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  1. Soul Calibur VI

    Bruh, I love Soul Calibur a whole lot, especially 2, after which Namco commenced to fuck both the art and the mechanics almost beyond repair, but that whole series is the most wonky, broken ass set of games you can imagine in terms of balance. From messed up shit like lizardman's infinite combos in the first game to the fact that there were a grand total of about 4 tournament viable characters in SC2. Things that could have been fixed with a post launch patch or more through QA such as the fact that Voldo can't actually do any forward facing grab attacks on Nightmare or that Xianghua not only has one of the smallest hurtboxes in the game but also the best range, damage and speed. I love the games because there aren't many others like it, but I seriously hope they do something to make this something you'd watch at the Evo finals rather than something you'd mash buttons on after a few drinks with your pals. Whatever they do though, I can see from the footage they've presented already that it isn't going to be a shitfest on the level of SCV. Meterless guard impacts are back for a start, so I'm there day one. Soul Calibur's always been something I can get people who aren't into fighting games to play, but it's always come at the price of a lowered skill ceiling for the games because most of the game is to do with spamming target combos. I'm really hoping they make this one something special. Edit: Also, best Cameo in a fighting game is Akuma in Tekken though.
  2. Doom

    Yeah dude, that's more of a comment on your ability to perceive visual differences than on the quality of the port. Maybe go see an optician? There's an absolutely colossal difference.
  3. Titanfall 2 (PS4/PC/XBO)

    Well at least we're getting one more Titanfall out of the deal.
  4. Ni No Kuni II (PS4)

    My problem with the first game is pretty much my problem with most JRPGs; they're so fucking grind heavy. I got to the final battle with Cassiopeia and couldn't beat it because I was a measly level 59 and would have had to go and grind for days before being able to take her down.
  5. Fortnite

    It's literally identical though, with the legacy structure crafting stuff from Fortnight thrown in. There's a certain way to do homage, but to rip an indie developer's innovations wholesale, six months in to an early access campaign when you yourself provide the engine the thing is made on, is at least a little unseemly. It might have been a little more dignified to either wait until the game you're ripping off (and trust me, it's boggling how much of a rip off it is) is out, or to have an actual variation on the idea. The best thing about game mechanics is that they can't be copyrighted, and so iteration happens quickly, between different studios. But I can understand why Bluehole would be a little salty when there is no iteration happening at all, more opportunistic swiping.
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4/XB1/PC)

    I'm buying this probably the day it comes out, but having to explain to friends who aren't up on what's happening in fighting games that you're super hyped for a goddamn Dragonball game is one of the most awkward experiences you can have as a human being. I kind of wish something like this had come out 12 years ago when I was 16, out of my Dragonball phase but only just, and really getting into my competitive fighting games phase. Wouldn't have been hard at that point to rope friends into playing this with me. As it stands I'm fairly sure the only competition I'm going to get is random online battles.
  7. PC Gaming Discussion

    My dude, if I could install Titanfall 2 before the OS I would do it. It's the GOAT.
  8. PC Gaming Discussion

    Wait, Titanfall 2 is Origin exclusive non? Either way, I'm Audioserf on everything apart from XBL which I only use for Gears 4.
  9. PC Gaming Discussion

    Don't have it, all my FPS time still goes to Titanfall 2. I'm unconvinced that another PvP shooter will ever tear me away from that game. Added you on Battlenet anyway in case I do get it at some point!
  10. PC Gaming Discussion

    Ok so this is super great. @Choze was gracious enough to send me a key for Destiny, which totes worked, so now I'll be playing the game day one when it comes out on PC. My battle.net name is Audioserf (Battletag #2147) Let's get an N-E PC squad together peeps!
  11. Project Octopath Traveller

    I hated the characters, story and tone of Bravely Default, but dude its battle system was incred.
  12. Project Octopath Traveller

    Just played the demo, and I really enjoyed it. Has a really distinctive look, but I'm more interested in the promise of the framing device, which is 8 different characters that you can either choose as your protagonist or pick up as members of your party during the course of the game. It has the capacity to pull off something like Rashomon where a story is told from different perspectives with each character giving a personalised account. Hope it actually lives up to that promise.
  13. Hello again! Sorry...

