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  1. Switch eShop Thread

    I feel the character will he someone obvious when it’s finally revealed and I’ll kick myself! 😂
  2. Return to Monkey Island

    I’m delighted to hear this! I hope they really don’t ignore Curse of Monkey Island, especially as that helped to clear up some of the “what the?” plot threads from the 2nd one, but I’m excited to once again play as a mighty pirate and drink me some grog!
  3. The Legend of Zelda BoTW2

    Like others have said too, I’m absolutely fine with the delay. The expectations for this game are huge, and so I’d rather they got it right & came at least close to realising their aims then rushing it out. The extra areas / features mentioned - could this be playable Zelda, even if just in the underworld?
  4. Wow that’s a hefty collection! Getting the Arcade game on there is a great addition. Plus rewind states so finally I may actually stand a chance of beating the original NES game! 😁
  5. Playground Rumours

    Me and a neighbour only discovered the warp whistle in the desert in Super Mario Bros 3 because we were told there were actually three whistles in the game, so we worked together to hunt around the maps until we stumbled across it and celebrated like we’d won an award! While not a rumour, I fondly recall talking with friends at school to work out the locations of all the Chaos Emeralds hidden in Sonic the Hedgehog on Master System, and between us we finally managed to track them down! While not quite from the playground, I do remember talking with others and trying to find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time, thanks to this internet hoax. For me, probably the most brazen rumour was that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (although only ‘Heroes’ back then…) on NES was actually beatable….. No-one at my school managed to prove this one…… 😃
  6. 😂 I much prefer these names! Maybe the English localisation team will take note! Have to say I was not expecting this. It looks a little like Arceus, so hopefully it’ll evolve over gen 8 and build on the things that worked well in Arceus. I’m slightly concerned that the short of length of time since Arceus and so maybe a longer development cycle could’ve made it look nicer? I’m not sure how Arceus played technically?
  7. bad stuff thread.

    It all just sounds horrendous and my thoughts are with your friend @drahkon and all those others caught up in this horrific situation. @Julius some excellent words and thoughts there. I also agree about everyone looking after their mental health too, as with this being all over the news, the recent storm (which I was lucky enough not to have suffered any property damage in, although did have to cut my holiday short), and the global pandemic, there’s a lot of difficult things going on. Talk to someone, use these boards if needbe to vent and get the weight off your shoulders, but most importantly look after yourselves!
  8. Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April 2022)

    My experience & opinion pretty much matches what others have said. The connection for me was smooth. Matchmaking wasn’t instant, but it was fairly quick. 20-player bowling is a great idea and puts a little more pressure on players and more stakes on each game. The fame suggested that different clothes and gear could be earned by playing games, but obviously this wasn’t available in the test. A good idea to me, and gives some further incentive / reward for playing.
  9. Ah, here we go again! I love the speculation and dreams for these Directs. Predictions then: Actual Guesses Virtually all focus to be on games we already know a little about: Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Advance Wars, Two Point Campus, Triangle Strategy, Splatoon 3, Mario + Rabbids Spark of Hope, Life is Strange Remaster, Kingdom Hearts and Fall Guys. I agree that Majora’s Mask will be shadow dropped. Plus new games coming soon announced for NSO: Kirby 64 and the return of Boogerman for Mega Drive! Just a brief update on Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2. DLC for the latest Mario Party. More Optimistic Guesses New F-Zero game, plus using F-Zero X on NSO to help hype it. New Donkey Kong. Goldeneye (would love the HD remaster, but if somehow it comes it’ll surely disappointingly be a port). Things people are wishing for but won’t be shown… Name for Zelda: BotW 2. GameBoy / GBA on NSO (they’re saving this, plus the inclusion of a localised Mother 3 for E3 you see…………….) New Super Mario (not a new New Super Mario Bros though!) Metroid 4 / Metroid Trilogy (nothing more than a logo to look at still).
  10. How far can you go back?

    No real cut-off for me. I still enjoy games going back to the NES / Master System too, and the current consoles have seen a bit of a resurgence in 8 and 16-bit games being released, either in original or updated format. Examples include Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap, Alex Kidd (twice!), Lion King, Aladdin, Jungle Book (in the Disney Collection), Day of the Tentacle. Even Advance Wars is over 20 years old! I think as long as you can put up with some of the outdated features or higher difficulty (save states / rewind abilities are excellent additions) then there are still many games that are fun to play now.
  11. The Wrasslin' thread

    I was underwhelmed by the event sadly. I didn’t think it was a bad one by any means, it was solid even, just not particularly memorable for me. I loved Mickie James’ appearance and well done to everyone involved for using her Impact theme and acknowledging her as their champ, it looked good on both companies. I also thought the mixed tag & Women’s Title match were better than I was expecting, even though the winners were predictable, they all got a decent showing. I agree completely on the Mens Rumble. Nobody ‘got over’ and I don’t think any wrestler looks any better than before they started. I feel Kofi’s failed attempt pretty much summed up the Rumble - so much promise and could’ve been amazing, but the end result ultimately ended in disappointment.
  12. Switch eShop Thread

    I enjoyed the “This is a game!?” award/mention. With so many games each week, with many of ‘variable’ quality, I think you can have some fun writing mention of these kind of games! 😃
  13. The Wrasslin' thread

    Tonight is one of my favourite annual PPVs (or should that now be “premium events” according to WWE terminology!?) - WWE Royal Rumble. I’m excited as, on the face of it, it’s less predictable than some years. Excited by a Mickie James appearance too, and I can’t see WWE allowing it but I’d love to see her enter wearing the Impact title belt! Ive been trying to avoid spoilers so I’m predicting Bianca Belair (or Ronda Rousey as surprise entrant) and Big E as the Rumble winners. Here’s hoping it’s a good one though, especially with the high quality matches having taken place recently across all the various promotions.
  14. Will Mario Kart 9 release on the Switch?

