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  1. I get plenty of sleep!

  2. Yo - fancy a game of chess? There's a chess app on facebook and I'm always eager for a game and nobody else is bothered. I'm James Smedley and my profile pic is teh same as my forum one. I can invite you to the app if you befriend me :)

  3. Dude, what is this! It says I can't PM you as you've turned personal messages off...


  5. Unforch' for me, my distinct lack of interest in pokemon has soured my previous experiences so I won't be playing, even though I'm certain that you'll be providing a wicked experience I just feel excluded by it being pokemon. Next time do something else!

  6. Have I not sent it already? I did it within an hour of getting it! Goddamn, I'll send it again.

  7. We all set for it? This weekend, if all goes well! Having a lack of internet combined with a strangely busy week.

  8. lol.


    I WAS ACTUALLY MEGA LOOKING FORWARD TO IT TOO! Aaaah... Such a hell weekend. Sorry for being a fuck-up.

  9. mistaken id, boyo!

  10. See, you're trying to leave BUT IT JUST WON'T HAPPEN FOR YOU



  11. hey blud -- RE: x11 reports, I'll gladly cover the middle league report and leave you with the top league -- ideally we'd have a lower league player actually commentating, otherwise i don't mind rotating reports for that one with you :)

  12. georgie willis! Never met her, but she has orgie in her name so she can't be all that bad.

  13. laaaawl... yeah that's adam, and the guy on teh right is one of my housemates! I told him when I saw him recently that I thought we looked like twins. So many weird connections - he was on the same course as nami (my flatmate last year, if you remember) so yeah... that's really fucking weird. Lawl!!!!!

  14. You're the lamer for falling for it!

  15. http://www.photoshoproadmap.com/Photoshop-blog/2007/09/13/give-your-photos-a-retro-comic-book-effect/ saw this tutorial -- I want to do it to some of my pics but figured you have the ENERGY to actually try it out. Plus now I've put the link here I'll be able to try it in future :)
  16. Ah I guess I mean the setting for book 4, then -- where we see the story of how Roland met Susan.


    I've basically read all the books so far in something like 4 months? It's been a proper thrill - going from the first book to having the doors in the second, to bringing jake back in the third, to Lud and Oz and New York and even King himself, it's basically been hugely unpredictable. A couple of times it was dull to read, but only because (with book 4 especially) I thought I was reading an appetiser - only after like 400 pages did I realise the whole book was going to be about that!


    I might go back over Gunslinger after book 7, not sure. Definitely want to read King's other stuff - he claims that most/all of his books are in some way to do with the Dark Tower, but yeah I'll start with the obvious Salem's Lot, The Stand, Insomnia, It...

  17. (wouldn't let me post the whole thing in one go)


    I've found outr JJ Abrahms (fuck the spelling) has the 'movie' rights to it, so we might expect to see either a solid lost-esque series of our favourite books, or harry-potter-esque films. Personally I'd love to see a TV series of it, with a mini-series of book 1 to start it off -- even though book 5 is the biggest I could imagine a tv series to reduce it heavily, maybe even intertwine it with books 2, 3 and 4 to continue the main story as much as possible (akin to the flashbacks of Lost - have segments of the [that town that book 5 is set in, i've forgotten]) then books 6 and 7 would be regular seasons.


    if it was movies then it would be too inbalanced. Would love to see that!

  18. JUST started reading book 7! literallly about 20 pages into it! Should be done by the end of february... Really loving it all, but scared to finish it. My housemate lent me the first book when he was on book 3 - He's currently on book 6 as I've started 7, and I probably started it all around september. Don't spoil it at all!

  19. mucho awesom. Makes me want a cold one now :P

  20. Don't say such things, lest you are prepared for the consequences!

  21. Yes but that's my point - the technology doesn't work for me, so I'm going to be missing out on a chunk of cinema that I'm hoping is shit :P

  22. Each individual retina can only depict a 2D image. My left retina is about 75% fucked, so I pretty much live my life in 2D with little or no depth perception. But 3D in cinemas just looks silly to me. It is distracting and still 2D and, if anything, makes the experience a lot worse.

  23. ah! But I have friends to molest and make do that for me of a look seee bit more, like.



  24. I have no idea what this link was for at all!