    Welcome home big dawg.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Well alright, I guess if you absolutely need to give it away I'll take it off your hands . I really enjoyed the beta. I guess I'm going to have to cajole some friends into giving it a go, hopefully some of the people I played Borderlands with back in like 2009 will be interested.
  15. PC Gaming Discussion

    Thanks for the offer man, but I have a Gigabyte AIB card which I'm not sure would be eligible (think it's only the founder's edition that can redeem?). Also I'm not sure I'd play it, since I don't know anyone who's going to be playing it on PC . But I'll try it if there aren't any more deserving takers.
  16. PC Gaming Discussion

    I've got a 1080, what do you need help with?
  17. Virtual Reality

    Anyone tried to use PSVR on PC? Been eyeballing VR headsets for a few weeks now, thinking it's about time to make the purchase but I really don't like the fact that there isn't one that can just work with all platforms.
  18. Survival/Battle royale games

    I think it's amazing. Really manages to take what was previously a fairly niche genre and streamline it in a way that makes it comprehensible and accessible - you don't jump into a round with the understanding that it could take you hours of play to get any kind of result. Instead the dome constriction makes it so that every round is pretty much done with within 30 minutes (much less if you don't make it into the final 10). If you die, just quit out and hit quickplay again. Danny O'Dwyer's streams are super fun to watch. I'm kind of jealous of people who have a group to roll with in this game because there's so much possibility for developing a shorthand with your pals in terms of strategy and making up tactics to handle other players on the fly. Also really enjoy Patrick Kleppek and Austin Walker's streams on Waypoint, as well as the 4 man hijinks the Giantbomb crew get into. Even in its unfinished state, without mantling, with just one map and a total lack of anything approaching performance optimisation, I've put about 25 hours into it and I'm always up for a game.
  19. Destiny 2

    Yeah the thing that stuck out like serious bullshit was 1. the ttk 2. That I kept getting done in by some dude with a revolver even though I saw him first and was pumping full metal jackets into center mass for a half a minute before he turns around like the fucking titanic and blasts me in the dome. It was of marginal interest checking out what the hype was about since I didn't play the first game, but I'm going to pass on this.
  20. Destiny 2

    Yeah I figured. My thumbs aren't nimble enough to keep up on console tbh otherwise I'd probs pick it up.
  21. Destiny 2

    Are any KNEErs planning on playing this on the PC? I have literally one dude on my Battle.net friends list and that was from playing Starcraft 2, seven years ago. Need a posse to roll wiv.
  22. Destiny 2

    Yeah I tried to use afterburner during my session earlier and the overlay wouldn't come up. The only thing I can think of as a reason is that they don't want people looking too closely at an unfinished game and maybe finding performance inadequacies or fluctuations. Which is weird considering I was running it at what seemed like way higher than 60 frames at 1440p with 120% DSR and full settings and SMAA. It runs extremely well on PC. Which I guess I would expect since it isn't anything special graphically. But found the lack of OSD super bizarre.
  23. Age of Empires IV

    CoH is fairly dependent on resource management and base structures but it's more about squad tactics for sure. I guess what I was getting at is that they are very smart designers that've made some really cool, varied RTS games so I'm sure they'll be fine working on something a little more traditional. Typically though I think resource gathering in RTS' is best when the resources are between enemy territories and they become staging grounds for skirmishes. I really don't like having to optimise dirt farming near my home base, it takes away from the mental bandwidth I'd rather devote to dealing with the opponent.
  24. Age of Empires IV

    Relic made CoH which is unequivocally the best RTS ever made so there's no doubt they'll be able to do something interesting with this.
  25. Secret of Mana Remake (PS4/Vita)

    Jesus, this looks like shit.