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  1. Happy birthday

    antster1983 (39 years old) ChloboShoka (30 years old) Darth-Marximus (43 years old) David_nyh (43 years old) Denae84 (33 years old) idnplay88 (31 years old) Llama Juice (33 years old) rip2roar (32 years old) robotsvsgodzilla (36 years old) Rolf (35 years old) smith5715
  2. What, like any of these points actually count anyway?
  3. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    lol 100% the same. I'm sad they've dismissed the idea of having a story mode and instead are sticking to purely arcade content -- but I love booting the game up once a month for a few hours!
  4. Happy birthday

  5. 1. Turns into one giant mountain, innit 2. Japan (technically you didn't say the name of the country so I am going to deny you a point for this!) 3. Monsieur Hulot's holiday, Mon Oncle, Playtime, Trafic 4. They have all won a pulitzer prize 5. Megathreads are a great idea, in theory, to cover multiple subjects, however the sheer mass of information they present is very overwhelming and offputting to new members. As someone who used to peruse these boards and threads religiously, I find it to be very clique-ish for them to still exist. As I mentioned elsewhere, there are threads made in 2010 (and earlier) that are still propping up the main page. Perhaps this forum is purely for those who want to be exclusive rather than explorative. I get that we are aged and must succumb to the settled nature of adulthood, but it's surely more interesting to come here and find the unexpected rather than the usual checklisting tick of going into the same three megathreads to update the rest of the forumites, who don't read what you write with any compassion, on the mundanity of your existence. To be fair, the majority of the discussion is, and should be, in the nintendo-focused board. People will always attend here for herd-based ideology. No problem. But this board is populated by the in-crowd and doesn't appear to appeal to newcomers. I mean i-Glen is the newest name that I saw, and I remembered him from the last time I flew by. HOWEVER! This literally isn't a problem. Nobody is asking for this to be fixed. I am merely returning to an old haunt and saying that it's not like it used to be. Back in my day blah blah blah. I'm just bored. But that's ok. I'm just here for the lols. I haven't counted the words but I imagine it's about 300 now. Or 233. Depending on how you count em. 6. 9 is correct! Jonnas gets it. 7. I would have accepted, like, any 20. I cba to list them as I'll forget people. 8. I mean, clearly it's watching the titular 'Get Back' being formed, first by Paul and then later iterations that were worked through with John - a great insight into how they worked as a band. 9. 2677 10. I'm not doing the next quiz so I can't answer. So congratulations to Jonnas for getting a point!
  6. Happy birthday

    Don't tell me I can't tell you what to do!
  7. Happy birthday

    Aw. Sorry Mario114, Sullivanwdc for missing your b'day tomorrow. and the day after? DHondt (40 years old) Ganepark32 (33 years old) isoldeg313 katleenbrown440 (27 years old) Kev4000 (32 years old) lildeep (36 years old) nekunando (35 years old) ShigeruTR (33 years old) SirToastaLot (38 years old)
  8. Happy birthday

    I'm sure I am quoting Ashley's thoughts here; don't give me ideas
  9. Happy birthday

    What? I missed thursday and wednesday altogether...
  10. Clearly it's a 2-parter, with the first question being a gatekeeper. Maybe you get 0.5 pts if nobody else answer better innit! Hell, it's you, I'll probably give you a point for free anyway!
  11. Your Gaming Diary 2022

    Finished the achievements for First Class Escape in time for a play of the sequel with my mates. It's an escape room type game (my current fave kind of game). Pawnbarian recently updated and made some characters easier to play with, so gave that a dabble and upped my chain level. Vampire Survivors also had another update, so it was fun to run through and grab the new achievements. Very seretonin-inducing game! As for big games - still staring at RE: Village and working up the guts to play it. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is something I IRL have played extensively (I own all 4 parts). The computer game version takes just one case each but you can still work it as a team - mostly fun but not as good as the tabletop version. Lastly, Enoctosis is a game that requires 2-player, and I highly recommend it. It's a fairly short jaunt but unique and memorable! Next me and my buds will be giving Escape Room Simulator a shot. It has community-made content and has been rated well, so should be good.
  12. N-Europe: Let's Talk Games (Archive)

    So glad this is still stickied 8 years later.
  13. Xbox Live Gamertags / PSN IDs / Steam Lists

    It's been 3 years but I also still think you're rad, Kav.
  14. Happy birthday

    I didn't realise!! I have edited the main post to make sure every member is accounted for
  15. A Moon Knight thread for Dr. Bob

    I think they were trying to make teh psych ward out to be like a limbo/afterlife area, hence why harrow was there - but I agree it still makes no sense for spencer to be in harrow's version of it. idk. I haven't read the comics so maybe it's answered there, but the last reveal ... very english name but speaks spanish?
  16. Megathreads. Lock 'em. Hide 'em. Archive 'em. I don't want to read 2000 pages of shit that I missed. New shit. Gimme new shit. Go gog ogoggooggogogoog
  17. Happy birthday

    Gurusattaking (24 years old), ketrenwaites (29 years old), kilkin (31 years old), lucian4057, rogerjeff (42 years old)!
  18. Criterion Collection

    So I've recently gotten a glib of an urge to get some good gimme-gimme DVDs. Criterion generally remasters both video and audio, which is sweet. Recently I've bought a bunch, and I'm mostly proud of the Jacques Tati films. Does anyone else know wtf I am talking about?
  19. 1. In Loop Hero, what happens when you place 9 mountain tiles in a 3x3 grid? 2. Which country's current capital is an anagram of its previous capital? 3. Name 4 Jacques Tati films - bonus point if you can guess the order that I think is best to worst. 4. What do Kendrick Lamar, Carl Sagan, JFK and John Steinbeck have in common? worth 2pts as it's tricky 5. In what way are megathreads offputting for newcomers? 300 words or more. 6. Riddle: A lily pad in a pond doubles in size every 24 hours. The lily pad covers the entire pond after 10 days. How many days would it take for TWO lily pads to cover the pond? 7. Name 20 forumites I've met IRL 8. Did you see the beatles docs? They were really good weren't they! What was your favourite bit? 9. How many steam games do I own (closest wins - Shorty can't answer) 10. If you answer this question for an easy point then you have to do the next quiz - why is the sky blue?
  20. Criterion Collection

    They do ship some blu-rays to the UK (https://www.criterion.com/shop/collection/369-uk-releases), which obv fails your needs on two fronts (being blu-ray and being uk-only!) but might help others. There are some specific films I really want to get (haxan, before trilogy, qatsi trilogy) but all these fools are selling them for ridiculous prices on ebay and getting zero bids. Take my damn money!
  21. Criterion Collection

    Ah shit you're right, I should've just posted in the stuff you bought thread
  22. This is correct. Just kicking the hornet's nest and seeing what wobbles.
  23. Someone Make Me a Sig :)

    here you go
  24. Things That are Excellent!

    great megathread! Recently I ate some pizza, which is just awesome by default. Honestly, it's pizza up here, then maybe fajitas, then pot noodle for the top three. All are awesome.