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  1. Was thinking maybe a nice hunk of pork? She has since said that she doesn't mind if I make it for everyone else, so it might still happen!

  2. So the chinese eggplant went out the window because I had no money to buy ingredients so I had to make something from the cupboard. Beef Wellington is still a go for thursday night but I gotta do an extra little dish for the girl who eats meat but doesn't eat steak! Arg!

  3. No worries :) I am quick to think people are overreacting and not realising that what I'm doing can be construed as an overreaction, then I get picky about the definition of overreaction and people think I'm not focusing on the correct thing, which I think is annoying because all arguments need to begin with agreed definitions of all terms - which THEY find annoying because me wanting to argue in an agreeable way is, to them, patronising or in some way insulting.


    So basically I want to find a middle ground from where we can duel, but others just want to duel. Or be left alone.


    Everything is a misunderstanding.


    And I love my grey profile :P

  4. Welcome, noob!

  5. Bought it on Friday -- said to my cousin that he can read it first for a couple of reasons; I have some library books I ought to be reading, but mostly because I read a few pages of 4.5 (lol) and realised that I'd love to re-read the entire series again... Totally torn!


    P.S. Lol :P

  6. Lolz I saw that :P A little, yeah... My sturdy boots were left outside too long and now they're just full of spider webs. Funnel web spiders and redbacks are found around here. Kinda don't think about being potentially bitten (as much as I did when I first got here)...

  7. I KNO RITE!!!


    Books over here cost between $23-33, which is about £18 minimum... lol... I'm keeping a keen eye on the library (I should reserve it, not I think about it!) otherwise I'll have to buy it soon. You got it? I feel like I may need to go back through the books...

  8. As far as I know, that is not the case. If you DON'T play someone, their dev value may be reduced. The outcome usually means you get a positive dev value, however the average form can change. Somone who does not play may have a loss of form, and someone who DOES play but plays badly may also have a loss of current form - again, the average form takes this into account. Aside from this, I don't know how the logic works -- ell or odwin or haden are best to ask about these things!

  9. Things have, of course, gone through a few changes around here - there's a lot of interest in the mafia games and we went through a phase of having these massive all-encompassing threads ("The Music thread", "The Movie Thread", "How Was Your Day?" etc) which were where all the discussion went. We locked them and forced people to make more new threads but now we've relaxed it and those large threads have all kinda returned.


    The odd interesting thread pops up from time to time - the typical religion, smoking, drinking and toilet threads (not all at once... not yet) still come up seasonally, and even then, there's the "Drunk thread ftw!!!!" thread where people stick their drunken ramblings. I, of course, continue to post those wherever and whenever I please.


    Lots of new faces, of course. It's rather odd watching them go through their teenage angst then come out the otherside reasonably dour and blunted by life, as is what happened to me.


    What's the PhD in?

  10. Yes! The relationship thread (Looking for N-E one to love) is a good showcase of the current forumite talent. What on earth are you doing these days?!

  11. Lurking about, I saw you said you had two dlc codes for B:AC... fancy sending one my way? Not got the game yet but I'll probably be getting it 2nd hand...

  12. Cheers man :) Always a pleasure!

  13. habit, mostly. Sometimes on purpose. Every time = too small an issue to bother amending.

  14. I assume he's a bumbling and forgetful debater - that suits me! :P

  15. Not a problem :) Sorry I can't address teh matter more efficiently.

  16. I've been addressing PMs so I've not had a look - but essentially we operate a warning system of chances and if he's earned one while I've looked elsewher ethen he'll get one. if he keeps earning them then that's that - gone, but it's important to maintain distance between what he says and what we feel our forum is about. It's all short term, in the long term :)

  17. haha :P ReZ actually thought my wall was broken :P


    We'll infract individuals who overtly insult/flame, but that's not the case. Many forums have antagonists. Got to be fair and allow chances. Just be patient and consider whether it's worth battling people or just letting their comment sink into the abyss. Ignoring things on the internet tends to make them go away.

  18. Hey - didn't want to derail thread. Essentially everyone gets the same amount of chances - if it were allowed to just ban anyone that people didn't want to be around then modmins may start to abuse that power. Similarly, many members started out cocks and evolved, so it's only fair that chances are given.

  19. *mild hump*

  20. If money is more permanent I'll pick them up volume by volume -- I'll have to get the first two off the bat as I've read the first so i'll need a refresher. BLEH. Want it.

  21. Sooo I've decided to not read invincible on my laptop. My screen-size means I have to have it zoomed in to read the text, which means reading invincible is actually a bit of a chore -- scrolling up and down and sideways really breaks the experience.

  22. Been afk for hooours! Will start it monday after work - it will get me through the day!

  23. Honoured to make the sig - but equally depressed in anticipation of being removed and thus shunned :P