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  1. Unless one of us has been personally involved in any of the drama surrounding Tim Buckley (anyone here Jackie?), the best you're going to get is secondhand accounts.


    Anyway, you're free to read whatever webcomic you want. Even if Ctrl+Alt+Del is objectively bad. ;)



    Scandinavia And The World is one of my absolute favourites, though I think you need to be Nordic to really appreciate all the in-jokes and references, since the whole comic is basically built around national stereotypes seen from the viewpoint of the Nordic countries.

    Denmark and Norway are sleeping with each other. Confirm/deny?

  2. - Learn to use an apostrophe if used wrong a few lines up.

    It wasn't, so that's one down - and it's only January 2nd. This will be a cinch!



    As for me, I too would like to move out of my parents' house and be more creative. Also, a job would be nice. And maybe go back to university and write my thesis before it's too late. If I do half of those I'll be content.

  3. I used to read CAD religiously for a good year or so. Until I tried to join the website/forum and for some reason the never accepted/thought I was banned.


    Petty to stop reading it, but it really fucked me off, if you want fans, allowed them to bloody join.

    Tim Buckley is really paranoid about new members. It's somewhat understandable, though. I've been following a hate thread over at the Something Awful forums, and most of the people posting over there have either tried to get accounts on his forum or have one or several undercover accounts already. It's no wonder his forum is pretty much dead these days.


    I've become somewhat obsessed with Ctrl+Alt+Del recently, even going so far as to watch the hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) animated series. Last year, Buckley introduced a new character, whose design, as it turned out, was ripped off from someone else. Buckley's first defense was "it was just a reference", but a few days later he went back and slightly tweaked her design in all of her earlier appearances. That's the kind of thing that makes me read his webcomic.


    Man, I'm totally coming off as a seething ball of hatred right now. Good gaming webcomics: the aforementioned Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Brawl in the Family and Awkward Zombie.

  4. This is going to sound really petty, but my brother's most annoying friend came over about an hour ago, and the first thing he did was retell a recent Ctrl+Alt+Del comic about World of WarCraft that he'd found absolutely hilarious.


    I feel totally justified in my hatred for him right now.




    This is a thrip by jayseven at the request of Dannyboy and Scoop.


    Is there a particular webcomic you cannot abide? if so, why?