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  1. good stuff thread.

    We should do a "First and last" version of the user image gallery. Would be lols.
  2. Job woes/wins

    Do you have a morrisons in the area, and have you considered applying to work for them - what with teh whole living-wage thing they're offering now?
  3. End of Year Goals + Resolution Updates

    Mine: 2015; - go to New York DONE - Move out, and in with my lady DOESN'T LOOK LIKE IT WOULD BE SENSIBLE CONSIDERING MORTGAGE OPTIONS HAVE APPEARED - Get promoted at least two more times (:P) HALF DONE - Start, like, saving and stuff. Be better with finances STARTED SO IT COUNTS - Be a better friend. Spent a year just wallowing and avoiding people BEEN MORE ACTIVE AND HAVE SUCCEEDED WITHIN MY LIMITATIONS ... so yah i'd say I've done as much as I thought I'd do. My the end of the year the 'saving and stuff' should be much closer to my goal, which leads to the whole moving-in stuff. On form.
  4. Is growing up as you expected it to be?

    I thought being a grown-up would be easier, and not take as long. I also had no idea how quickly time can fucking pass. How weeks become fairly insignificant periods of time and months fly by.
  5. The TV Licence

    I also am in favour of the BBC :P It has one of the best News outlets on the planet for neutrality.
  6. Football Season 2015/16

    I have a work colleague who suffered a similar double-fracture during football. He was out of work for 2 months but he also suffered compartment syndrome which almost cost him his leg. I'm not an expert but my impression is David Bust (back in 96?) got his leg snapped and the compartment syndrome fucked him up... but medical stuff these days is so much better. But still it's a massiv deal. Luke Shaw encountered a potentially career-ending situation. I hope he can recover the same as others listed above.
  7. Other collectables

    The mint doesn't sell the "states" set of quarters anymore (they were minted 1999-2008) and the new "America the Beautiful" sets are $15 for 5 quarters. Which is $1.25. Finding someone willing to post them to me will be cheaper (but to be fair I totally would have bought the proofs as they came out if I had disposable income back then!) .. I just googled and have found that ebay has, of course, complete sets for sale... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/America-USA-50-State-Quarter-dollar-25-cents-In-Dansco-Folder-Complete-/181856784523?hash=item2a5782508b ... hnnng tempting!
  8. Awesome stuff thread

    That's truly awesome. Made me want to immediately watch a bunch of films. The video just keeps getting better and better! The audio mix was great as well -- the night fever music mixing with pink floyd was a gem.
  9. Other collectables

    just came back froma holiday in the US and I was collecting the different quarters that they have. A stupid maid thought my nicely laid out progression tally was a tip for her shit tidying, so she took about 20 unique coins. Managed to build it back up to 30-ish unique coins before I came home though -- but did some research to find that they're releasing a new coin every 10 weeks up until 2022 (at least)!! I need me an american buddy.
  10. Football Season 2015/16

    If the sale doesn't go through... De Gea a year without first team football... would Real still want him untested? Man U gets De Gea to sign 2 year deal (so that De Gea can get more wages) then sells him in the January transfer window, or next summer..? Could certainly negotiate with him for a short term payrise and hold his match fitness hostage to get a successful season out of him. If I was Van Gaal I'd be tempted to leave De Gea out all year, tbh.
  11. And from the other side to the other side... I've broken up and gotten back together with the same girl like 4 times now.... with a few years in-between at stages... and I can honestly say that I never had plans to get back with her whilst with anyone else, and never left anyone because I wanted to get back with her. For the record, ahem.
  12. Dangerous Drivers!

