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  1. *Emergency* New Newsies Needed

    woot, now here's where I come in :p. So a few things : Ive applied to N-europe a few times...didnt get anywhere. Never gave up though . Ive written for many a-gaming site before, including having run my own in DSpot.co.nr, which was around for some time. I even supplied several news stories to N-europe through it! Also, I'm an aspiring game journo, so yeah, I would love to have the oppurtunity to write for a leading site. Im ALWAYS active on the comment system, not so on the forums, but yeah. I'd like a chance, I know pretty good sources of news and stuff Twilink.
  2. Now its those GTA games that take FOREVER to do 100%...it means no cheats...on a GTA game, its near impossible! For me... Golden Sun - I loved the game to bits I really did. Boktai - I'm in England, sun shining is NOT an easy thing to get! FFVII - So I did this 100%. Some of those summons are so hard to find... Jump Ultimate stars - Got it on import. Ive finished the overall thing, and I dont understand it at all! Im pretty proud of myself even if it is for getting lucky... Metroid Prime - It was meta-ridley that did me the damage. I took TOO long trying to get past him, but after that, it was plain sailing. Loved the game, need to finish Echoes...I couldnt ever imagine them making a game harder than MP1 until Echoes came out...
  3. European Wii Preorders

    The game near me seems to be gearing up for a midnight launch. Im just waiting to see if they get the countdown meter soon. To my knowledge, they have 100 Pre-orders at my local GAME, and I was #11. There were several people after me who ALSO pre-ordered, so by the end of this week/month/waiting period, Im SURE theyll have at least filled the code book. I think they'll do the midnight launches if there are enough people, i dont think GAME are so stupid to do a DS midnight launch for the whole of 8 people in my local, and not do a Wii midnight launch...saying that, a lot of people will wait until morning anyway...but yeah, that wont stop me waiting at midnight!
  4. "Wii Move You!"

    it seems that since the DS launched, Nintendo's slogans and advertising on the whole has gotten better...much better than Sony. DS : "Touch me", "Touching is good" etc...wow. They played on the aim of the DS AND they could use humour in the adverts, it was great! Wii : "Wii move you" is perfect. Think of it...how much WILL you be moving when playing the games? Think...how moved have a lot of people been since E3 2006, from PS3 to Wii? Think..."Wii move you" is the best possible slogan. PS3 : "This is living"...wth? Wait...having a PS3 is living...meh... In any case, yeah, Nintendo have done great lately with their advertising and slogans. Internet is the way forward in advertising, but they should have as much TV advertising as they did with the DS at the least. It feels like 1 in every 8 ad breaks there is an advert for a DS game or DS lite (roughly speaking). If they have at least that, theyll be all good
  5. Nintendo in Talks with RockStar/Take 2.

    Im with ya on that one...GTA Did die with Vice City. There's only so much you can do with the same game engine, and adding RPG elements to a GTA style game (San Andreas and customising characters) was a little stupid IMO. Nah, GTA on Wii wouldnt appeal to me...but you never know what else they could do...
  6. European Wii Preorders

    I thinks as far as outselling goes, the Wii will outsell. Why? Because with the lack of PS3's (no release), and the Xbox 360 being older now, we're looking at a brand new fresh console. A lot of people are interested esp since E3, so we're looking at a lot of people now wanting SOME form of console...spare money from no PS3 = Wii and a few games. Well ok...more than a few. As for first come first serve, Im expecting GAME to be like that...shucks. Also, I read that Nintendo havnt allocated the stock yet to specific places. They're gonna have meetings with the retailers from Europe in October, so there's a chance GAME (as they only go from stock allocation) wont be preordering until then. Im gonna go to Gamestation this Friday, and Im gonna see what the situation is there... And you're right Kazzah, midnight launches really are fun XD.
  7. Definitive Wii speculation/rumour thread

    Are those rumours or truths? The only one Im not sure about is the Yuji Naka project. According to ONM, there WILL be more than one Sega title, Sega are working on a "secret project", one which personally Im hoping will be PSO on the Wii. Kojima...has also said he wants to work on some games for the Wii, so thats no rumor, and as for VC console support rapidly growing...wii all know thats true!
  8. European Wii Preorders

    Umm, it all depends really. With the DS, I had it that I was one of the first from the store I use (GAME in Oxford) to preorder, but that didnt matter oh so much, it was more of a "the first people that turn up get them" basis. It wasnt done by who made the pre-orders first at all. We'll have to see come the day, but I honestly dont know if that's what this will come down to. As for the Gamestation v Gamestop v GAME issue... Well really, I prefer GAME cause I know the people in there, and theyre biased towards me :p. If I buy in bulk, and ask nicely (Im sure someone else has this too), I get things for cheap. Gamestation for trade-ins are GREAT though. I remember taking back some games to GAME and getting £52, taking them just 3 doors down to Gamestation and getting £79 for them. As for Gamestop, I really dont know, we dont have one down here .
  9. European Wii software lineup

    Wasnt Exitetruck named as a definate launch title for Europe, Japan and the US? Besides, all of those titles will be out within the launch window anyway...3 months is fine! I'll just be playing Twilight Princess and Red Steel through that time...
  10. The Official Wii Price Thread.

    I know there are taxes ^^. Its just fun to compare and moan about what we could have...again though, Im ok with the price. It was more of...an understanding of those that are complaining. I dont think the pricing of $250 was before tax you know...something seems odd...namely that Reggie announced it at $250, it wasnt a speculated price. Now that its been announced, really...theres not much that can be done as everyone expects it to be $250 in the US.
  11. European Wii Preorders

    This is true, but again, Gamestation for some reason advertised they were to start taking preorders this weekend, as in starting from 16/9. Im not sure if I actually believe this for instore pre-orders though. I guess we'll never know that the time has passed, but hey, I can at least keep people posted come Friday as to if Ive been able to preorder anywhere.
  12. European Wii Preorders

    Gamestation started pre-orders THIS weekend. GAME are a little slow off the mark, I got an e-mail on the 15th saying theyre formulating the preorder process and blah blah. Wait...I might have it here... Again, this was on the 15th, by now, Id of thoughts pre-orders would have started, AND you get double points on all hardware AND software...so with the Wii and Zelda alone, you're looking at lots of money on your precious GAME card. I think EPlay are doing preorders too, they seem to be the most Nintendo friendly place around Oxford, the area I live in...theyre ALL fanboys! Anyway, yeah...I think I'll preorder from GAME, I plan to go on Friday
  13. The Official Wii Price Thread.

    I think my main problem with the price is how much more expensive it is in comparison to the US. We're talking the US get it at $250 equivalent of £133. We get it at £175. Thats ALMOST a £50 difference, and with that money we could by another lovely wii game. BUT saying that, Im honestly happy with the price. I know its contradictory, but I really am happy with it. Its cheap for a brand new console, and I dont care if people talk about the price compared to 360...the consoles are COMPLETELY different. Ok, 360 is more powerful, but just LOOK at what the Wii has incorporated into the GUI itself, as well as the way it will make gameplay much more interesting. In all, the price is right, but it could have been cheaper IMO.
  14. What magazines do you read?

    I have to say, I tried to get into NGC and CUBE, but i just couldnt, whereas, NOM i can, and so thats the only one for me! (except kererang! but even then i just read my friends copy...)
  15. Majora's Mask

    That fairy sword certainly does rock! MM is much more atmospheric than OoT, but yet...im not sure, its just not as good, i think its a case of...its just too darn short!