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    Swindon, England, United Kingdom.
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    I'm Obsessed With KoRn So My Main Hobbies Would Be Seeing KoRn Live, Listening To KoRn etc etc...
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    I Play Games And Listen To KoRn. Don't Do Much Else.


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    NES, SNES, N64, GAMECUBE, GB, GBP, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, Some Game And Watches And DS.
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    Ceramic White PSP
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    Hard To Choose Specific Games, But Game Franchises - Metroid, Zelda And Mario.
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    Hehe. Mario. Wario. Link. Samus. Ridley.
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    MK - I'll look later because i've forgot it, message me for it.

    AC:WW - 0000 6822 8060
  1. Podcast: First Edition!

    That's pretty awesome. Sorry for being so random but anybody who has Animal Crossing WW, email me at [email protected] Please be my friend! lol because i ain't gonna have no friends on it until whenever my girlfriend gets the game. Well i'll just tell you my code now, it's 0000 6822 8060 My name is Gavin and my towns called Swindon lol. Please email me your code, name and town name : )