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  1. The best console this generation.

    Don't take it personally. 'Twas not a slur on your fine postage. But yes, it is impossible for me to answer, as I can neither claim exclusive allegiance to one or shun another. I would like to say this, though. Halo > Halo 2, as Halo 2 felt unfinished.
  2. Black and White 2 and revolution?

    I think it's a little more in-depth than that, but yeah, it's the basic premise. You can have wars in B+W2, though, which I don't think you could do in the original.
  3. The best console this generation.

    A question so impossible to answer I declare this poll null. Not only that, I also declare it void. Yes, so it's null AND void! Ha! Stick that in your conflakes and snort it.
  4. Black and White 2 and revolution?

    It's a God game where you can be as good or as evil as you like. With animals.
  5. Finished Fahrenheit last night.....

    7/10 … that might rise to 8 on a second play through. I'm keeping an open mind on this baby. It really was supposed to be all about the story but it had so many plot-holes and things than went unexplained that I couldn't really enjoy it. To a point that is, the first half of the game was awesome. Oh, and the stealth sections were sh*te, but then they usually are in games that aren't purely driven by stealth. Edit: That quote thing needs sorting out. It's stretching the page! Rubbish!
  6. Black and White 2 and revolution?

    Sod Black and White, I'm waiting impatiently for the inevitable announcement of Resident Evil 5's release on Revolution. Everything else pales to white compared to RE5 … apart from Zelda that is. Can't wait to swing that controller like a Master Sword.
  7. Revo Gamecube Controller

    They've given it a bit of a make-over, too. The blue buttons go well with the whole neon-blue/white colouring of the Wevol-yoo-shyun, plus there are 2 'Z' buttons on both sides and a proper control stick as well as the Wevol-yoo-shyun's D-Pad. It's nice. I really wouldn't be surprised if it looked exactly like this, to be honest.
  8. Revo Gamecube Controller

    'Tis an IGN mock-up. And a nice little one at that.