    I totally agree. The only instances where I've been annoyed at cyclists are ones where there are no clear terrain issues, and where there are no parked cars to be concerned about (as cyclists should stay an open-door distance away to avoid being hit by stupid freshly-parked drivers), and no other ascertainable reasons for being plonk in the middle of the road. This has happened maybe twice in 7 years of passenger-seat driving, so it's barely an actual issue. And, again, I'm not talking about london-based travel or heavily urban situations - both instances occurred in smaller towns (which are busy due to this and that, preventing overtaking as the oncoming traffic is heavy)... so yeah it's highly situational. I am surprised that there is no legal requirement for the cyclist to not obstruct traffic. However I am also aware that this definition is kind of a blanket one and would be subject to a lot of subjective bullshit. I would actually like to add to my 'list' (and place it higher than my aforementioned annoyance at mid-lane cyclists) the stupidity of car drivers who do not treat cyclists like human beings. I guess I kind of assumed that everyone acted reasonably. But then, as mentioned already - my reasoning is based on being a passenger. And I'm pretty much always driven by the same person, so the dickheads who don't appreciate your efforts aren't the sorts of drivers I associate with!
  13. Dangerous Drivers!

    I think there should be some codified horn notifications. One long honk for "you're being a dick", or two short honks for "hey you're speed's wrong"... I hear that in India the horn is used more as a kind of "hey i'm a vehicle and I'm here about to do some overtaking" type thing (because the road doesn't seem to have rules there).
  14. Football Season 2015/16

    There was also a change in introducing needing to see 'daylight' between players a few years ago, rather than one person just being incrementally further ahead. Yeah it's all part of the game and it evens out eventually, but I just feel extra bad as it's Bournemouth and all!
  15. Dangerous Drivers!

    Yeah that makes sense in some suburban or rural places. Where I live the main roads are busier than the pavements - so a cyclist who is in the middle of the road is especially, obviously dickheadish as they could not only move more to the left but also use the pavement (which I know has other 'legal' ramifications, but when the pedestrian area is underused it's more sensible!). If we want to treat cyclist like they're cars then the cyclist needs to respect the minimum speed limit.
  16. Dangerous Drivers!

    The roundabout 'round the Arc de Triumph is famously one of those 'backwards' roundabouts, but it's certainly not the norm. I can't drive, but as a passenger who travels on bypasses a lot, I mostly just see idiots hogging the middle lane or fast lane. I get that they're intending to continue to travel faster than the car in the slower lane that is 400 yards ahead... but they are being selfish in that they don't move over to allow those who want to go FASTER to overtake them. My only other annoyance is cyclists who are in the middle of the road. Selfish behaviour is what annoys me.
  17. Football Season 2015/16

    What is this season's offside interpretation anyway? (feel bad for bournmouth)
  18. Journey

    When I played this game about a year ago I had no idea what to expect. I spent nearly the whole game with this other guy... but I thought it was AI..! I had no idea it was an actual person. When the credits rolled and I saw that I had gone up that snowy drift with an actual other person.. I was stunned. Such a beautiful game.
  19. Post your Cooking!

    While it doesn't 'look' appealing I bet that was tasty
  20. Football Season 2015/16

    That's a good point I hadn't considered previously... fuck.
  21. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    I thought it was clear that my vote was cast based upon my known information that I felt was verifiable. It was not cast under any assumption of success. I'm not trying to convince others to swing their votes. I'm not saying I don't suspect DuD -- my vote is literally saying "I don't know whether to believe what I'm reading, so I'm going to go based on the information I can trust." Sorry it's not 'solid input' but uhhh... it's rare to have 'solid' input in this game! Take the piece and work it out later when there's more information. Can't solve it all on turn 2!
  22. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    vote: diageo because I trust him, and I'm fairly sure that his intended target last night was successful (which brings sheikah's info into question)
  23. Self-learning

    That website seems to be trying to sell me bullshit. "How I earn £1000 a day from udemy" costing £192 to do?! Too much illegitimacy on there to take any of it seriously, surely?
  24. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    I don't fully understand my role, but I've been told that my target last night didn't need me to target them - so I have no pieces to the puzzle this time I'm afraid
  25. Ace Attorney - One-Shot Mafia

    Yeah I was just calling on someone I thought might be a quiet player, but as I've not been around for a while I don't really know who is active/inactive these days! Dedede asked me about my beak. I don't know what this beak is but if he meant 'break' then I can answer! My break was good. There ya go.