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  1. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    2 is Shantae: Risky's Revenge. 4 is The Dig. I could probably guess several other screenshots, but I want other people to have a chance to guess first.
  2. Things that annoy you?

    I blocked those messages after about five minutes of using Facebook, but sadly it doesn't stop people from posting about Facebook games every five minutes. I should just start constantly updating people on the games I'm playing. "Just finished another quest in Dragon Age 2!" "Just finished yet another quest!" "Need 2,000 more experience to gain another level!" "Dragon Age 2 friends: how do I get Fenris to like me?" "Where do I find the ingredients I need to make a potion? Please help me, Dragon Age 2 friends!" If it doesn't have an oven, it's just a normal room! Suddenly Pancake's bragging isn't nearly as impressive.
  3. bad stuff thread.

    He did 'break up' with his girlfriend not too long ago... Too soon?
  4. Things that annoy you?

    I thought my Facebook friends were stupid, but at least they know what season it is! On the subject of Facebook, though, I wish there was a way to block any post about stupid Facebook games. I'm so tired of seeing people complain about how they need more crime sprees in Mafia Wars or how CityVille isn't working properly right now or how there are some new fees in FarmVille.
  5. Rango

    So it's the fourth best animated movie you've ever seen.
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Forget the bin - when did you last take a shower, Dyson?
  7. good stuff thread.

    Only one more year until she's going to get the seven-year itch and leave you! Congratulations.
  8. Forum User Photos

    Haha, I'm sure he's laughing all the way to the bank.
  9. Forum User Photos

    Llama's sister brings out the best in him. To be fair, that would be the perfect hat for Serebii.
  10. Forum User Photos

    Man, the wind keeps messing up your hair. You should just shave it all off/always wear a hat. Short hair suits you, though.
  11. good stuff thread.

    I just finished watching the last episode of Big Love. It was a nice ending.
  12. It's great how they make it impossible to back up your save files and then hold them hostage because you deigned to try to circumvent their outdated region locking. I hope they make an exception (because wouldn't it be nice if they didn't delete your hard work just to punish you?). I remember how much it sucked when I lost my save file for Super Smash Bros. when my Wii was stolen.
  13. Mass Effect 2

    It's from the Kasumi DLC, I think.
  14. Name That Game: 2011 Edition

    I think you underestimate just how much we suck, Jonnas! Anyway, it's Mole Mania.
  15. Community

    Modern Warfare is definitely the show's crowning moment of awesome. Probably one of the best episodes to show someone who's new to Community. You're probably also going to enjoy the Halloween episode in season two.
  16. Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

    Haha, don't get me started on the Lost finale. :p To be fair, I loved both the Lost and Battlestar Galactica finales when I watched them. They were definitely emotionally satisfying. It's just when I think back at them now - when my mind isn't clouded by emotions - that I can sort of see why some people disliked them so much.
  17. Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

    It kind of worked, but... eh. I guess it doesn't feel too out of place thematically, but "a wizard did it" is too much of a cop-out for my liking. Sure, but it's so obvious that they either had no idea what they were actually foreshadowing or changed their minds somewhere along the way. You don't build something up like that for so long only for it to result in nothing. That's terrible writing. I don't mind them making you distrust the characters and then turning your expectations on their head, though. That could have worked great if they'd manage to pull it off in a way that wasn't completely disappointing.
  18. Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

    I checked IMDb the day after the finale aired, and there were a lot of people on there that weren't pleased with the it. Like Oxigen_Waste, I also have the impression that it's generally considered a somewhat disappointing ending to a great series. I liked the series finale overall, but there were some things that bothered me.
  19. Friday

    Man, now I want to hear that other song someone wrote scribbled on a napkin for her. That's the person 4chan should go after. The girl seems pretty sweet. I thought it was cute how she said she had Bieber fever.
  20. Friday

    It's not her voice people are making memes about. It's those awful, awful lyrics.
  21. Battlestar Galactica & Caprica

    To be fair...
  22. Community

    Haha, "it's all downhill from here". I've missed Community these past couple of weeks. Also I guess it's been renewed for a third season or whatever.