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  1. Yeah, that reminds me of them Jehovahs people. I see them walking around with their kids door to door preaching. I mean, that itself is wrong. I don't like to see people push a religeon onto someone forcefully. What if that kid wants to be Buddist or Jewish.


    OMG this reminds me, when I was about...13, a lady and man come to our door. My dad made me answer it because he was in his dressing gown :( They started rambling about what I think of the state of the world and what I'll do when it ends (I guess I was supposed to say "prepare to go to heaven"). They left me with a crazy-ass booklet with freaky apocalyptic scenes, Sodom and Gomorrah got a feature too. Their motto was "Keep On The Watch" (for the end of the world?). It was completely bizarre.


    I still have that booklet at home somewhere, I should scan it for fun.

  2. I thought reheating rice was a big no no?




    Wrap the rice in clingfilm while it's still warm so it doesn't dry up, let it cool down, freeze. When reheating, unwrap, put it into a bowl with a few drops of water, cover, and heat. It's only dangerous to reheat old rice when it's past two days old, I think! :D

  3. Pastas/noodles are quick and easy! Make soup with a blender and freeze it. A good tip is to make a little extra each time, and put it in the fridge or freezer to save you from having to cook everyday/food spoiling. I used to do it with rice, and would always have a few portions in the freezer to microwave for dinner. Good luck and enjoy the independence :) I love living alone so I can't help with your original question :( Find interests you're passionate about to keep yourself occupied with?

  4. I love it when the pro-choice people set up a table around the corner from him :)


    But yeah, it's so annoying. Would be less offended if he was standing around with leaflets or at a table, but it is seriously loud and disturbing.

  5. ^ Stunned by the spaghetti lighting for candles one. Done that and then did the toilet roll speaker one. Works, but then reminded me I already knew that if you put it in a box it would sound louder. So yeah. Some awesome ones there though.


    I know, I love candles in jars but I always struggle to light them near the end!

  6. Wasn't blown away by this(saw it last week), didn't get it maybe? What's so good about it, really? I didn't feel it did anything new, it was nice and ok and all, but maybe the tiny amount of hype it's had has ruined it for me; but still...I just don't see why it's being so well received. It started off quite well, but felt it went downhill as it went on. Ending felt abrupt, and I guess I got a bit lost towards the end as to where/how they were going with it.


    True, on hindsight I felt a bit of that too -


    it almost became a bad evil-kid themed horror movie after the first "TK freak" scene. So I get what you mean. I guess it had a good mix of everything, almost Wong Kar-Wai-like colourful (drug) scenes, gore, horror, sci-fi/time travel...maybe?


  7. PETA love to slander people. They announced that the Olsen twins are "Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen". I mean, is that necessary? Or mature? I don't think PETA's activities should be supported at all, no matter what your beliefs.


    As for the meat/vegetarian argument, I'm so over it as a pescetarian. I don't eat meat because I don't like it and it makes me feel sick, but otherwise I don't try to influence others' choices because it's just FOOD. Fur coats are worse because you're killing animals for vanity/materialistic purposes, but animals are generally farmed and raised to be eaten (sorry), unless you're poaching or hunting endangered animals, who the hell cares. People should push for anti cruelty to animals, anti fur trade, and the eat local movement (support local agriculture and reduce carbon footprint) instead.


    You should be able to tell sensible and crazy people apart, and ignore the crazies. PETA and militant vegetarians/anything are obviously nutjobs. It's like religion. Believe what you like, just don't try to brainwash people or force them to believe in what you believe.

  8. Really good, not as good as The Dark Knight (I loved it enough to see it three times, so I doubt anything will ever match up :D), but definitely worth seeing.


    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't want him to die :(
    • JGL :heart: His acting is so amazing!
    • Didn't like how the Rainmaker was mentioned like...once, and not in a way that made me notice, then all of a sudden it became a huge deal.
    • Loved the guy who screwed EVERYTHING up.
    • I really liked the way it was shot, especially at the beginning/Bruce Willis and his wife, before it gave way to action and explosions. A bit like Sofia Coppola + action.
      Unrelated: I think Skyfall is like the only Bond movie I'm interested in watching. The new Silent Hill looks way worse than the previous one - like a generic gang-of-stereotypes-in-a-horror-movie movie. It's supposed to be SILENT! (Apart from the siren. And screams. And creaks.)


