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  1. check out http://www.wii.com!! looks like bit by bit all the info will go up as each conference is held, cool! (oh, and nintendo look like they're treating australia as a proper region instead of an expansion of their european launch) and even if christmas is a big event in japan, they are gonna lap it up the second it goes on sale, so nintendo can afford to be later there. and as far as the US and Eur releases, they keep on saying they don't see PS3 as their competitor. well, of course they do, but i think these release dates show so much confidence in ninty with Wii, which is good to see i don't think they've changed anything because of sony... and maybe if we are first that'd explain the 6th november closing date for the ONM competition perhaps..? we'll see... EDIT: HER! HERE! dunno if this is posted yet, if it is sorry. click here SO. MANY. GAMES!!! and is that nintendogs and a resi evil mansion i see in there???? (not together obviously!)
  2. The Hoff is on This Morning!

    d'oh!! slept straight thru it, damn!!! and the hoff rules! go buy the spongebob squarepants movie if you don't believe me
  3. Japan.... 2 days in!

    if ur after directions to miyamoto's pad, click here http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/feature/how-to-visit-nintendo-155964.php
  4. Wii sports vanished from US release lists

    haven't ninty already said a load of months ago that it'd ship with two controllers?
  5. European Wii event on Sept 15th

    OWEN!!! you took the words i was gonna type right outta my keyboard! it does indeed feel like christmas eve to me(!!)... weird, huh? lol the conference starts at 2am (BST) we're thinking the speeches and news will be revealed at the beginning inside the first coupla hours, with the rest for journalists to play games and do interviews. perhaps they will be able to find out things for themselves during that time to, but the majority should be at the beginning, so most of the news should be up well before 8am.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    i can't believe i'm about to say this but i just watched "just friends", cringing as it started thinking i was gonna be tortured to a chick flick or teen movie... but to my shock it was brilliant!! not one of the gags falls short, plenty of slapstick (that for a change isn't gross-out but intead would make laurel and hardy proud!!) and the cast are all superb. anna faris and ryan reynolds are equally superb! i challenge anyone not to laugh all the way thru... don't read the cover tho, it does it no justice as going on it alone i did NOT wana see it. you do! trust me lol! 9/10
  7. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    but they're completely different games. the other version may look like the cat's cajounes, but it is basically sonic heroes/shadow the hedgehog/sonic adventure with better graphics. this exclusive game has even the multi-format games mags in a hype 'cause it's bringing the sonic gameplay back thanks to the wiimote.
  8. Studio 60

    well, everyone wrote off the friends cast when that show ended, looks like mathew perry is gonna do alright with himself: check out this new show superb creative team, interesting subject matter, and an EXCELLENT cast(!!). mathew perry ofcourse! amanda peet (hmmmmm... amanda peet....) who starred with perry in whole nine yards (let's not forget HER best scene in that movie lol!), steven weber from the proper Shining and the hilarious DL Hugley! and where do i know bradley whitford from?
  9. Japan.... 2 days in!

    nice one man, its a place i SO wana visit. and needless to ask perhaps, but u visiting akihabara?
  10. Studio 60

    ah right i see. well, hopefully e4/more4 will keep to their track record of keeping close to the US transmissions oh here, while you mention it, what's courtney cox's new show?
  11. Studio 60

    why close it just because it hasn't got picked up?! i really don't understand your reasoning there. anyhoo, will be interesting to see if mathew perry can get himself away from the chandler-esque characteristics which he showed off so well in the whole nine yards. aye noodleman you may be right, even though i've never watched the west wing, pretty hard not to see adverts and articles in mags such as tv zone etc. EDIT: cool, so it's picked up. but is the season made yet or we gonna be waiting a while after the pilot? and don't worry ashley, i for one don't download tv shows off the net, don't think it's fair to take away from the creators without giving something back like ratings or money... that's the media student in me talking
  12. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    all those levels look fantastic, and solitanze, a "family friendly" sonic? what are u expecting from the ps3/360 version, blood and guts? from what i've read, the ps3/360 version is just another boring 3d sonic adventure with HD graphics, whereas this is PROPER sonic, taking the gameplay back to what he does best can't wait! this has the potential (along with madden etc) to really show which of the new consoles is best by far :D:D
  13. Japan's Wii Details

