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  1. Im with you there Dyson, i work for them too and the customers seem to think its our fault. As a staff member on the frontline I have absolutely no say and barely any information yet customers treat me as if its my fault entirely. Id love to sell them SSX and ME3 and all the rest but what can I do? Very frustrating
  2. Is it really bad if i'm going to be watching 17 of those shows? Thursday September 9th Vampire Diaries Monday September 13th Gossip Girl Monday September 20th Chuck House How I Met Your Mother Two and a Half Men Tuesday September 21st Glee Thursday September 23rd The Big Bang Theory Community Fringe Grey's Anatomy Friday September 24th Supernatural Sunday September 26th Dexter Family Guy Brothers and Sisters Tuesday September 28th Stargate Universe Sunday October 31st The Walking Dead
  3. ill make sure im hitting im in the head. does he have to be in a trap for this to work? or can he be in normal attacking me mode?
  4. stresssssssssss, cannot capture a great jaggi at all. i always run out of tranq bombs and traps
  5. My day has been good about 4 hours on monster hunter tri, a pizza for tea and an evening raiding on Warcraft. Life is good once a dissertation is handed in!
  6. Just got this game the other day, got up to trapping the great jaggi offline. had a quick bash online too but only did one quest. helped some randoms trap some velocraptor looking thing even though my blade went dull after about 3 hits and i had no whetstones :P learning fast that i need to not rely on the quest items! dont have much time for anything else anymore now, i have this AND raiding on WOW to keep me busy :P
  7. Im not sure i want a TV package though really, the only tv i watch i errrrr 'aquire' through other means. Anything else is on terrestrial. Or i guess freeview too :P Im not even sure i need a landline phone! I know ill need a line rental to allow me to have broadband but my mobile should suffice??
  8. My dad has been buying stuff when hes seen it on offer, got things like cutlery and plates and that. got a kettle. house has oven and washer and fridge/freezer. needs carpets and curtains which will be major expense. Ill need internet i expect :P im mostly at home Ill keep n-power in mind, o2 seem to do the best internet, £15/m unlimited downloads and 20gb max download.
  9. As the title infers i am soon to be moving out, was wondering if i could call on some of you students and home owners to offer me any advice? Know any good deals for home phone/internet? Gas water and electric? Had any bad experiences? Learnt any hard lessons? Any tips are greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  10. I say we wait till the zombies are the Alpha species of the planet and then hold a meeting where we 'pass the buck' and let them know that global warming is now their problem
  11. If anyone is interested here is my brothers new band. He made this music video for his coursework i think at Uni. The Cheap Rhapsodys
  12. didnt kings of leon do it last year? surely they cant be headliners two years in a row?!
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