  9. @EddieColeslaw If I'd have met Dan when I lived in Liverpool and he lived in Hull, I definitely wouldn't have started seeing him. Yeah I'd have fancied him, but I'd have still gone for someone more locally.


    When I was on Ok Cupid, I had interesting guys 1hr + drive away contacting me, but I never considered taking it further because of the distance.

    How can he take care of you when he's not there? Like yes you can Skype and stuff but surely there's always that human yearning to be with someone physically?


    Isn't there a big chance (like a REALLY big chance) you could move over to be with him, and very quickly realise it's not working? Then that's a massive piece of time, effort and money wasted? I really don't mean to be rude, and I'm sure plenty of people have brought this up with you before. But I'm really just interested in your thoughts on this, because surely you've considered it, and it's there in the back of your mind a lot of the time?


    Fair enough, thanks for sharing your views - everyone has different criteria and outlook on dating then :)


    Yes, there is definitely a chance it won't work out, and I'm prepared for it to happen - that's why I'm not there yet, and instead working to save up (in case I need to leave), get experience here first (so I have a higher chance of getting a job there), and getting my parents' permission (so I can always come back and/or ask them for help. And of course general research about the industry and economy there. (And scraped his Internet presence.)


    I am actually inwardly very paranoid and very OCD about planning, so any problem you or anyone else has thought of, I will probably have thought of it already and have a contingency plan for it >:D I take a VERY longer time to trust someone and I trust my judgement, so the chance that it won't work out it slim by my calculation.


    In the end I feel that it's all about the perspective I take...if it really doesn't work out, I think I do have the capacity to recover and treat it as a learning experience. (I've been meaning to move out of the country for years and years anyway, why not start in one of the IT hubs in the US :D) After all he has made me very happy so far and he's encouraged me to work hard, so I'll be bringing that with me - it would be worth the money, time, effort, etc. that I've spent on the relationship :) Feelings can't be bought and money is ultimately useless when sitting in the bank!

  10. From reading this thread I don't understand why some people from the start would want to be in a REALLY long distance relationship with someone, where they only meet up once every few months. Surely you would rather be with someone nearer? Chances are highly likely there is someone nearer that you could see every day and be far happier with??


    You don't choose people based on how far away they are, you choose the person for who they are. No one ever thinks "I want to be with someone who I can only see a few times a year!" (unless...distance fetish? :s), which is the amount of times I see mine. Even though that's the case, he loves me, takes care of me, and I can imagine a future with him, so we soldier on. Didn't mean to be too ranty or anything, I just don't understand the logic behind the assumption :( If you had met Dan while holidaying in another country, would you have kept in touch considering how well you guys are doing now? It's just nice that he happened to be near :)


    And I've been in Ireland my whole life and haven't ever met anyone I could imagine being remotely serious with, so I'm keeping this one! :D

  11. Long-distance relationships will never be the same as "normal" ones, and it's entirely up to the couple in question to make it work...determination and good judgement (is the distance worth it?) helps. The future is a big deal, and time moves a bit differently. You end up looking forward to eventually being together in the same location. I wouldn't be in one if there was no possibility of that - it's a good measure of how serious the other person is, I think. We miss each other lots, but we use that to drive us in working hard so we can eventually be together. I wouldn't have gotten my Masters or this job without his encouragement, and he wouldn't have gotten his job now either, so I see it as a good thing (up to your own mindset, really).




    We Skype/text/phone every day, send letters, packages, and emails, and fly back and forth to see each other. If you're considering long-distance, hope you have a good job :p

  12. Leaving for London today. Have four certification exams to do but the first weekend will be free, so I'm hanging out with two good friends whom I haven't seen in four years! Excited to go to UNIQLO and Chinatown ♥ Everyone is planning nights out but meh, why can't they all be nerds and go to the cinema or have LAN parties instead :'(


    I always feel so frumpy in London though, and I couldn't pack many non-work outfits... (also, I procrastinated heavily when packing)

  13. Apparently, I do something that is weird and I didn't even think it was weird until someone told me nobody does this. When I have rice pudding, I have a bit of jam in the rice pudding, mix it up and I have it with a slice of bread.


    It's nice! To be fair, I'm also known to do a bowl of custard, break up milk chocolate digestives or chocolate cookies, mix it up and heat it up for a few minutes. Apparently, that's weird too!


    I just heated up rice pudding and dropped some Nutella in it! :) I don't think it's weird though, the Müller rice puddings have strawberry/custard/etc. in them.