  14. Grudge Match: Vote Now!

    ah right gotcha. well, KITT is looking forward to his PM then
  15. good point! d'oh! completely forgot about that since it was always advertised at the beginning that it was turbografx games that were coming over. lol, oops, ignore my post then
  16. To include ,or not to include

    i'd rather a developer made something unique than a port obviously, but my point was that developers are very keen to use the wiimote to its full capacity, EVEN for ports, so bundling the classic controller makes no sense, it could make some become lazy. 'cause let's face it, we want 100% of ports to use it and there's no excuse why not. having to buy an accessory to play a game will put people off, and bundling it will make the wiimote look like a gimmick whose days are numbered. and yeh, i'm hoping that with the examples set by third parties, that SSBB ditches the use of GC controllers and goes with the wiimote, be silly not to.
  17. Revolution Magazine

    yeh it was the only one i subscribed to as well until ONM came along. just recently made my mind up that i was definitely getting zelda instead of metroid at launch so i'm thinking i'll go with that cover... maybe... nope, still dunno...
  18. Live Streaming?

    i know there'd not be much point in a live feed for the japanese event for obvious reasons, but i was thinking about the US and europe conferences, any one have any ideas if there are any live streams? or if any site is doing live updates?
  19. Live Streaming?

    yeh that's what i figured too, so a nice coupla hours of live feed of either the US or european conferences would go down particularly well
  20. Advanced Media Network gave out a list of all Hudson games released on Nintendo platforms, to let fans have a guess at what could be coming our way... Here's the list: NES 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong Adventure Island Adventure Island 3 Adventure Island II Adventures of Dino Riki An American Tale Beauty & the Beast Bomber King Bomberman Bomberman II Bonk's Adventure Challenger Championship Road Runner Faxanadu Felix the Cat Inspector Gadget Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Mendel Palace Milon's Secret Castle Nuts & Milk Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom Raid on Bungeling Bay Starship Hector Triumph Xexyz Super NES An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Bakukyuu Renpatsu!! Super B-Daman Battle Grand Prix Beauty and the Beast Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Bomberman B-Daman Crystal Beans Dig & Spike Volleyball Elfaria 2: The Quest of the Meld Elfaria : The Isle of the Blest Far East of Eden Zero Hagane: The Final Conflict Inspector Gadget Kishin Douji Zenki: Denei Raibu Super Adventure Island Super Adventure Island 2 Super Bomberman Super Bomberman 2 Super Bomberman 3 Super Bomberman 4 Super Bomberman 5 Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber World Super Bonk Swat Kats Virtual Soccer Nintendo 64 64Wars Bomberman 64 (2001) Denryu Ira Ira Bou Getter Love!! J-League Eleven Beat 1997 Last Legion UX Let's Smash Tennis Momotarou Festival Power League 64 Robot Ponkotsu Super B-Daman Battle Phoenix 64 Toukon Road 2 Toukon Road: Brave Spirits Source
  21. Bleach Wii (Footage inside)

    i think maybe it just translates as "out for Wii and DS"? tho i hope ur right that it actually means there is some connectivity between the two what little there is there of the wii version looks fantastic! i can't wait to see how fighters like this can change with the wiimote controls, should be awesome
  22. Revolution Magazine

    i'l wait till 2moro before walking down into belfast, always seems to take an extra day to get it over here but hey at least that means if you guys have it already that we'll get it on its proper launch day still dunno which cover to go for.... mmm...
  23. Is Sony pushing too hard?

    when i was a lot younger i bought a few sony products, a walkman, stereo system and a tv (well, they were bought for me as a kid!) and all of them broke within six months. i have never since then, and never will, buy any sony consumer electronics product.
  24. 7 Sega VC Games Confirmed!

    they can't release all their big hitters (no pun intended groan!) at launch, they gotta hold some back and release a handful every now and again, keeps things interesting and allows us to build up a great selection gradually... something to look forward to and all that. yeh, we all have our faves that we'd like to see straight away, but even i can't argue that that is a fine list to begin with
  25. European Wii event on Sept 15th

    Twilight = n-europe's official life saver