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  1. bad stuff thread.

    That sucks.
  2. Comic

    I agree that being Guy Hodge should be a crime. Also, your art isn't nearly is bad as you make it out to be. It's actually pretty good when you can be bothered!
  3. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Oh, I see what your game is, Dyson. Coming here all, "boohoo, these screenshots are too hard!", but when people least expect it - bam! :p
  4. ScribblerToo - You can draw too!

    At least it would be a wonderfully shaded penis, based on the other pictures in this thread.
  5. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Aww, I thought Dyson had finally managed to get another point.
  6. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    2 is Uncharted 2. Finally. That would have bugged me all night otherwise.
  7. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    8 is Zack & Wiki.
  8. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    4 looks like Pitfall.
  9. Happy birthday Iun!

    Happy birthdaiun.
  10. I like how he could only afford half a costume.
  11. ScribblerToo - You can draw too!

    You've set the bar way too high, Ine. We can't compete with those.
  12. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Yeah, post them whenever. No time is going to be perfect for everyone.
  13. How Important is Game Music to You?

    I saw this yesterday and there's so much obnoxious elitism in the comments. Like playing games without music is THE WORST THING EVER and people can't play games the way they want. Sheesh. I think some games lend themselves better to playing without sound. Games like Advance Wars or Picross, where you're constantly listening to the same music. I buy those games intentionally to have something to play while I'm watching television. I can see how you'd miss out on something if you're playing without music in games like Halo or Final Fantasy XIII, but I honestly rarely even notice the music in games like that, so I have a hard time seeing the view that YOU MUST LISTEN INTENTLY TO ALL MUSIC OR YOU ARE RUINING THE GAME that seems prevalent on Kotaku.
  14. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Hey, if you know a screenshot, feel free to edit your guess into one of my posts. :p
  15. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    I edited my post because I wrote 2 instead of 12 for Castlevania, but I'm fine with Darksnowman getting a point. He just wants everyone to get a comfortable lead before he swoops in and wins the game in December.
  16. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Beats coming into the thread and thinking, "hey, I know that screen! And that one too!", only to scroll down and see that they've already been guessed.
  17. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    12 is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Edited to add: 8 is Bounty Arms. I think that's the unreleased game?
  18. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Surely he means that you're only allowed one guess for which game has never been released? Otherwise you could just guess for all of them and get the point. Anyway, 9 is Zombies Ate My Neighbors.
  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    PC Gamer has a spoiler-free guide on how to survive hardcore mode. If you don't want to read it, basically just eat or drink something when you get a notice about suffering from minor starvation/dehydration, and you only need a couple of hours of sleep per day.
  20. Why No General Chit-Chat, Guys?

    What if I want to talk about boys' vaginas? Where do I go to do that?
  21. This is what my desktop has looked like for the past several years: (Minus any JPEG artifacts.)
  22. Why No General Chit-Chat, Guys?

    (Scoop usually just agrees halfheartedly with everything Diageo says.)
  23. Why No General Chit-Chat, Guys?

    There must be something scaring people off. Or someone.
  24. We had this in a Tomb Raider custom level community I used to frequent. There were the people who weren't really interested in getting to know people but liked talking/asking questions about level building and Tomb Raider, and people like me who didn't play Tomb Raider much anymore but stuck around because of the community. Can't force people to be sociable, and not everyone keeps up on the recent releases. But mostly centered around the penis.
  25. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Fused King, keep in mind that it's supposed to be from the box art and not in-game. Not sure if you noticed that.