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  1. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Would a merger not solve that if you were to hand over control to the admin of a league we could move into?
  2. Xpert 11 Season 4: For Xpert James?

    Damn Win-stun, where'd all that money come from for the new signing or have you just been starving your players of training? I only ever have between nothing to just over a million after the sponsorship money comes through!
  3. Form's looking a little low there Winnie Bear (@dan\-likes\-trees)! :wink:
  4. Sounds good, I'll be up for one!
  5. Thanks Dan, an epic struggle to the death! Felt like it ended in a double KO ...only for the ref to notice my arm fell on top of Winston for the three count! :p We can be un-Angry...just for one day!
  6. Thanks but looking at your remaining fixtures, even if we do win every game, I can't see you losing one and drawing one! Need @Haden and @drahkon to do us a favour!
  7. Things are hotting up at the top! Baggies next then Hull-Fed a week later, both at home...will make for interesting run in. Big win today against Bob too keeps the steam train a-rollin'...the Greeks are comin' for ya Winny!
  8. Ah sad news, I feared that may be the case! Condolences to anyone who was friends with him!
  9. Am I missing something about MadDog here?
  10. I'm in, just two spaces left now!
  11. Reliable sources inform me that @Haden is away participating in a Sheffield Wednesday to Arsenal fan conversion course and it is unknown as to how long it will take him to complete.
  12. The Xpert Thread

    No idea what happened there...had the stronger team by far, better stats / ratings etc and yet still lost. Maybe it was just one of those random results or because they were the home team or something, grrr. Oh well, promotion back to the Elite League achieved, that's the main thing!
  13. The Xpert Thread

    Likewise in the Middle League but Pebble & New Forest are providing stiff competition. I go with whatever plan for the league you decide on if I'm still around, not fussed either way.
  14. The Xpert Thread

    Shame to see you go but actually was thinking of doing the same...been considering it since Haden left tbh. I hate leaving something I've taken years to build but all good things must come to an end. Priorities change, life takes you in other directions etc. Will see though, at the mo I'm managing but know my time should be better spent elsewhere and I'm not one to just put a few mins into this a week. Has to be all or nothing!
  15. Xpert Eleven Season 35

    Congrats Win-stun!
  16. Xpert 11 Season 34 - The Times They Are a-Changin'

    That'll be me! Still got Russians and Dud to play so there's six points which should be enough!
  17. Sorry to see you go Dan, you brought me here and this has been my only real form of contact with you over the last few years despite best efforts through alternative means! Sad times! I think I'll stick it out to the end of this season and then potentially hang up my managerial boots. I could try just ditching my official team to see if that frees up a bit more time for me but I don't spent too much time on that team anyway so will have to see. I'll take heart in the fact that your decision to leave came after I whooped your candy ass in the league! :p However, this was bitter sweet as it lead me to do the same although I have been thinking about leaving for a while now. Thanks for all your efforts here and your help when I first joined. Hopefully this won't be the last I ever hear of you... Keep in touch!
  18. As I said on the PR comment...if you go, I go BROTHER! I'm only here because of you and it's fun but devoting the necessary time to this is becoming increasingly difficult, especially as at times it's been at the expense of other more important things, like life, lol...cue 'xpert is life' comments!...:p
  19. I'll bear that in mind when setting tactics for our game next Tues!
  20. Wooooo! Me and the Russians are quids in for putting all our chips on betting Dedede to score the first goal of the season! Haha! P.S...unlucky Tales, you missed out by a minute!
  21. Nah, bob's right, let's not sugar coat it, he was terrible!...conceeding 105 goals in one season That's gotta be some kind of record! Haha, just kidding dude, I actually applaud you for that, you will long live in the record books! It'll be a shame to see you go if you do, you bring a lot of character and entertainment to the game!
  22. Nope...that'd be me with my measly 116k, lol! Thank God it's pre-season! Only Fake Team 1 are poorer than me but then I'm not sure if that counts...because they're fake...
  23. Woh Peeps, you're now officially the strongest team in N-E!