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  1. This movie was kinda fun but


    a total rip-off. They played a scene (or two? Don't remember) from the previous movie, and Wesker was in it for like 5 minutes. It's also the laziest movie ever, about 99.999999% of it was CGI. Leon was AWFUL in a funny-ish way...the previous movie was bad but I really enjoyed it and thought the 3D had been done well, but this time the terribleness outweighs the entertainment/fun. I feel like there weren't many zombies, either - the main part seemed to be the Alice vs. Jill fight...and the opening was like a Dawn of the Dead rip-off.




  2. I had an excellent week and experienced a lot of cool things, but it's work-related and I don't think I should really be talking about it on a public Internet forum (due to confidentiality issues, not because I'm a hooker or a drug dealer or anything like that).


    Today we went to a school for children with learning disabilities and helped them paint all of the rooms inside. It was fun, in a weird way!

  3. So I've been messaging this guy for about a month now. Things seem to be going pretty well and it feels like there's some sort of attraction between us but without being too blunt I'm not sure how to ask how he feels or how he thinks things are going. I want to know if he thinks this is going anywhere or if we're just friends, as I don't want to get too attached only to find out he thought we were just friends the entire time. Would this be a weird thing to ask, as I really don't want to freak him out or anything!


    What about asking for Skype/phone contact details first? That might give you an even better idea of how you feel about each other! :)

  4. I've never understood why ghosts are meant to be scary. If they're just dead humans coming back, why would they haunt anyone?


    If I ever became a ghost I'd totally cash in and get my own tv show.


    Revenge and stuff. Ghosts are sneakier because of the stuff heroic said!

  5. I officially give up


    Nights out yeild nothing.

    Dating sites have brought nothing, despite the help of @Charlie


    I guess some people are just meant to be alone




    It took me 20 years of lovelessness to find my fiancé...I know some people who are the same age as me but have been with their SO for 6 years already...and some are still waiting and searching. Everyone's journey is different...you can lose focus, but don't lose hope! :hug:

  6. I won't believe in ghosts unless I see one. I don't spend a lot of time denying the existence of spirits either, which aligns with my view of religion (agnostic) :)


    By the way, The Apparition is an awful (ghost) movie, don't watch it. Unless you like Draco Malfoy, because he's in it. (The actor, obviously, not the character.)

  7. True, however I just don't want to go for someone who's immature again. It just seems to end in such disaster when I do go for it. I like a bit of immaturity in a relationship but not in the sense of making a mountain out of a molehill kind of thing, which is what she did yesterday. I don't think she likes me in that way anyway though, I can tell a little bit. I'm in mixed feelings about her. I do really like her and I like her as something else but then I don't in that way. I don't know. Also, there's work to think about, if it ends bad it'll screw both me and her up and if she says no (which I think she would), it'll be awkward for her. Ugh, I'm a mess! lmao.


    Summary: it'd be more sensible not to go for it then? :) I was approaching it from the assumption that you still liked her lots, but it seems like you're not sure. You can tell a lot from how someone acts - she'd probably be making mountains of your own issues if you were together, instead of/along with work/everyday life. idk though, your call :p

  8. My thoughts on Anna Karenina (2012):




    + Loved the set, was confused by the theatre set-up at first, but it became intriguing.

    + The acting is good, Keira Knightley's performance amazing but I still don't like her :p (I blame Atonement...bleurgh) Count Vronsky was very good, too. I LOVE IT when people cry convincingly in movies!

    + I LOVED the ball scene, that dance is amazing...if I only ever learn one dance, it must be that one!

    + Loved the costumes and dresses.


    - Why did everyone have an English accent?

    - The soundtrack didn't seem Russian enough. Though I guess that might make it less accessible?

    - The first train death was gross!

    - Jude Law was good, but weird. He looks so old and bald o__o;;

    - It was slightly depressing, but I realised that the message is not "love = insanity and ruin" as @Frank suggested (:p), but "cheating = insanity and ruin" - Anna cheated, so Count Vronsky cheated on her.




    To butt in: District 9 was ok-to-good, I thought the whole scenario was quite convincing and realistic...and the kid aliens were cute! The accent of the main guy was distracting, though.

  9. I can honestly say I've never felt pressure to respond to a movie with any sort of noise.


    Haven't you ever gone to a movie with people, and they would laugh/shudder/something and look at you, expecting you to be doing the same?


    Though that was a very long time ago, when I was a dorky kid with no confidence...don't really feel like that now :)

  10. So, my attempt at Chinese fish-flavoured aubergine (which never contains fish, or fish flavouring!):




    It seemed to go okay for a first attempt - a bit dryer than I liked, and not as spicy, but the right kind of taste was there! I still have some pork left, so I might try it again soon.


    Looks like you have the right ingredients, try using chilli bean sauce (good brand: Lee Kum Kee) :)

  11. I'm not bothered by it at all, though I do like to share the experience and my thoughts with someone afterwards. If we don't agree, then I start to wish I'd gone by myself. :heh:


    This!! Certain people are my cinema buddies (@Frank and @heroicjanitor :)), but I would rather go by myself than with someone with a radically different taste in movies to me, or...bad taste :s I used to go by myself all of the time, due to the fact that I was getting tired of being (or feeling) expected to "oooh" and "awww" and laugh at the right moments. When you're on your own, there's no pressure to like or dislike a movie! Yay!