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  1. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    ff3 looks awesome imagine what crystal chronicles would be like on wifi
  2. New Revolution Games Announced

    and iwata once said the rev might alienate 3rd parties but its doing the oposite
  3. Reggie: MMORPGS please!

    they need to make a pokemon mmorpg and if its not too much trouble a zelda 1
  4. Reggie confirms Sega games for download!

    i wish sega games would be downloaded another boost for nintendo now they have to get 3d parties to let their games be dl
  5. Revs final secret Revealed?

    i thought they said the secret had to do wif the controller
  6. so nintendo was right when they said all the smaller developers can make rev games
  7. Do you use walkthrougs?

    only if im well and truly stuck for days (in the actual game) but for finding all the secrets u cant go past a guide (all final fantasys and the wind waker)
  8. Nintendo and the demi-generation

    game qualtily should go up with the revolution
  9. Touch me baby! Or touch the Revolution controller!

    ign obviously know somefin they always do
  10. Rare and nintendo revolution

    no more console games but we will see rare ds games
  11. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

    new game wise the gc is dusty but we play it all the time at my house i just havent gotten many new games for it theres only 6 left i want (i have 28)
  12. Simple demo

    thats good work. but preety basic the movie with thr guy playing half life 2 with the moch up was awesome
  13. DIEC Developer roundtable

    whatever kojima is workinh on it will be good. it will be interesting if he works on kid icarus
  14. Have yourself a Nintendo Christmas.

    i was hoping for twilight princess but i always play nintendo on xmas because i mostly buy nintendo games
  15. Nintendo preparing the media for E3

    i cant wait until e3 but i want to know somefin b4 then