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  1. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    9 is Super Mario 64.
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    Hahaha! Good one.
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    They explained it, anyway. I don't know about 'well'. :p But don't mind me. I'm just mad because we won't get the next Ouendan game.
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    I'm hoping this is just a misunderstanding or a Japan/Korea thing. Or something that isn't completely ridiculous. I think over half of my DS games are imported. *Sigh* There's always piracy, I guess.
  5. nintendo ds seriennummern

    I hear accusations about my sexual organs, but I don't hear fighting. And on that note I'm going to bed. You win this round, Diageo (unless the fake Germans get you).
  6. nintendo ds seriennummern

    Then we fight. Or I could just make a sandwich while you do all the fighting. Hmm...
  7. nintendo ds seriennummern

    Mmm, ostrich. Great, now I'm hungry.
  8. Questions

    Well, you could google it too, but I guess asking the question on a forum and having other people google the answer for you works just as well. Maybe even better.
  9. Questions

    Only one way to find out.
  10. nintendo ds seriennummern

    That's what he wants. Nah, we'll let hem annihilate us. He'll never see it coming!
  11. nintendo ds seriennummern

    You know how Germans are. War is how they greet people.
  12. nintendo ds seriennummern

    Well, it's not a real person either, so you can't expect him to speak it very well.
  13. nintendo ds seriennummern

    It's German, Diageo. Don't be rude to our newest member. He seems nice.
  14. Relationship Advice

    I've learned all I know about relationships from television. My advice to anyone needing relationship advice is: you can never sleep with someone too soon and there is no reason too arbitrary not to break up with someone.
  15. N-E Awards Trophies (sort of)

    These are pretty great. I approve.
  16. The Cape

    Sheesh, you can't even put 'Invincible' and 'terrible' in the same post without ReZ freaking out. :p What I actually meant was "ReZ loves anything with superheroes in it so The Cape has to be really terrible if it has a superhero in it and ReZ still didn't like it". For the record, I have never read Invincible, but would consider checking it out if I had the money.
  17. The Cape

    Oh. I just remembered that he likes Invincible and Green Lantern and No Ordinary Family and... Man, this has to be really terrible if ReZ didn't like it.
  18. The Cape

    Oh, I don't know... You did seem to like the Zelda magnets I posted in another thread, so obviously you have some taste. I think you're mostly just disappointed because you want your superheroes to have real superpowers. :p
  19. The Cape

    HOW BAD WAS IT? Oh, staggeringly. Never mind, then. I'm glad I didn't watch it if it's as bad as people say it is.
  20. My Rabbit Was Killed

    Aww. And bunnies are so cute too. But you can't pet tortoises. Well, I guess you can, but who would want to?
  21. Promises that fail to deliver

    It's not, but at least you'd go into the game knowing what to expect.
  22. I too was obsessed with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers until they stopped airing it over here because it was too violent. It made me want to hurt someone. I really wanted some of the toys, but the most I ever got were a couple of cheap knock-offs of the red and black rangers. When you took their helmets off, their faces were painted silver. Fake edit: Actually, thinking about it, my brother and I did get Goldar and that blue monster, whatever his name was. Goldar was awesome and worked great as a bad guy no matter what toys I was playing it.
  23. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    It was still disastrous and it still sucked. :p Why not Paper Mario humor? The Paper Mario series has always been at least as funny as the Mario & Luigi games, in my opinion.
  24. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    4 is Superfrog, based on the hint.