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  1. Suicide Squad (2016)

    Allofthecast vs joker?
  2. Football Season 2015/16

    Man U's squad does look waaay better than it did when Fergie left. Still not really a patch on City or Chelsea - especially if De Gea does up and leave. Another sturdy defender, and a good season from a couple of the 2nd-seasoners, and united could do well. Arsenal's squad last season was really coming together by the end of it, and I think they'll prosper from now having a more 'tested' team. Looking forward to the new season! Argh so far away.
  3. Suicide Squad (2016)

    Silly question time. I'm assuming SvB[noparse][/noparse]oJ is all about the dawn of the justice league (duh). Suicide Squad kind of seemed to be less comic-book-ey than I expected. Is it right to think that they're both in the same universe? I've not read many comic books beyond Miller's Dark Knight stuff so I have no frame of reference here.
  4. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    I'd like to hear from @Dedede
  5. bad stuff thread.

    Accept my goddamned friend request MadDick
  6. bad stuff thread.

    Found you. Sometimes the relentlessness of something can make a change. Think about how a dam can put up with all that pressure and keep holding it back -- but eventually it erodes, right? And the moment it does isn't a quiet one. I've sent you a friend request. We can be your faceless people
  7. bad stuff thread.

    Holy shit dude. No wonder you're talking about depression. You've gone through several life-times worth of Hard Shit. Do you have people to talk to? Family, friends, sure - but trained talkers? What can we do for you? I want to help. What can we do to help you take your mind off things (if that's what you want) or to give you a place to talk and get your head where you need it to be? I tried to find you on Steam but your steam ID brought up no results.
  8. Football Season 2015/16

    Makes up for wasting all that money on Andy Carroll in a way :P Sterling basically has to become super-awesome now!
  9. bad stuff thread.

    What's up, MadDog?
  10. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Vote: no lynch. Let's get the show on the road.
  11. Job woes/wins

    For sure. I remember reading some quote somewhere; "If you tell the truth then you never have to remember anything." Trying to forge lies to cover-up numbers or fudge when something-or-other happened means you have to be able to recall exactly what bullshit lie you made the next time someone asks. Since I started this new role I've uncovered a fair few mis-truths, and it's important for me to make sure that these are ironed out because, essentially, I don't want any bullshit from the past to cloud over what I've got to do! Spent all week waiting for the end of friday, and the moment we got the good news I was just really eager for the weekend to be over so I could get back in and start working on what needs to be done..!
  12. Crypt of the NecroDancer (PC/PS4/PSVita)

    Yeah it looks pretty good - and such an odd concept to merge ddr with roguelike!
  13. Job woes/wins

    Mad week. Audit. Was worried as fuck. A lot of what I've done was coming under the microscope. During the day a small thing happened while I was out having a smoke and a couple of people made it seem a big deal... really not a big deal but office manager fuming. Later, I sit with one of the auditors and basically open up with some stuff. Thought they would use it to burn the company. Totally saved us all. Turns out the honesty I used was massively appreciated. Went from sheer doom to possible fuck-up to ... definitely doing good, but with some changes to make. Weirdest workday I've ever had. At one point I really thought I was fired. Turns out they should give me a fucking payrise for the shit I've done. Letting the weekend happen - will have a monday meeting where politics will try to take away from my value... but they can't do the job without me. Aaaaaah! Toughstressgoodstuff.
  14. I don't delete the thread because I want to get through to the guy/
  15. Things you never get round to

    I welcome thee to the No Dentist Club. My most procrastinated thing ever: writing. I've just given up!
  16. Insurance

    So I've just been sorting out some travel insurance. When I went to Oz for a year I didn't bother getting any at all, and my girlfriend was just appalled at the concept. So I thought I'd be sensible for my next shorter trip. Started off looking at Lloyds, whom I bank with... and they basically quoted me £122 for a single-trip insurance. Which sounded fucking insane. If they had said it was, like, £70 then I probably would've just assumed that was a normal price and paid for it. But £122? fuck that. Comparison site time. Basically, I have never had any kind of insurance for anything ever. I went to Oz with basically zero possessions, and they have this reciprocal health care system, and I was staying with family, so I figured I'd be fine. And I work with regards to insurance, so I know it's important to make sure I actually understand what I'm paying for, and to be open and honest during application etc, etc. Do you guys have insurance for stuff? House insurance? Contents? Do you know what your insurance doesn't cover, and if so - why did you think it would be ok not to have that cover? /grownupthread
  17. Let's talk about this place.

