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  1. Reminds me of "The Sword in the Stone" or whatever it's called. A "revolution" is set in a stone and both Microsoft and Sony attempt to pull this "revolution" out of the stone to be king. Nintendo, on the other hand, comes along, pulls the "revolution" out and becomes king again.
  2. This game is so good, it's not even funny. The thing that gets me the most is the text and how it's "not like Nintendo." However, I don't doubt that this could be a demonstration set for October 31st, as it does lie within the range given to us by Nintendo: before the end of 2005, we will see the Revolution. The game would work well because you'd have to swing the controller to control the vacuum.
  3. These are just speculations. I still believe that the Revolution will be just as pretty as the PS3, if not more prettier. That said, Iwata has implied this by saying he wasn't impressed with PS3's graphics. Possibly because they had about a gazillion GHz to work with, but if Nintendo can boast PS3 graphics with 4 Ghz, well, that's super!
  4. The company designed the controller mainly for the Western market. I wouldn't know this for sure, but the idea of having more FPS games in America for the Revolution with a unique feel will sway we hard-headed Americans . (I hate most FPS games, by the way.)
  5. Nintendo promised us an in-depth Multiplayer system, so I don't think it'll fail.
  6. Nintendo promised us a new franchise, so I want to know what that is .
  7. Where are the white boys?! And why do they look dumb-founded? UGH! Stupid. Beautiful models, yet boring.
  8. I believe we'll get footage near, or after Christmas, and before 2006. They may be able to explain it as well.
  9. WHOA! <img src=http://home.comcast.net/~olsen31/Images/gun.jpg> <-- That one for sure.
  10. I had the tilt sensors correct .
  11. G4TV.com has the only reporter who has an interview with Iwata this Thursday. Details of the interview won't be released until September 27th.
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