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  1. errrrr.....Hello Ollie.

  2. ok surely thats it now, save from flying a plane past my house with the words happy birthday on it?!

  3. wots your email address wanna add you to my new msn email address

  4. Haha...Just as I'm thinking of chancing my name as well...

  5. Sorry I deleted your message by mistake on fb, went to delete mine as decided didn't want everyone knowing thats why my update was ambiguous. anyway hope your day was alright, mines not been bad but by no means great.

  6. nope hopefully getting my n900 on saturday fingers crossed, sticking to the mantra of playing it on a handheld like you said.

  7. can you remember where to get the english translation mother 3 ROM from? I am getting a new phone on friday which I've heard will run the GBA emulator so now the time to play mother 3 on a handheld has come!

  8. Yeah perhaps not sure what I'm doing but be sure to go online if I'm playing.

  9. Could perhaps play some later this afternoon? Very hungover lol so not sure how much can manage! get dizzy playing games when hungover..

  10. Could perhaps play some later this afternoon? Very hungover lol so not sure how much can manage! get dizzy playing games when hungover..

  11. ok lol no worries...just added you as a friend btw

  12. you fancy starting borderlands?

  13. ahhh right...I love the muppets as much as anyone but what a way to wreck an amazing song!

  14. Hi


    Check your PMS originally posted on here as couldn't get them to work but have done now...

  15. Yeah Repton Infinity was abit crazy remember not understanding it as a kid! I had literally hundreds of BBC Micro games! Jet Set Willy was an old favourite as were the Play it Again Sam compilations!

  16. Yeah I've downloaded them but never actually got round to playing them lol! They were tough yeah, Repton 3 was awesome did you get it in that box was it Repton Infinity? I think we still have our BBC Micro, bet it doesn't work though! It's a cracking game, what I would do for a HD version on modern consoles, hell even a DS or PSP version, this game deserves to be back out amongest it! Do you remember all the crazy remixed version they made that were basically reskins of the same game? Repton Round the World in 80 Days, Back in Time etc...

  17. DUDE! Couldn't really find a thread to post it in, but LOVE the repton avatar! I've had one going on for a month of so until recently, thought I was the only person who had a long long burning love for that game!

  18. Got a DSi lol! I'll just play it on PC at some point...got a ton of other stuff to play...

  19. already own one! A fully updated firmware'd 3000

  20. I don't have a handheld to play it on really...unless you have any cheap suggestions?

  21. Did you manage to get that video up onto megaupload? Noticed its had 113 views already on youtube, thats more than any episode on blip has managed or even the ones on my channel...perhaps its something we should look into more you clearly have the subscribers?

  22. It's live over on blip.tv

  23. I'm having trouble getting me editing done...bloody movie maker keeps crashing piece of shit.