    That would be correct. Did we make a mistake?
  18. Let's talk about this place.

    I don't know if they are visible for you!
  19. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    I'm watching the game that I linked now (it's actually 30 mins) and they are playing really, really stupidly ignoring the info you get from voting patterns.
  20. Let's talk about this place.

    Someone asked about infraction time limits; It's optional for the infractioner (er... need a real word here, jayseven) to pick an expiry, or to leave it as permanent. I actually have a permanent yellow infraction, and have had a temporary yellow infraction too. But I was being a dickhead so I deserved it.
  21. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    is a 17 min review of the game is a 10 min review (this review specifically references Werewolf - aka Mafia. It also makes reference to a 10-player version of the game, so I'll probably read up on that and recreate that version here!) is an hour-long playthrough of the game I honestly think you'd love the game. IRL it usually lasts around 45 mins and is deadly fun.
  22. Insurance

    I did indeed. Checked all the sites. I can't remember which site it was but they had a gold star measure, so I went to the cheapest 4-star suggestion and ensured it covered the things I was worried about. Our trip is going to two destinations which probably ups it a bit - I don't know. I can't see where it covers my existing medical condition without additional upgrade, though. Plus my girl's medical/general sitch is a bitch for that kind of thing too :/ The nationwide account only covers you within europe! Aside from that it's pretty cool to have that cover for free.
  23. The mexican standoff (test drive)

    I guess I need to check out mafia games for the last 18 months to see how it's varied. Database alterations for what post within a thread says [x] in bold (if need be) are only going to be hinged on how vb works. I don't know enough about how coding works to see how it would be a problem - but I work with far buggier platforms day-to-day and my lovely IT dept's motto is "anything is possible". I won't pretend to be an expert, but essentially coding a plug-in to reduce the 'figuring out' GMs have to do is possible. The write-ups are always unique per game, so I'm not suggesting automating that. I'm thinking more about the input of actions selected by players and the calculations that this may require. A flavourful write-up can be done based upon the outcome of the calculations. Equally, automation of the process can ensure timeframes are adhered to and that players get notifications of deadlines -- perhaps via facebook if they allow certain permissions, or email too. We've (in a roundabout way) done similar things at work. The joy here is that you don't have to update churns of history - you can simply implement a tool and let people utilise it as best they can. It would be pretty straightforward to have a bot member, for example, keep tally of votes while a GM is afk. Or if members sent a PM to the bot, for the bot to end a night early if all players sent a correctly codified response. it doesn't even have to be a vb plugin. A plugin could theoretically control the input, sure, but on our scale if members simply followed protocol then a script could execute whats needed... Anyway this is all coming from a guy whose day job is asking coders to do something but not really understanding what they do :P I apologise if it comes across in a crude way, or if it says things in a way that is clearly (to you) stupid. I don't know limitations or applications. I couldn't comment on why other forums haven't done something yet (other than teh horrible search functions of the main vb forum, or how the rise of other platforms means its less necessary to have vb do it...) but I'm just trying to motivate a conversation and educate myself at the same time
  24. The mexican standoff (test drive)

    @Cube I think that so long as there is a predescribed list of variables it wouldn't be an issue. Most custom roles are dependent on a set range of variables - so in this dreamworld, there would be a way for GMs to concoct custom roles -- and with an understanding of said set of variables they could even be inspired and create new roles! But in any case, if there were tools to create a style of game which would all be considered 'vanilla' (i.e. based on the options presented by the toolset) there would still be a good range. 'Flavour' could be easily added. The toolset could range from simple vote counting (as done by mafiascum) up to casting night actions. I don't see why this would be impossible. And if smeagol here has a heart for it, potentially profitable :P (but the alternative is... using just text, or using the steam game he found :P)