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  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider ( 14th Sept 2018 )

    The convenience of Lara stumbling upon the leader of Trinity, who just happens to have grown up in a hidden village that just happens to be protecting an artifact that can remake the world was too much for me. I never understood people's complaints about the combat in the previous two games - more combat would have added some much-needed variety to Shadow. And the game isn't even designed around the lack of combat - you spend sooo much time scavenging for resources, but the resources serve no purpose when there's no combat! If I don't need to craft more arrows or medipacks or whatever, why am I picking up all these sticks? I was literally just doing it for the sake of trophies. So much fun! Oh, and you can level up, which is great, except that most of the upgrades you can choose center around combat or resource gathering! Why is any of this stuff even in the game at this point?
  2. Persona 5

    The Persona games are pretty bad about homosexuality in general. I was really annoyed by Yosuke the last time I played Persona 4. Weirdly, there's a drag queen in Persona 5 who's handled really well.
  3. Game of Thrones

    I'll probably just start frantically rewatching them a week or so before the final season premieres.
  4. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    I couldn't stand the improvised dialogue in Accounting+. If I'd know the whole game would be nothing but Roiland (and Roiland-esque) improvisation, I'd never have played it. For the record, Rick & Morty isn't like that at all.
  5. General Book Thread

    Oh. I've actually recommended the movie just based on how much I liked the book. No wonder people don't take my recommendations seriously!
  6. General Book Thread

    I tried to sell someone on The Martian. You'd think there'd be no way to make that book sound uninteresting, but apparently I managed.
  7. General Book Thread

    I quite like the name, but then I also read books like Sodom Road Exit and Autoboyography, so what do I know. I've only watched the last three minutes or so of The Time Traveler's Wife movie, but the ending seems significantly worse. And the ending is one of the best parts of the book!
  8. Your 2018 Gaming Diary

    I completed sixty games in 2018, and I made a list. People like lists, right?
  9. General Book Thread

    Here's my year in audio books! I wanted to write reviews for all of these, but I can't be booothered, so have some short impressions instead. Call Me by Your Name: I thought this would be a Love Story for the Ages, but see my post about it above. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda: My favorite book of the year! Super gay, super sweet. Somewhat life-changing. I wish I could have read this back in high school. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August: About a man who keeps reliving his life over and over again. A really creative idea and a really good book. They Both Die at the End: About two teenagers who end up spending the last day of their lives together. It's really sweet and life-affirming (and gay!), as long as you can live with the growing dread as you get closer and closer to the end of the book. The Last Romeo: I thought I would read about an adult homosexual, but this book - about a man who blogs about his adventures in dating - was a bit of a mess, with too many characters and an unfocused plot. History is All You Left Me: From the author of They Both Die at the End, but not nearly as sweet and the main character (who suffers from OCD and just generally being a bad person) is pretty annoying. I didn't really like this. A Gift of Time: A time travel book where the first act is a coming of age novel with a twist, the second act is all about the science of time travel, and the third act is a complete mess. Autoboyography: About a high school senior who takes a class where he has to write a book in one semester. He falls in love with his mentor, a college freshman who took the class the year before, so he ends up writing the book about him. The twist? Almost everyone in the book (except the main character and his family) is a Mormon! I really liked this. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: A book about friendship and growing up. It's about two boys who become unlikely friends. It has some gay themes, but it's not really focused on romance. It was good. It's narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is of course best known for playing Lin-Manuel Miranda on Curb Your Enthusiasm. American Gods: A book about a man who starts working for a god. But more than that, it's a book about the United States of America. It's a bit annoying how the main character mostly just goes along with whatever happens for most of the book, but it's still a good read. This was a full cast production, which was fun! The Time Traveler's Wife: About a man who travels through time without having any control over it and the very unique relationship he has with his wife. Yes, sometimes I read about men and women who fall in love! Crazy. I thought this was really good, and very romantic. Will Grayson, Will Grayson: I thought this would be about two teenagers called Will Grayson who end up falling in love, but it's not about that at all. It feels like two separate novels with only some crossover. Me: Also, the dialogue in one half of the book is written like this. You: Like this? Me: Yes. You: Doesn't that get annoying? Me: Very. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue: A historical adventure novel, which ended up being more fun than I had expected. I mostly bought it because the main character was bisexual and in love with his best friend. The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle: A murder is committed in a secluded manor and only the main character can solve it. That's all you need to know about this book. It was great! Go read it. But in case you need more convincing: the main character keeps reliving the same day, and every morning he wakes up in the body of a different person. 14: A bit like Lost, if Lost had taken place inside an apartment building instead of on an island. Lots of weird things going on. It's fun, but like Lost, the conclusion leaves a bit to be desired. Sodom Road Exit: A book about a girl who gets possessed by the ghost of a lesbian prostitute. Also it's about family. Weird, but pretty good. The Broken Earth: The Fifth Season: Fantasy-ish book about the end of the world, which follows three girls/women. One third of the book is narrated in second-person, and I really liked a lot of the mysteries that are present in the world this book takes place in. The Broken Earth: The Obelisk Gate: Once the mysteries started being answered, some of my interest was lost, and this book spends a lot of time spinning its wheels in anticipation of the last book in the trilogy. The Broken Earth: The Stone Sky: The final book in the trilogy, and a satisfying ending, some plot contrivances aside. I liked this series, but not as much as I had hoped, based on the critical acclaim. What If It's Us: Co-written by the authors of Love, Simon and They Both Die at the End, so I knew this would be super gay. It's a fairly typical love story about two teenagers in New York who fall in love, but I kind of can't get enough of that kind of story when they're gay. Murderbot Diaries: All Systems Red/Artificial Condition/Rogue Protocol/Exit Strategy: Four short books about a security droid who would rather just sit around watching television, but always ends up saving the day. This feels like four episodes of a TV show, telling four separate stories but with a larger overarching story. The Martian: In case you haven't watched the movie, this book is about an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars after a mission goes awry, and his fight for survival. There's a lot of science in this book, but that really helps everything to feel believable. A real page-turner. The Book Thief: The story of an orphaned girl growing up in Germany during World War 2, whimsically narrated by Death. Sometimes sad and sometimes hopeful, this was a really good read. I Capture the Castle: The oldest book I listened to this year by far, this is about a girl whose family has moved to a house built around the ruins of an old castle and the events that unfold over the course of a year. Save for one hour-long chapter that the main character spent being lovesick, I enjoyed the book. The Guernsey and Potato Peel Pie Society: A post-WW2 story about an author who travels to the island of Guernsey, and the people who live there. It's told entirely through letters, and it was a light and fun read to end the year on.
  10. Playstation Plus Free Games

    This is a good month, because I've only bought-but-haven't-gotten-around-to-yet two of the games this month! (SOMA and Steins;Gate, in case anyone's interested.) Didn't like Iconoclasts. I've been meaning to play Papers, Please for ages, but realistically, I know it's just going to end up in my pile of PS+ games that I want to play, but can never seem to make time for.
  11. The Disney Thread

    There's no justice in the world if this turns into a successful movie franchise. I'm pretty sure Eoin Colfer couldn't write his way out of a wet paper bag.
  12. Name Changes

    This past decade has turned you soft, Ashley.
  13. Detective Pikachu - The Movie

    That Pikachu is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  14. Final Fantasy XV

    Announcing last Friday that they would do a Final Fantasy XV stream this week was definitely the way to go. Maximum disappointment!
  15. Playstation Plus Free Games

    Yeah, Roundabout looks like the most interesting of the filler games. I played Burly Men at Sea on PC a couple of years back, and it's bound to be an easy platinum, if nothing else. Replaying it a hundred million times to get all of the different endings really killed any enthusiasm I may have felt the first couple of times through, though.
  16. Playstation Plus Free Games

    We're getting Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm in November. I assume no one cares about the filler games, so I won't bother posting those.
  17. Yes! You have a cat together, and you're enjoying peaceful and thoughtful conversations with your girlfriend. You're both eating healthy breakfasts every morning and you're announcing to the world wide web that you've moved in together. This was way more exciting.
  18. You don't seem very excited. This post could really use a couple of exclamation points. And maybe some emojis.
  19. The Disney Thread

    I feel like that's true of all of these live-action remakes...
  20. General TV Thread

    They should have let it end before they started bleeding cast members...
  21. good stuff thread.

    Well, I mean, Kav did have a baby... And Bob ate some chicken nuggets! Good times.
  22. Netflix

    The Good Place isn't a Netflix show, so I'm not sure what you were expecting, Bob...
  23. Spider-Man (PS4)

    A lot easier than replaying the game, though!
  24. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Just get gold on the challenges? There are more than enough challenge tokens in the game.
  25. Spider-Man (PS4)

    Fifteen years ago, Spider-Man 2 hadn't even been released yet...