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  1. Neil Armstrong has died

    RIP to the man that will forever be known throughout human history.
  2. A new Zelda showing in the 3DS conference??

    It would be nice for there to be further surprises to unveil this E3, although right now I'm not feeling that optimistic, since the potential for big surprises seems to have fizzled out this convention. Still, wouldn't it be nice to get a trailer or images of a new Zelda, maybe the Smash Bros 3DS game, Metroid Dread, and a new Final Fantasy title..... A man can dream!
  3. Name That Game: 2012 Edition

    Heehee @Magnus. I'm enjoying this game. Yes I'm terrible at it, but it's fun nonetheless and looking forward to the next round!
  4. Microsoft Press Conference (4th June)

    It was just so very underwhelming. Professional and technically very good, with the displays, lighting, and music. Sadly, from a gaming point of view, and the reason a lot of people are interested in the Conference there just wasn't a huge amount to get excited about. It spoke volumes just how funny the audience found the jokes by Matt and Trey about Smart Glass! I'm expecting so much more from both Sony and Nintendo later!
  5. Name That Game: 2012 Edition

    Wow, without cheating I really don't know. Good choices Dog-amoto! Complete guesses: 3. Turok 2 4. Sonic the Hedgehog 5. Shinobi 6. Grim Fandango Like I said, no idea! But worth a guess anyway! :-)
  6. Wind Waker

    I loved the soundtrack (so much so that I paid for an import CD of it). This is a cracking remix that actually makes me want to load it back up again and experience the joy that was Wind Waker (yes even despite the copious amounts of sailing and Triforce quest!)
  7. There's still life in the old dog yet it seems! Really glad they've put the demoes back up in the WiiWare section, and it's good to see more titles being added to the Virtual Console.
  8. 3DS Console Codes

    3222-5566-1724 Can't believe it's taken me so long to add my code! Please feel free to add me, although my artistic skills are limited at Letterbox but I promise at least you won't receive constant pictures of the human anatomy!
  9. Metroid Fusion

    I had exactly the same experience, having previously only played Metroid 2 from a friend and never really getting into it. Metroid Fusion got me excited about the Metroid series and was the reason I went on to purchase and enjoy the other games in the series.
  10. Game Boy Games That Pushed The Limits

    Good article, I enjoyed the read and it was impressive what developers were able to accomplish with such limitations. Here are the games from the list that I own: Warlocked Cannon Fodder Donkey Kong Country (GBC) Mario Tennis Perfect Dark Legend of Zelda: Oracle games For all of these games you could really tell they were pushing the capabilities of the machine, and I can remember all of them for making me incredibly impressed with what I was playing. Whether it be the FMV (Cannon Fodder, the use of speech and rumble (Perfect Dark) or the sheer scope, scale and detail (Zelda). I'm not sure that any of the games were massive sellers (Zelda notwithstanding), so I would love to see the games brought to an even larger audience with a re-release on the 3DS' Virtual Console.