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  1. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I'm hoping that you can open doors like you did in RE4. Kicking down a door with a front kick. Currently, that's how I open doors in real life.
  2. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    The best of both worlds is (GCN) better graphics, improved controls + (PS2) proper widescreen and extra content.
  3. Iwata is ‘One of World’s Best CEOs’

    You're saying it the way it WAS. Things change. Once upon a time, before 1983 Atari was synonymous with videogames. In 1985 up to 1989, people used to say "he's/she's playing Nintendo". Nintendo was synonymous with the word videogames. Then Sony came along in 1997 and the Playstation brand name was identified with videogames. It's 2007 and the Playstation brand name is suffering the same fate as Atari and Nintendo. It's the way it works. Atari started selling crappy games (E.T. the extra terrestrial anyone?) and people put them aside. Nintendo wanted to control their own cartridge format instead of adopting the popular CD format and after they lost third party support, people stopped supporting Nintendo. Now Sony want people to spend a small fortune on a "computer" and plenty of those people are finding BETTER options to spend their money on. It's silly to think that the Playstation brand name will not suffer the same fate as the other has-been dominant gaming brands. In fact, people have already moved on to other brands. Some new ones (Xbox360) and even to some older ones (Nintendo).
  4. April Fools Round-up thread

    Most annoying are the clueless users who actually believe stuff like Nintendo buying Square-Enix or Lego Zelda, and spend the next ten months talking about it. Like if it was real or something.
  5. Wild Arms Developer Working With Wii

    Chocolate sake... the stuff Homer Simpson would love and drool over.
  6. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    Too old school gamers, the fact that Mario and Sonic are featured in the same game makes it monumental. If you started off playing games from the psOne/N64/Dreamcast you'll probably don't get what's the big deal.
  7. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

    It would be too easy to win those bottlecaps using the wiimote.
  8. Sailor Moon for the Wii?

    I dunno about this. That anime went off the air years ago. The only ones who will find it interesting are hardcore anime freaks.
  9. Bad Game Covers

  10. Naruto: Clash of Ninja MVZ

    Well, I'm not that interested in anime/manga games... however, I know there is a huge market for this sort of thing. So the more the better, I guess. I only know about Dragon Ball and a little Pokemon anime here and there... that's about covers it... does "Scooby-Doo Get-A-Clue" count as anime?
  11. Indeed I have. But I guess a man's trash is another man's treasure.
  12. Tomb Raider: Legend

    Could be... however, I bet most of the type that found her polygons attractive were actually 13-17 year old teenagers. Puberty+testosterone= Me like Lara Croft very much. And I remember playing the first Tomb Raider, right after playing Super Mario 64. And it was terrible. Just making Lara jump & turn around was a chore. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was about Tomb Raider, since the gameplay sucked monkey balls. So I figured it was all about Lara Croft. And I was right. However, Legend is a good game.
  13. Not sure, but I have three 1019 "Memory Cube" cards by Mad Catz. I have about 32+ games in each of them. And still have lots of free space for more. However, most of my older game saves are saved in original Nintendo made memory cards that had limited memory. : peace:
  14. Koji Kondo Interview

    It's a great tune... here's a link to it: http://yoshi.2yr.net/files/core/php/getmp3.php?mp3=sms-delfinoplaza.wma And the finale theme song: http://yoshi.2yr.net/files/core/php/getmp3.php?mp3=Mario Sunshine Ending.mp3
  15. Koji Kondo Interview

    No, depends who you asked. If you asked Star Wars/Harry Potter freaks, they would say that. But some others would mention Danny Elfman (Batman, Spiderman, The Simpsons, etc.) and some more would mention Jerry Goldsmith (Alien, Poltergeist, Star Trek films, etc.). James Horner is the one behind Titanic and he probably is known by quite a few people. Among Videogame composers, I usually read more about Mr. Kondo and Tommy Tallarico.