    However much people would like it, with MK8 still selling truck loads, I don’t see Nintendo risking the sales on it by releasing a new version until the next console. I predict (nay hope!) the next console Kart will include challenges, which have been sorely missing since the DS version. The ‘twist’ being much more advanced and numerous, such as an adventure mode with challenges being grouped into stages and characters.
  15. NEO: The World Ends With You

    Haha - similar situation here! 😁 NTWEWY is also on sale physically in a few places right now for both Switch and PS4 (Amazon, Game) so I gave in to temptation!
  16. Xbox Series S | X Console Discussion

    It couldn’t, could it? Is a Goldeneye port really coming….? Well 2022 enters with a bang with this huge rumour showing Goldeneye achievements on XBox! I’m so conflicted by this find, as this appears to based on a port of the original it seems and not the remaster that was leaked fairly recently. If (and that’s a big IF) this turns out to be true, I’m conflicted as the original hasn’t really aged too well, whereas as least the remaster made it look and run a whole heap better for the modern day. Still, it surely opens up the possibility of a Nintendo port too.
  17. Switch eShop Thread

    Thanks! Looking forward to the review of this. The trailer has me interested as I like the sense of atmosphere and art style (When I first saw the visual design thought it was by Ustwo, the Monument Valley developers, but obviously it’s not). The trailer makes it seem a little easy and relaxing, while hints at an enemy chasing you in sections, so I await the review to find out how it actually plays. Colour me intrigued!
  18. UK Covid booster programme

    Had mine on Tuesday. Whole process when I got there was quick and simple, and I was in-and-out in less than 10 minutes. 3rd Pfizer jab and thankfully no side effects at all (I was fortunate not to have any after my initial two as well). My wife had hers recently too, although she felt ill that evening. Glad to get it done before Christmas.
  19. I was reading up about Chicory yesterday after seeing it appear on some Games of the Year lists, but embarrassingly I hadn’t heard of it. It’s had some glowing reviews and so I’m interested in this one too & glad to see it heading to Switch.
  20. I’m excited by it, although expect the Nintendo-relayed announcements to be a little thin on the ground (prove me wrong Nintendo!). I was planning to watch it, but at 1am and likely to last a few hours means I may catch the beginning, but will check back in the morning to see what I missed. I just don’t know what will be revealed, apart from the new Sonic game and the trailer for the 2nd movie. These could look great, they could look naff… this is Sonic after all! Reggie’s involved so I’d love him to announce something exciting (imagine the hype of him finally announcing a Mother game!), but in reality with his position I can’t see him revealing anything major.
  21. Your 2021 Gaming Diary

    Gnosia (Switch): I found this visual novel oddly addictive with a gameplay mechanic that sounds strikingly similar to a particular popular multiplayer game (hint: an anagram of “Umong As”). The gameplay loop seems simple enough at first, with a handful characters on a spaceship, at least one of whom is an imposter (I.e., infected by the Gnosia). Each round, one character gets voted out, and each game is won or lost when either all imposters have been voted out or if imposters outnumber the crew. At which point, win or lose, you’re transported to the beginning of a new loop, with all roles reset. The initial games quite exciting as new characters were constantly being introduced, and they do a good job of keeping all the characters different from one another, both in appearance and personality. New gameplay mechanics are introduced as you play more games, the first few in particular influence how you approach each game, such as new roles (e.g., the engineer can check out one character each round to see if they’re infected or not). There are a lot of other nuances within the game, such as improving your stats in areas such as becoming better at getting others to trust your opinions, or identifying where others are trying to deceive you. You can build relationships with other characters between rounds and trying to achieve certain outcomes enables you to learn more about the background of each character and, ultimately, progress the story. I liked that each loop tends to be quite short, maybe 5-10mins each time. The early game for me was the most exciting part, with the mystery unravelling. Unfortunately for me, the game eventually becomes a bit of a grind once you’ve unlocked the characters. I went through over 100 loops in order to advance the story, and while the story was interesting, I don’t think it is strong enough to keep most people interested over an extended period of time. Glad I played it. The initial couple of hours were fun & exciting as the mystery began to get explained. For me the grind was somewhat tedious come the end, and could’ve done with speeding up how you unlock the final third of the story. Good - I wasn’t dissatisfied with my experience.
  22. Exactly the same here! 😃 I’m so pleased to hear this, and until I finally get around to playing it I’ll just have to base my opinion on the myriad of positive reviews for the game! With this news, and that the Danganronpa team are also working on a brand new IP there’s plenty to be excited about for fans of story-based / interactive visual novel games.
  23. good stuff thread.

    Congrats! As well as being a sports coach myself, I have friends doing similar courses and they all say how much more involved it is then they realised, so nice one! 👏🏻
  24. Switch eShop Thread

    Hmm, nothing jumped out to me, although I did notice that Blossom Tales has been reduced again. @Ronnie’s positive comments have gotten me tempted. Worth it?
  25. Death's Door

    Read good things about it and so really looking forward to this.