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  1. Thanks for the warning - I'll make sure to avoid it from now on.

  2. All I want for my birthday is for you to get hopelessly addicted to Minecraft.


    Thanks, though. :heh:

  3. Thanks, Omurr. :smile:

  4. I'm in the chat room almost every night. :sad:


    You should ask your parents to let you stay up late.

  5. Way to ping out right after I logged in, Moogle.


    So rude. :sad:

  6. You showed your hand too early, Sam. You shouldn't be so trusting.


    Especially not when it comes to pictures of novelty cakes.

  7. Aww, now you've spoiled the surprise!


    Your birthday is before mine, so maybe I'll post this in your birthday thread first. Then you'll look like a thief. :blank:

  8. Now I'm imagining you putting off buying Mass Effect 3 as long as possible, and deciding that, "if I don't play it by Wednesday I WILL DIE."


    Well, I hope you get it as soon as possible. It's a great game. I think it has some of the best-written characters in the trilogy. :smile:

  9. You should have ordered it a few days ago. Then you would already have it by now.


    Of course, you really should have ordered it a month ago, but I know how much you dislike doing things the sensible way. :p

  10. I was just thinking earlier today that it's officially mid-April now, so I must tell Tim to buy Mass Effect 3! :hehe:


    Enjoy the ending/Kai Leng/anything else that Mac Walters and/or Casey Hudson wrote.

  11. I saw this t-shirt and thought of you.


    It's like someone designed a t-shirt just for you.

  12. Haha, I was just thinking to myself, "thanks a lot, Peeps". :heh:

  13. I don't want to undercharge overcharge you for postage, so I'll go to the post office sometime next week and we can sort out payment after I've sent out the package. :smile:

  14. a) I will add you on Facebook if you promise I won't get any friend requests from any of your alternate personae. :p


    b) I'm glad you like it. Postage will probably be pretty expensive, though. I hope that's okay.


    I will need your address. I promise I will only use it for good.

  15. Way to leave your address where everyone can see it, Murr. You're totally going to get a late-night visit from ReZ now. :heh:


    I'll swing by the post office next week. I know the weapons won't compare to proposing to your girlfriend, but maybe I'll get lucky and you'll chicken out.

  16. If you PM me your address before you leave on your holiday, I can probably swing by the post office next week and the package will be waiting for you when you get back.


    I think postage will be around £9, but we can sort all that out after your holiday. :smile:

  17. Your kitten would love them.

  18. I guess they could be.


    Especially if you have hamsters that could fight each other with them. That'd be awesome.

  19. Should I make them charms or just miniature weapons?


    Just figured I'd ask before I poke a hole in my Monado.


    ... If you know what I mean.


    (Actually, that's not a good euphemism. Ignore that last part.)

  20. I could certainly try, at least! :smile:


    I've actually been meaning to do something Xenoblade-related ever since finishing the game.

  21. I like your interpretation of the sign better than mine.


    Unfortunately, I've already brushed my teeth now, so I have to go to bed. I wish I'd read your interpretation earlier - I could have stayed up all night and really shown my dedication to lurking on the forum and not posting anything! :sad:

  22. It's a sign!


    ... That we really should stop staying up so late.

  23. You can't miss me if I've never been in a mafia game to begin with. :blank:


    P.S. Thanks.


    P.P.S. I don't know about Digimon. I find a lot of their designs overly complicated/not as good as Pokémon.

  24. Ha! Sure you were.


    I stand by what I said about them being too much work. Maybe I'll feel motivated to join one at some point in the distant future. You seem to be doing just fine without me, though. ;)

  25. That's the comeback you came up with after thinking about it for four months? :blank: