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  1. Overboard! (Mobile)

    A wonderfully written choose your own adventure story, by the same developers as 80 Days.

    I used to really enjoy choose your own adventure books, and the clever twist of this mystery is that you already know you’re the culprit and you’re trying to work out how to get away with it (a “youdunnit” if you will… see what I did there!).

    It initially got found out on my first few playthroughs, but as it should be, I could use the experience and things I learned to try different narrative choices, or visit areas in a different order, to eventually succeed.  Or kind of anyway.  Turns out there are a variety of endings, and the game does give new objectives, usually ones I hadn’t realised were even possible, and I did play it longer than intended to try and find these additional endings and the fun writing they usually lead to.

    Overall, it may have only been a few hours in total, and I did give up finding all the endings in the end (I found enough), but i enjoyed this.

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  2. From the first few seconds of the “Mario, Mario” chanting reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros 3 commercial I was won over by the various nods and Easter Eggs contained in this trailer.

    Looking forward to reading up on the huge number I will have missed.

    Overall impressions from me are positive again from this.  Whether you like their films or not, this has struck me as very much an Illumination movie.

  3. I always found the Wii U a mixed bag and a real tease.  It constantly gave with one hand while taking away with the other. 

    I remember holding the gamepad and thinking it felt big, but that I could get used to it (which I did).  I was excited that it had a touch screen, but then was quickly concerned that it felt similar to the DS, in that the touch aspect felt a little less responsive then an iPad and that it didn’t like multi-touch.  With the touch screens on the iPad quickly improving, I wasn’t sure how well it would last over the next potential 5 years.

    It felt it had lots of tech demoes ideas, but sadly never really transitioned into games (e.g., it had some video demoes where you’d follow a set path on the TV, but you could look around you on the gamepad screen, but then nothing was ever really done with the idea).

    Some great first-party games, but little third party support.

    Handheld mode so someone else could watch TV was great, but the controller couldn’t cope with being very far from the system.  

    I thought Nintendo Land was fantastic, but only short-term fun.  I remember inviting friends round, and the games were short-term fun, but no-one was really interested in playing long sessions of hide-and-seek for instance, so we quickly went back to our regular multiplayer games.

    I loved Wind Waker HD and was more than happy to play it again having enjoyed it on GameCube (no Tingle Tuner mind, which I liked on the GameCube). Playing it through with my wife was a great experience.

    The best games were great, but it was a very disheartening time overall with the sparse release schedule.  


    On 20/11/2022 at 3:27 PM, killthenet said:

    Anybody have any recommendations, any obscure or interesting eShop games that might have been overlooked in other lists?

    I never played it, but I’m hearing a lot of love for Affordable Space Adventures, which is a game that only works on WiiU.

  4. I like this topic and the scope for ‘lowness’! 😀 Some great examples suggested. A few others sprung to mind:

    WWE 2K (2019, multi-platform)

    A buggy mess that saw #FixWWE2K20 trending and contributed to the cancellation of the following years’ title, and a 2-year gap for this usually annual wrestling game.


    Long-time developer Yukes had left, and somehow this game was allowed to be released in a clearly unfit state.  Things continued to get worse too, as the more expensive collector’s edition, supposedly containing wrestler autographs, were sent out without the actual signatures (which lead to one wrestler, Edge, setting up a PO Box himself to allow people to send him their copies to sign).

    To add a huge heap of ironic misery to the situation, the game even initially suffered a game-breaking bug when attempting to play WWE 2K20 when the year changed to 2020!

    Yes game fixes were subsequently implemented, but the damage had been done.  It didn’t kill the series, but caused a huge black mark, a delay to future games, and a lot of rebuilding (both with game engine and in reputation).


    Bubsy 3D (1996/7, PS1)

    This attempt at revitalising the Bubsy series effectively killed it (at least we thought / hoped, until a new game was made 20 years later!).  It was being developed as one of the first console 3D platformers and then shortly before release the developers saw Super Mario 64 demoed and swiftly realised how inferior Bubsy looked in comparison!  It was too late to change though, so their game was released and made to look even worse in the shadow of Mario’s 3D masterpiece.


    Balan Wonderworld (2021, multi-platform)

    Ok, so I cheated as I really can’t see this becoming a series after the disastrous reception of this!  It did however, cause the co-creator of Sonic to leave Square-Enix so is likely considered one of the low points for everyone involved…. According to him, he actually left six months before the game was released, after complaining about the state of the game.

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  5. I was a little worried by the lack of Switch reviews, but they’ve started coming through it seems, which is reassuring.  I’ve just watched the GameXplain gameplay comparison and yes the PS5 version certainly looks much better, but the Switch version still looks perfectly playable and it doesn’t appear as though the gameplay is altered.

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  6. No not anymore.  I do miss the days of N64 / NGamer magazine as I enjoyed their sense of humour and found their reviews seemed pretty accurate with how I felt about the games I played.

    I do enjoy the different articles that paper magazines tended to put together, and I don’t see anywhere near enough online.  I guess they had to fill pages each month so were forced to be creative. 

    I am pleased to see that the likes of Edge & Famitsu have still managed to hold on to their reputations when it comes to reviews, and a high score in them is still held in high regard.

  7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

    Playing the original Mario + Rabbids game and it really is the surprise that many others exclaimed it was.

    Thankfully UbiSoft have avoided the mistakes other developers have made when taking a popular gaming mascot and giving them a firearm *cough* Shadow *cough*. The over-the-top weaponary suits the game’s aesthetic.

    The battles are fun, the block puzzles inbetween do feel more for padding, and the ‘eccentric’ humour of the Rabbid cosplayers thankfully doesn’t really interfere with gameplay.

    It didn’t quite feel as polished as a first party Mario game, with a few graphical glitches, but I thought it was solid and much more enjoyable than I thought it would be! It has made me more interested in Sparks of Hope.

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  8. I now realise that I really haven’t played many horror games. I’ve included RE4, but only as I’m struggling to get ten games on here (hence why a few I’ve used some poetic licence to call “horror themed”… :hehe:):

    1. Eternal Darkness (GameCube)
    2. Resident Evil 4 (Wii)
    3. Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS)
    4. The Last of Us (PS4)
    5. Until Dawn (PS4)
    6. Doki Doki Literature Club! (Switch)
    7. Limbo (PS4)
    8. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series (PS4 / Xbox 360)
    9. Resident Evil (GameCube)
    10. Maniac Mansion (PC)

    I really need to play the P.T. demo at some point, is it really that unnerving?

    Oh, and while not supposed to be a horror themed game, special mention to Granny’s Garden on the BBC, as that first section with ‘The Witch’ was a more traumatising experience as a child then most of the above games!

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  9. Mario Party Superstars (Switch)

    Having grown up on the N64 Mario Party games, it felt good to return to many of the classic mini games I recognised.

    100 of them may sound a lot, and even though they’re the better ones from previous games and ditched any motion controlled ones, the familiarity with so many of them (even though I admittedly haven’t played Mario Party 5-10) meant I was left wanting more.

    5 boards didn’t feel enough either, especially as a couple are quite basic.

    It’s probably one of the better Mario Party games, taking the most popular parts of previous games and including online play.

    I do feel greedy, but it feels as though they’ve included the bare minimum of what they needed to, and unless any DLC suddenly appears then I’m left wishing there was more!

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  10. On 13/10/2022 at 7:08 AM, Hero-of-Time said:

    That's awesome. :D 

    I knew you had also picked up the book when I seen your comment in the comments section over on NintendoLife.

    Haha! I forgot I posted on that, nice spot!  Anything to help promote it as I have a real soft spot for the N64 (& I really enjoyed the book).

  11. Five Dates (Switch)

    Conceived, developed, released & set during the pandemic lockdown. Five Dates is an interactive rom-com that I enjoyed more than I expected to.

    You watch video dates between protagonist Vinny and five female matches. Occasionally you’ll be given a few seconds to select a response from multiple choices, and these can affect how the date plays out, and whether you are able to get any follow-up dates.

    Since the actors are all real and this was filmed during lockdown there’s no way for the characters to meet up in person. I liked it as, while I guess it’s classed as a dating sim, the game focuses more on the rapport between the characters instead of just trying to hook up.

    Vinny is likeable and sincere, the actors are good and the writing is pleasant. I didn’t find it laugh out loud funny, but I did find it charming and chuckled on quite a few occasions.

    I didn’t mind the reminder of being in lockdown, and found it to be a short and simple feel-good experience.


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  12. On 07/10/2022 at 11:27 AM, Hero-of-Time said:

    This arrived yesterday evening.


    Chris Scullion is at it again with another fantastic book. Just like his Mega Drive, NES and SNES books, this also shows you every game that was released on the console. It also has a look at the history of the N64, as well as a section that covers all the Japanese exclusive games which includes the 64DD and its software. Well worth picking up.

      A few quick pics (Reveal hidden contents)






    If only so I can show off my copy too 😃, but I agree this is an outstanding and comprehensive summary of the N64 library. His writing and summaries are excellent.


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  13. On 04/10/2022 at 4:13 PM, Cube said:



    A beautiful looking game. It’s obvious that the game is heavily inspired by Pikmin, as you control a bunch of tiny creatures and throw them to get them to do your bidding, but also very much its own thing as it's much more of a collectathon platformer.

    I heard really good things about this on a Podcast recently and glad to hear you’ve backed up those opinions!  How long would you say it is out of interest?

  14. I was relieved and pleasantly surprised watching this.  I thought it looked really good and very promising.  I know it’s a little too early to really tell, but look at the backlash after the initial Sonic movie reveal and I don’t foresee anything like that happening here now.

    It was a little odd not hearing the regular voices, but I was ok with them.  Jack Black in particular looks like he could have some fun with his part!

  15. It’s out! Has anyone played this yet?  The reviews I’ve seen have been positive and once I’ve finished the games I’m on I think I’ll be getting this and getting my Grog on!

    (Ok I know that sentence doesn’t actually make any real sense but you get the sentiment!)

  16. You don’t often get trailers for a trailer! 😁 There’s so much intrigue and dread behind this first look.  4 days and counting… place your bets now: great or disastrous, I can’t see there being many opinions in between!

  17. I don’t often buy games at launch due to my backlog, but after the reviews and praise for Tunic, I’ve downloaded the Switch version.

    I’m only 30 minutes in so far and I enjoy the art style and controls (Monument Valley meets Link to the Past so far!).  I’m intrigued and excited and can’t wait to see where the game takes me next!

  18. 5 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I played Flashback on the Amiga when I was younger but I could never get very far on it. Now that I'm more experienced with games, I always wanted to give it another go. It was the same with Another World. I eventually played through that on the Xbox (360 or One, can't remember which it was) and then again on the PS4. 

    Similar here!  Although I only played them both recently.  I must have been a lot more patient when I was younger to put up with the controls & numerous deaths!  I can also see now why I never got far with Flashback! Still, I’m glad to have played them, just for the experience, but I won’t be going back to either of them again.

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  19. Flashback (PS4) - 2018


    The original Flashback was an important sci-fi cinematic platformer back in 1992.  The lack of updates to this 2018 version makes it feel as though it exists here for nostalgia only.  I made copious use of the new rewind function, but beyond that there's very little updated here from the 1992 version.

    It plays in a similar vein to the likes of Abe's Odyssey, Another World, and the original Prince of Persia, with you controlling Conrad across non-scrolling stages, with now awkward controls for leaping, sprinting, climbing and shooting.

    It's certainly better than it's predecessors, such as Another World, thanks mainly to the rechargable shield allowing me to take a few hits, whether through my own poor choices or because I was waiting for the pistol animation to finish. 

    Set in 2142, but very much now just a historical artifact of gaming.



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  20. There is no Game: Wrong Dimension (Switch)

    Despite the name, this is most definitely a game! 

    This is a clever 4th wall-breaking point & click game, which sees the narrator sticking you in various situations to stop you playing their so-called “game”.

    Reading that back, it sounds incredibly confusing, but in reality it really isn’t.  For example, he may plant a large sign up. Clicking on certain letters causes certain tapping sounds and then the letter may drop.  At which point you could use the sharp end as a screwdriver to unlock the screws to the sign.

    It’s hard to really describe many other puzzles without spoiling them, but most do make you think outside the box as you figure out how to use the items on the screen in unfamiliar ways.

    It’s all light-hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  My favourite parts are where it parodied other genres, such as RPG, mobile games, and even point & click adventure games themselves.

    There’s always a hint system available so you’ll rarely get stuck if you decide to use it.  The story isn’t as memorable as your class graphic adventure games, and ‘gamers’ will definitely enjoy this more than ‘casual players’.  Ultimately, I found it short but satisfying, and it did make me feel smart at times like a good point & click game should!

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  21. I’ve mentioned recently my dislike of people leaking information that would be so much better when the developers surprise us.  I’ve deliberately avoided watching any of the leaked stuff and feel for Rockstar on this.  Hope they catch the guy!  (Actually I rather hope Rockstar staff catch him first…!)

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