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  1. No bugs. Love it.




    I like winter, but not in a house without adequate heating! Anyone got any (inexpensive) tips for keeping warm? So far I've been relying on wearing as many layers as possible. Somehow I think sitting in front of the computer doing college work most of the time doesn't help...

  2. Then they put bacon on it.


    Because bacon is a vegetable.


    I lol'd. I don't eat meat either. Similar experience: my housemate had just gotten a takeaway and asked me whether I'd like to try her pork floss dish/starter, because "you can't really taste the pork in it".

  3. eugh. That's proper balls, dude. Very cliché and old hat.



    Didn't really like it, but really only because it doesn't overlap with the kind of music I usually listen to...the beat annoyed me.


    I'm curious to see how this song will be received...the concept album "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" is quite interesting.


  4. Hooray, I made the list! Thanks for the welcome!


    Yay! Welcome! Sign up for my Star Wars one aswell :D


    Yoda and C-3PO are awesome but I don't know much else about Star Wars (I refer to people by the colour of their lightsaber...), so I think I'll pass! ::shrug: