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  1. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need to Whisper

    Lol, ok, ok, I'll back off... Edit: I never said Metal was the only good type of music.... ok, I'll shutup now.... Re-Edit: See, commments like above happen when im sat home bored all day...
  2. I'm not that big a fan of Mario kart on any platform. The DS one is quite fun online though...Im sucky at mario kart, its the one game i utterly blow at.
  3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Nah, Street Fighter 2 was better and more popular than both those games, and before all of you cry "Sacrelige!" ye shalt know that firstly, it's my opinion and secondly, that game has given me at least 500 hours of multiplayer goodness, more than most of you can say for any game, anyone who thinks it sucks, has obviously never sat down with it and learnt how to play it properly, it is still to this day, the most perfectly crafted fighter in existence...perhaps bar Soul Calibur... EDIT: Capcom ,why haven't you released an online version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for DS yet?? That would make mine and Goron 3's day...
  4. Is there much point left?

    Lol, yeah, I got my cube on launch day, but there are still sooo many games I still have to check out or left to complete. I have: Beyond Good and evil which is still incomplete Resident Evil still incomplete Warrior Within still incomplete, i have yet to get pikmin 2, I havent even started Eternal Darkness yet, Skies of Arcadia required a doing over.... F-Zero GX and other multiplayer games provide a lifetimes supply of replayability Ikaruga, still incomplete add to this my 40 odd other games that i still love to play again and again in some way....and about 20 games I still want to check out...and there you go, all your reasons are there... In fact what you people should do before the new gen hits is, get a PS1 (sony's only good console) and a Dreamcast, and they will provide you with a wealth of classic games that will keep you busy years into the next gen...
  5. Sony Fanboys

    Gosh, do you people not remember the time when the PS2 was the cheapest DVD player around?? It turned out not being able to play anything properly.
  6. Is there much point left?

    Gamecube at the moment interests me far more than the 360, PS3 or even the Wii, it already has a library of astonishingly brilliant games, and being so cheap, i think you should definately check it out.
  7. Well, GX's soundtrack was a typical videogame soundtrack, but F-Zero X's live guitar versions were so much better, you could listen to them outside the game and they stand up on their own as individual compositions, and that's the sign of all good videogame music, such as the soundtracks from FF7, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross etc, they all have brilliant music thats a pleasure to listen to even when not playing the game. I personally don't consider techno to be music so I was pretty disappointed with F-Zero GX's soundtrack as compared to F-Zero X's. Of course, it is a much better game overall though, but I can't help but feel a little cheated...
  8. Wii for £120!!!?

    http:// http://uk.revolution.ign.com/articles/710/710181p1.html Yep, I do realise that they're not the exact same chips, all I meant to say is that they are similar...I do see your point of view, although I'm pretty sure that Xbox had a Geforce 4, anyway, I dono, maybe the reason I want it cheap is because I don't think theres all that much to draw me to the next gen consoles because the Cube and DS and even PS2 to some extent are keeping me plenty satisfied as it is. I think that Nintendo will have to set a very low price point for the Wii, otherwise , picture your typical British ignoramus, he's going to walk into a game store and see some cool games for the Wii, and might vaguely percieve that the controller is a good thing (you know, in the back of his mind where evil thoughts don't run rampant) but instead, he's going to go home with a PS2 and copy of time crisis which'll run him in the neighbourhood of £40
  9. Angels & Airwaves - We Don't Need to Whisper

    I could launch into a tirade about how Pop-punk, Emo, Rap, Techno, Disco and any band that contains that delonge bastard is not music, but I've decided to spare you. Go listen to Dragonforce...or Blind Guardian...It'll do you good.
  10. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Aaah!! The Green hurts my eyeses...but in all honesty, it's pretty distinctive, if a little cheesy now that I look at it properly...and even though I hate disco and anything and everything to do with it im going to go ahead and give you a 7/10 for originality.....seems very...department-store-summer-advertisement like PS. Let the hate begin....
  11. Hmm...Is that Petrucci I see on your avatar?? Edit: Actually, it's probably not...
  12. Final Fantasy 7 remake. Yes or No?

    Yeah, thats pretty much spot on
  13. My thoughts on Metroid Prime 2...

    Hmm...and here I thought the bosses were quite easy, I mean if you scan them, the game literally tells you exactly how to beat them...
  14. Wii for £120!!!?

    Yes I know, but the Graphic and sound cards are based on the cubes Gekko and Flipper cards with some graphical enhancements (they are so similar that they were able to allow gamecube functionality based on the Wii's hardware while not needing any extra chipsets or emulators), I'd say a Geforce 4 card could pull off Galaxy graphics easily, and thats what the Xbox had. Xboxes are now about £50-70 if I remember correctly, so the majority of the Wii's expenditure goes towards the bluetooth and motion sensors, and thats hardly going to cost upwards of £70 right?
  15. The 2006 GCSE Thread

    Yes...yes it was...just had it today...I think I managed to scrape an A though, but I had about 2 hours of sleep last night and I'm pretty deadbeat right now...
  16. Wii Domains

    Looks like new Nintendogs is set to be rated (18)...loLLerZZ....
  17. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    Oh man, all this after-credits talk has got me riled up...
  18. Mission Impossible...ugh that was bad...
  19. It would appear nothing is sacred.

    I was bored so I thought I'd re-post this here ^ Dr. Cox when sony announced their super pwnage controller that not only manages to have half assed tilt control, but also manages to exclude rumble while being more uncomfortable than watching American pie with your Grandma... Below is Dr. Cox (being the bastion of testosterone driven awesomeness that he is) calling Sony "Belinda," writing it a prescription for two testicles before telling them that they are what they eat, and that they clearly went out and devoured a big fat guy didn't they?
  20. Assassins Creed Not PS3 Exclusive....

    Ha! Thats the one game I wanted a PS3 for...
  21. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Lol, Ben's big mouth gets him into twubble...
  22. Rate the last film you saw

    Back To The Future (1, 2 + 3): 11/10. best movie ever, Cris lloyd is teh lollers.
  23. Reggie promoted to president

    Ok...I'll bear that in mind...lest I suffer the wrath of Reggie... I love all o DF's songs...but Fury or Soldiers of the Wasteland has to take the cookie.
  24. Reggie promoted to president

    Reggie's wierd... also...saw the force in Jan at Manchester Academy 2 \m/ it was teh pwntorz \m/ Me and ma mates were literally shouting ourselves hoarse along to black fire...
  25. Reggie promoted to president

    On a side note, Dragonforce pwn.