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  1. Im right in presuming that both Phantasy Star titles are the only online Gamecube titles, correct? Well, if you havent played them in a while, you can no longer go online unless you were recently active. This was in effect last week, but I forgot to post this. The gamecube's online service will be completely dead on April 1st, when the Phantasy star cube titles servers are shutdown worldwide. Farwell online Gamecube! Something I never tried.. (P.S. Those still playing Phantasy Star online can probably find a private server to connect to)
  2. So, you've sung Karaoke eh?

    If there is one thing I hate most in the world, one of the top things would be Kareoke. Thing is, I hate doing myself, its hillarious when your drunk mates do it though. So, have you ever done it yourself? I sung Dont you want me baby by the Human League infront of 20 of my friends family, and I went red like a baboons arse. It was even more awkward when my mate was singing it with me and was a paranoid idiot and twisted the words incase her boyfriend got jealous. So, do tell. (Im bored)
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Very colourful, 9/10. Rate my sig person posting next! (The3rdChildren made it)
  4. So, you've sung Karaoke eh?

    Ah, i thought there was something up with my spelling of the word, i dont usually read or write the word. Ha, thats so mean MoogleViper, this calls for revenge!
  5. Yeah, its so horrible to live through something like this. Some one so active in your life is just such a shock to have to adjust to. You have my sympathies man, I know it sounds really disrespectful, but try and keep your mind off of it as much as you can. I tried keeping myself heavily occupied when one of my closest friends died pretty much this time last month (26th of January). Keep yourself occupied, stick close to the people you know can look after you in this situation, thats all I can say. It'l never truely work, but just try not to make yourself ill. Again, my sympathies to you and his family and friends.
  6. Anime and manga discussion

    Ah, so there are people who are reading the manga! Yeah, its a very good chapter, its got the same effect as last weeks chapter, it keeps me thinking all week until the next chapter comes out.
  7. Gamecube online no more!

    Ah, well im not included in that group =P I bought my copy in January, as im a noob.
  8. Nintendo ends GameCube support

    They cancelled support at a stupid time. Whilst the Wii is pretty much in low stock every where, they should of taken the oppertunity to push the cube one last time. Ah well, bound to happen, suprised its at this point in time.
  9. Gamecube online no more!

    Is the final month open to every one? Not sure why im asking this, my broadbands too weird to have my cube hooked up. bloody AOL.
  10. Gamecube online no more!

    I really wanted to play this online, but it seems i'l be sticking to the offline game trying to work my way up through all the difficulties. I couldnt be assed to sit deciding a race for my first character, so its a HUmar, now level 38 with a VARISTA strapped on. I love hard mode =)
  11. Final Fantasy

    No, IV is an amazing final fantasy but it just fell short of being my favourite, the story, the twists and the gameplay is just brilliant. One of my favourite all time games. The redone versions are very much worth getting, Mariosmentor pretty much hit the target when he said they probably wont release on VC for quite a while, as they are earning alot off the GBA titles. The only redone versions i'd say that arent worth the money is Dawn of Souls, as FFI and FFII arent very good games at all, but the extra content does make them alot more interesting. Final Fantasy III is worth getting I'd say, I havent played far in but I like what i've seen, but the battle system is very dated. No ATB, just your typical old turn based RPG. Which may be a hit or a miss, depends on your preference.
  12. Anime and manga discussion

    Damn it, the Naruto manga has had a very slow day, not even the raw version of the manga is out. This is such an annoying coincidence as something very important is happening in this chapter, and if the rumours are true and the supposed translations that have been written down are indeed confirmed, we have a very big twist in the plot.
  13. Final Fantasy

    I've played the first 6 and thats it. My favourite is definitly VI, with VI being my second favourite, not decided on the third yet.
  14. Segas Secret Title...

    Thing is, it'd be Yuji Naka working on NiGHTS as he has an 'emotional bond' with the title and is very nervous about making a sequel so he tends to not make it. Your right, it may not be a wii title. My predictions are for each console: Wii: Feel the Magic (I actually liked the game, aint hoping for a sequel, but they'l try and revive it). Shinobi (Ninja game for the wii with motion controls? AWESOME) PS3: Shenmue, I have a feeling they'l wanna have a graphic powerhouse for this title, may be wrong. XBOX 360: It'd have to be something that was a multiplayer success for any previously released Sega games. Maybe Shenmue for XBOX 360, as I want the PS3 to die. Then again, im basing my guesses off previously worked on games, but Shenmue has a high probability i do agree.
  15. Segas Secret Title...

    Hideki Okamura Maybe we should use this as a basis? Im predicting a Feel the Magic sequel.
  16. Anime and manga discussion

    Ah, im guessing you've read chapter 342 then? My favourite chapter to be honest, I really wanna know what you-know-who's planning..
  17. Road Pricing Petition

    Heh, i lol'd at that. I really should of signed this if it would of made any difference, im interested in driving (well its becoming a requirement for life pretty much), and being 17 i should of signed it.
  18. Pancake Day!

    Those are awesome. I love them with chocolate inside.
  19. Britney goes Bald??!!!

    She's had her 15 minutes, she should get the fuck over it. Its pathetic, she brung this upon herself, getting drunk, probably taking drugs, ruining her personal life so that she can tell the press and that way people will feel sorry for her so she feels she has a fanbase. She's gone nuts and thats whats getting her attention, and she loves it. Do as your little sister suggested, go to fucking rehab.
  20. Pancake Day!

    Oh yus, this explains the pancake ingredients in my kitchen. Guess im having quite a few tonight.
  21. Naruto Wii

    Its probably down to control issues, i personally cant see how this game would work with the Wii's controls. All i've seen is some jap guy illustration to turn his hands. Opinion subject to change, as I havent seen any one play it or myself playing it.
  22. Post Your Purchases

    Hmm, theres 2 kingdom hearts manga series? I've seen the one of the left, bit to childlike from what i saw inside Ottakars (Now waterstones), never seen the one on the right.
  23. Post Your Purchases

    Its great, but it all depends on were you go. The monuments are shit, i hated them the first time, and I had to go to them the second time because its a school trip.
  24. Post Your Purchases

    Some of my purchases in New york. Those not featured are either eaten or another box of what is already shown. As a side note, that blue package leaning on the Peanut butter M&m's is two viagra pills. You can find alot of useful stuff in deli's in new york..