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  1. Great Games You Struggle To Enjoy?

    Haha, you should play the first game.
  2. bad stuff thread.

    It's funny how you posted a How I Met Your Mother video, because this reminds me of when Ted broke up with a girl on her birthday, and then got back together with her a couple of years later only to break up with her on her birthday again.
  3. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    I may have taken it myself. But yes, you're correct. Final (?) hints: 016: I'm really disappointed that no one's been able to get this one, but seeing as how this game - which was recently translated and released in the US - is unlikely to ever be released in PAL territories, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. 022: This is an FPS from a developer that mainly makes FPS games. These days they're mostly supposed to be scary (assuming you find little girls and hobos scary), but this game is the complete opposite of their current ones.
  4. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Yeah, it did... But hey - free point! Perhaps... Here's the full screenshot to make it easier to guess which Garfield game it is:
  5. Grand Theft Auto 5

    I second this (not the Just Cause 2 part, as I've only played the demo). I don't see how a world as big as the one in Just Cause 2 would really add anything to GTA. I thought the world in San Andreas was already pushing it (the whole desert area didn't do much for me) and I just used cabs to get around in GTA IV, anyway. It's not the size that matters - it's what you do with it.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    I was going to say "at least you won't have to buy anything for Valentine's Day", but I thought it'd be insensitive.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    That sucks, Dyson (at least you didn't do it on Valentine's Day!).
  8. Do you blog?

    Some people on here use Tumblr. I'm rocking an old LiveJournal that is now only about games I have finished because people suck and writing about anything else never leads to anything good. [/bitter]
  9. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Yes. I knew someone would get it with that hint.
  10. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Yes. Yes, it is. I was wondering when someone was going to get it, seeing as how Wikipedia only has about eight games listed as using the Quake II engine. Some more hints: 016: Nein. Nein. Get it? 017: This game was so bad that the developer was kicked off the series. 019: Think one of the most popular and well-known comic strips. 020: This will probably give it away, but 'four' is part of the title. 022: The developer has sadly moved on to making gray horror games.
  11. What... no valentines thread yet???

    "If you know what I mean."
  12. Great Games You Struggle To Enjoy?

    I bought GameCube pads for my Wii specifically to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  13. I want all my cuteness in slow-motion from now on.
  14. What... no valentines thread yet???

    If you get drunk every day, you may have a problem. But at least you're consistent.
  15. What... no valentines thread yet???

    This will be the 26th consecutive year that I spend Valentine's Day alone. I'm going for the record! /FOREVER ALONE
  16. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    I look forward to hearing your guess.
  17. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    No, this series has been around longer than the Devil May Cry series, getting its start in the mid-nineties.
  18. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Calling it "critically acclaimed" might be pushing it a bit, though. Sorry, none of your guesses are correct.
  19. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Yes! Congratulations on guessing one of my screenshots. :p
  20. I'm with everyone else. Lying by omission doesn't count. Speaking of morals...
  21. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    That's not a bad guess, but I'm afraid all of the characters in this game are humans (to some extent, anyway). Nope. This is the third game in a series.
  22. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    Hints: 014: This is a playable character in a game based on the Quake II engine. 016: *Puts on German hat* Nein, you will get no hints for this screenshot. 017: A minor character in what most people agree is the worst game in a long-running series. 019: Think comic strips. 020: NES game where you play as four different characters (no, it's not Little Samson). 021: This was released last year, so someone should be able to recognize it. 022: Awesome character with an awesome name in two awesome games. 024: Critically acclaimed game that was criminally overlooked.
  23. The "Rez" Report

    Sometimes a glance says more than a thousand words. Ah, puppy love...
  24. The "Rez" Report

    Happy birthday, ReZ. ... Does yours?