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  1. 1 hour ago, GenericAperson said:

    So yeah, these are my favourite games from the last 10 years but... I'm sure other people will have vastly different picks so go ahead. One particular Zelda game I didn't include on this list after all..

    Well, you had to make room for all those Pokémon games somehow.

  2. 5 hours ago, bob said:

    The Politician actually could have finished at episode 7, but spent the whole of episode 8 seeing up the next season, which just ruined the whole pacing of the show.

    This drove me absolutely bonkers on True Blood. At the end of every season, all of the season's storylines would wrap up within the first twenty minutes of the finale, and the next thirty minutes would be spent setting up the main storylines of the following season.

    I assume it was meant to make you want to tune in next season, but it just felt like reading the first chapter of a book, putting it down, and picking it up again six months later. Who does that!?

  3. 5 hours ago, DriftKaiser said:

    Nice. Any idea if the base P5 will get a DLC or we need to buy P5R to play the new content? 

    It won't be DLC.

    I was reading a list of new features, and everything sounded good until I got to...


    Human Morgana. Why, Atlus? Why must you always ruin your mascot characters? :cry:



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  4. I think the problem with giving the player too much time to max everything is that it would take all the fun out of having to manage your time.You're supposed to have to make some tough decisions.

    Anyway, I maxed out all of my confidants in my first playthrough, so... :p

  5. It's kind of lame that we're only getting two games - even more so because I've already played both of them. I kind of wish I'd canceled my subscription when I had the chance now. It didn't hit me until now that the odds of getting a game I'm interested in but haven't already bought are slim with only two games per month. It barely ever happened with six games per month!

    The Witness is amazing, though, in case anyone here has slept on it for the past three years.

  6. I actually thought this game had the weakest story in the trilogy overall, although it's not like any of them hold a candle to, say Uncharted.


    Although I did like the ending - predictable though it may have been. In general, I really liked Lara in these games.

    However, my favorite part comes while you're making your way to the final boss: the remaining heads of Trinity all show up in a helicopter, only to immediately get killed off in a fiery explosion. It was so ridiculous I would have thought it was intentionally stupid, if the games didn't take themselves so seriously.