
  7. Snipperclips (March 2017)

    Real talk, this is the secret killer app on the Switch right now. Took it into work like a nerdy mong and played it with a couple coworkers. Cackled through the whole lunch break
  8. Dude. I knew there was only going to be one person on here that would have appreciated that post.


    Also that was in the context of a conversation in which he was bragging about his fucking IQ, like a total dipshit. Would usually not dig in on such a pittance but he needed a slap.

  9. Titanfall 2 (PS4/PC/XBO)

    Played 7 consecutive hours of the multiplayer last night. I'm not particularly prone to hyperbole but this is probably the best FPS I've ever played.
  10. Titanfall 2 (PS4/PC/XBO)

    I bought it like the day it came out but since I'm still waiting for my fucking Fiber connect to get here, I can't play it yet . Any PC players wanna party up?
  11. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    You make good points, sensei. Consider me educated.
  12. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    Delightful reductionism there in saying that 1080 is simply a "bigger number" than 720, rather than a fairly colossal upgrade in image quality . Having the system run in handheld mode at 1080 would undoubtedly reduce the gaming battery life to ~3 hours, which I understand would be unacceptable in a dedicated handheld, but I don't necessarily see it as that as much as it is a home console that can be played away from the home environment in short bursts. You mentioned the Vita and the image quality on that for full 3D games eg. Gravity Rush and Uncharted were beyond abysmal. I have nothing against that resolution so long as it isn't running modern 3D games with a good polygonal complexity, while being completely incapable of wrapping those geometrical models in anything but the dumpiest looking crayon doodles. Play Spelunky or Guacamelee on the Vita and you'll have arguably the best experience available with those games. Not so with, say, Killzone or pretty much any other full price game released on that console. Obviously 720 is a large step up from that so who knows, I'll have to try it in person to get an adequate idea of how compromised its image quality is. You're probably right in that it won't be much of a problem for the handheld itself, but I don't want it to set a precedent where we're then forced endure that on a 40+ inch screen too. Also the tech totally is there dude. I mean they can run the goddamn Talos Principle on the the Shield K1 at 1080p, I don't buy the idea that Wii U games won't work on it. It's essentially halfway house between PS3 and 4, it could do that shit easy.
  13. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    It's a fair argument but these components are essentially being taken from gaming tablets - portables that run at 1080p, so while I haven't done the research, I'm assuming the K1 shield tablet had a decent enough battery life, and that was with an 8 inch screen running the android os. Nintendo's OS and API will likely be extremely streamlined reducing the power overhead. That plus hey, like almost every other console on the planet maybe it could allow you to choose the resolution you render at - 720p if you're on the road for the long haul, 1080p if you're not away for long. Something tells me that that much choice isn't in keeping with Nintendo's style :p.
  14. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I really doubt the undocked console won't be 1080p though. The Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet from nearly three years ago retails for £150 these days and it has a 8 inch screen at 1920x1200. There's legitimately nothing preventing or prohibiting Nintendo from being able to achieve that sort of pixel density and the X1 chip that it's undoubtedly based on would be overkill for a lower resolution. I mean look how beautiful the six games on the trailer are. There's no argument to be made for a lower resolution being a better choice. I don't want to compromise the art with terribly aliased edges and muddy textures just because it might lower the price of the thing by thirty dollars. Fuck I just got a WQHD screen an I'm losing my shit all over again playing Witcher 3 on it, so 1080p has to be the bare minimum.
  15. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I'm losing my fucking mind. I haven't wanted a console this badly since the Gamecube
  16. Gears of War 4 (11th Oct)

    Guys, anyone up for some Horde later in the week? My gamertag is in my bio, hook a brotha up!
  17. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [PS4, PC XOne]

    Yeah I initially had some of the same concerns as @Shorty, like the lack of response from characters when you fuck up their crib, but I figured that they get a pass on that since there was such a focus on dialogue rather than actual behaviour simulation as far as characters were concerned. It is janky though that people dgaf when you throw their fridge clear across the room, or start tossing their home entertainment system out the window, but will lose their shit if you walk into their bathroom. I found the rest of the game so captivating that it completely made up for that shit tho. Also battery drain is the absolute worst. Like what is the point of state of the art goon murdering tech if it's all running on a fucking Lithium ion phone battery? I'd rather have a larger recharging pool than have the meter tied to consumables. On the plus side though; literally everything else is baller.
  18. Gears of War 4 (11th Oct)

    So just preordered this on PC, going to coop the shit out of the campaign. Anyone else getting the PC version? Think I might hit up the multiplayer as per usual so long as I can find a good squad to roll wit.
  19. Hyper Light Drifter

    Found this game on Kickstarter, as well as a pretty excited RPS preview. Sets itself up as a cross between A Link to The Past, Diablo and Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery. Love the music too; some sort of bizarre combination of syncopated future trance and orchestral strings. Creates a beautiful mood that's less gamey and more artful than either Zelda or Diablo. Doesn't it look rad? Kickstarter
  20. Final Fantasy XII Remaster (PS4 - 2017)

    Contrasting with the above, it's by far my favourite Final Fantasy post 6. Been waiting for this a long time.
  21. Your cringey and shameful moments

    Unsurprising that most of the entries have to do with misdemeanours involving the opposite sex. I'm constantly embarrassed by almost everything I do/ have done but there are a special few that stand out. The one that comes back to haunt my sleep is during the first month of university when I was watching Aladdin drunk with an outrageously pretty Moroccan girl. We were in bed - this was before Netflix and chill but we both knew what was up. Being a fantastic maker of decisions and a generally standup guy, I decided to take Midazolam as a social lubricant on top of the £2.99 bottles of Bonsella wine we'd been chugging all night. I got super sedated and hungry, very romantically went to make some Bachelor's (v. appropriate) soup - the chunky kind with the croutons, brought up the soup to my room, promptly spilled said scalding soup on my bed and this girl's leggings. Obviously I didn't get laid that night. Or for a while after that. Now she's a doctor and I'm sitting in my bedroom at 4:30am debating whether to re-read God Emperor of Dune. We both know who the winner is. Will supply more on request, I'll just have to pilfer any given entry in my diary. Yeah I don't think I'd be embarrassed by that. I mean if she was attractive, and wasn't all fangs then why worry about a little meat where the gams doth meet?
  22. General TV Thread

    Is anyone watching Preacher? It's gooooooooood.
  23. Dark Souls III

    At Lothric castle again on my NG+, basically just optimising my PvP build. I don't understand why the game is making me hunt down all the bullshit umbral ash stuff again. Being able to buy unlimited Titanite chunks at the beginning of the game isn't exactly going to break it when I've already got five fully upgraded weapons in my arsenal.
  24. Bloodborne

    Yussss. When you see someone else playing it, at first you might compare it to any old RPG, maybe even games like God of War where most of what you do, you do on instinct. But with Bloodborne, you need to make conscious decisions about how to approach every mob and boss, and constantly be appraising the situation. It eventually does become more instinctual, but the game really demands a good bit of learning.
  25. Dark Souls III

    Jesus, patch 1.06 completely ruined the look and feel of the game. I'm having aggro'd enemies pop in ten feet from my fucking face, and framerate dipping to 40 in Smouldering Lake, Irithyll and Lothric Castle. From Software y u break? WAI. In other news, I fucking ruined the giant Shai Hulud down in the Lake. Took like ten hits off my +10 Lightning Onikiri and Ubadachi. Edit: Also, hot tip you guys. When you get to Archdragon Peak, you will find a huge bell (not the first bell you see btw). If you ring the bell, your shit will get thoroughly ruined. Do not ring this bell. Don't do it.