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  1. Nintendo Switch Launch Day

    Figured I'd take a break from lurking and post... I'll likely pick it up along with zelda, unless my bank account disagrees (Just bought another 3ds for no apparent reason). Don't need anything else... ...if only it had rocket league...
  2. 3DS Console Codes

    Hey hey, I rarely post something but figured I might just throw my 3ds FC inhere: 2492-4237-3791. I'm in the process of adding all those on the first page, might take a while though. Added: adthegreat: 2878-9613-5546 Agent Gibbs: 3780-9004-3382 Aneres11 : 1864-8594-8334 Animal : 1220-7473-9033 are1981: 1160-9889-7562 Ashley: 4253-3462-1472 (visitor message or email me please) Blade: 5455-9377-8534 Brooke: 0817 - 3733 - 9108 Burny: 3823-9719-1070 Calv: 2191-7625-1977 canand: 3110-3888-5595 Captain Falcon: 3780-9010-4764 Caris: 0688-5896-9936 citronic: 4038 5983 3489 Cube: 5198-2395-9664 cvl: 5069-4046-8127 Daft: 3840-6031-6600 Daftada: 2793-0578-5004 darksnowman: 5284 1746 5813 david.dakota: 0301-9769-1079 Kinda got bored with it for the moment, adding more later on. greets, J
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    they'd lose less if they made those prepaid eshop cards more easily available, not everyone has a credit card ...
  4. Tales of the Abyss

    I rarely post, but loving this game a bit too much I guess. I'm halfway into my third playthrough. Just trying to fill up any sidequests and other optional stuff I missed on the previous two runs.
  5. Killer Instinct 3

    There are rumours going round that rare is working on this. Anyone as giddy about this as I am? Anyone know something more? I'm curious, and I hope it's close to the way the first killer instinct played because Gold sucked imo.
  6. December 2nd Theories

    What the hell? It was only a joke, damn, lighten up a little.
  7. 1. super mario bros. 3 2. Zelda III: a link to the past 3. killer instinct 4. starwing 5. unirally
  8. Hmmm... You forgot to include the "consumer retardness factor". Seriously, M$ hopes to sell around 3 million consoles in the first 90 days. They haven't lowered that statement yet and why should they? People are dumb enough. If they want one they will get one, no matter what. We are guilty of this as well, we only lucked out for choosing nintendo. I have yet to have a nintendo console fail on me (except that gameboy I dropped in the bathtub).
  9. Whats Your All Time Favorate GC game ??

    Paper Mario 2, it was memorable.
  10. Retro RPG's (might contain spoilers)

    Tales of Phantasia hands down. Forgot about that oe. Hell, that game alone is worth getting a gba micro for. And that's exactly what I'm planning to do.
  11. Retro RPG's (might contain spoilers)

    My favorite snes rpg's: - Secret of mana 1 & 2 - Secret of evermore - Zelda - Super Mario RPG - Terranigma - FF VI (III in U.S.) - Chrono Trigger My favorite RPG, allthough not very retro IMO would be FFVII. I wouldn't mind buying a remake of the game.
  12. Download classics from Xbox Live news

    They wouldn't be able to release any snes developped game for the xbox 360, or developpers would have to convert the games to use the xbox platform. What nintendo is offering with the Rev is quite different as they have some sort snes emulator software onit, where microsoft would never get the lisence to use the snes coding on their xbox 360 thus forcing developpers to do more work to their games. I'm pretty shure post of them will get a rev release (on the downloadable service) as it's the easiest thing to do for them. I could be completely wrong though.
  13. Your GameCube collections

    - Super Mario Sunshine - Paper Mario 2 - Zelda: TWW - Metroid Prime - Super Monkey Ball - Wave Race blue storm - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Splinter Cell - Tony Hawk 4 - Tony Hawk Underground - Soul Calibur 2 - Capcom VS SNK EO 2 (alpha 2 or whatever it's called) I'm missing one, can't figure out which though. I'm trying to find F-zero GX cheap, as well as some other GC exclusives I want.
  14. Soul calibur 2

    mostly Talim, but anything with boobs on it will do
  15. Photoshop this please :)

    Reality? No thanks. Anyway, something like this? I'm done working in a minute or two so I couldn't really put an effort into it. Luckely things like this is what I do for a living. (it doesn't show, I know).