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  1. NGC reveals Zelda TP WILL use rev controls

    Leaks that's what... IGN has had a few leaks, and so I would expect NGC to have some. Besides remember NGC reporting that capcom would release Resi Evil DS, but most believed it was fake? Well it wasn't and this was a month or so before any site :p.
  2. http://www.gamesradar.com/news/default.asp?pagetypeid=2&articleid=38489&subsectionid=2504 NGC has confirmed or at least pretty sure that TP will be released on the gamecube, but will take full advantage of the revolution controller... The delay was supposidly to add the new features. They also said the UK rev launch will be late 2006. Yay
  3. Hollywood revealed?

    The first pic is of a creature from an XNA demo, I believe... So fake, since this is Microsofts technolagy.
  4. Space Cadets was great

    My cousin is in this 'Space Caddettes'... Andrid is her name. I hate her more than you could ever imagine. She is a horrible, HORRIBLE person. She was especially mean to my half sister. Oh well.
  5. Sims 2 good or bad? (for pc)

    Yeah the sims 2 is a great game. A bit too simalerto the sims 1 for my taste, but I suppose the updated graphics and aging feature are great.
  6. No HD? Oh well...

    OK I take vack my arguement about that I suppose... But then again charging £90 for an unfinished version of windows is a bit unfair, compared to adding £10 to an N64 in Germany...
  7. No HD? Oh well...

    The online thing.. I'll admit xbox live was great, but in the end only 10% of xbox owners had it, yet it felt like everyone had it. I mean admit it the xbox was pretty boring without online play. I was ready to sell my console before I had live, but £40 was easier for me to pay than £1000 for a second TV. @Rolf... The reason we play consoles is so we don't have to bother with updating our system. I mean it's fine and dandy on the PC, but on a console you should be able to get the fullest out of the system. @Nfanboy, you are joking? I mean I've never really felt ripped of by Nintendo. They price their systems pretty low and having a lack of online play never bothered me. Sony showed if you try a half assed attempt at online, there is no point in bothering. Besides you are talking about Microsoft... A company that was sued by the EU for ripping of European customers over there OS. A company that releases uncomplete versions of windows leaving you open to viruses, trojans and hackers... Yeah good example. @Raven. I do agree with you. The main point I was trying to make is why in the world would you want a new TV, when you could have 10 great games instead.
  8. No HD? Oh well...

    I'm sorry but all you have to do is read reviews to see us non-HD owners are not being catered for... I mean look at this from gamespot... And that's the rub: "...if you have a good HDTV." Playing NBA 2K6 on a standard-definition television results in a game that is difficult to distinguish from the regular Xbox version. You can make out some of the cloth details as players move around, and the replays certainly look better, with player models that are obviously more detailed. But at the default camera angle, player models are noticeably fuzzier and less detailed. Even the court itself doesn't look so great, with ugly jaggies on the painted lines. The point is that you need an HDTV to fully appreciate NBA 2K6 on the Xbox 360, especially because the gameplay mechanics are so similar. Sure, there's the addition of a defensive crouch button (L trigger on defense), and there have been some refinements made to the shot stick and isomotion. However, the game is largely the same. If you're stuck with a standard-definition television, then you might as well pay less and enjoy the game on your Xbox or PlayStation 2 if you own one of those consoles.
  9. No HD? Oh well...

    I'm getting a 360, and I thought I'd take a look at the game reviews. However, I was not impressed by the number of times the reviewers said you would need a HD-TV to see the best of the next-gen. Honestly, if that is true, than Microsoft should be shot, because the true cost of the 360 isn't £280, but £1780. I think with this new era of tv's it is still unfair to back gamers into a courber and force them to buy a new TV, much like charging for online play. Living in the UK, HD-TV has only just hit stores, and is hugely expensive. My money is already limited investing in the 360 and a heap of DS games, I can't afford a new TV. But I'm being punished! Microsofts choice to include HD, has not given gamers a fair choice, but is telling you to get HD, or get out. This, in my oppinion, is unfair and if a console was truly next gen, it would look next-generation on all tv's, not just the flashy new ones. But I'm still getting a 360 come launch day, but it certianly isn't for the output, it's for the games. Now, looking at this perhaps Nintendo are right. Yes HD has taken of in the USA and Canada, but that is one combined market. Us Europeans are behing with everything (I'll admit it) and alienating one market is not wise. This is why I think Nintendo were wise to stay away from HDTV... Games should look good all the time, and not supporting HD tells developers to stop focusing on high definition, and just start creating great games for us poorer people, who happen to be in the majority. Besides I think I'd much rather pay for more games, than a TV. Also how many HD-TV's can you afford? I can't afford one, but if I did have one then other people certianly wouldn't allow me just to play games on the system... A new TV would be used as the main TV, and like it or not, games aren't that main stream yet. Maybe I'm being petty, maybe not, but I don't want to buy a new TV just yet... Especially when games are the only thing that uses them ATM. What do you lot think?
  10. Director of SSB Revolution confirmed!

    But Melee didn't come out at the gamecubes launch, it came out after, so it's no big problem. Besides if they launch with too many great titles I wont be able to get them all
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    After looking at the Kameo scores I'm just a little bit worried about how Perfect Dark Zero will turn out. I mean that is the game most people are hoping to buy (including me) and I havn't really thought about another launch game to purchase.
  12. New Nintendo ON video

    It is made Pablo... His site is on the video at the end.
  13. Remember remember the 5th of November...

    Agreed. It's bloody freezing.
  14. SeriousGamer007 has supposedly played the revolution

    Well the thing with saying that blogs shouldn't bother with news is, in my oppinion, not right. Using that logic any other site that posts news (including revo-europe) would not be needed since the bigger sites would have it first. After spending way to much time on revo-europe and the like, I can tell you I get the same amount of news from this site (and other smaller sites) than I do the two big one's.
  15. STAR WARS, EH?

    The only reason I ever liked star wars was because of Darth Vader... I mean let's be honest here, luke can get pretty annoying, and don't get my started on all the love storys... Especially the incest in the original trilogy... Kissing like that is still very mild incest! But Everyone indured episodes I and II so they could see Darth! Then the twist and line that has become amazingly populer 'Luke I am your father'. Sure everyone knows about that now, but back when it was released no one saw it coming... It was the sixth sense of it's day in terms of the twist.