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  1. Awesome stuff thread

    I think I would cry if I saw this irl. (Out of awesomeness.) It's the Kaonashi from Spirited Away.
  2. How many sugars...

    I don't even have TEA! OR COFFEE! Do I win? So I think I just broke the poll a bit...sorry.
  3. Here you go: http://lifehacker.com/5921095/facebook-just-changed-your-email-without-permission-heres-how-to-get-it-back It's slightly annoying how they keep changing stuff (like privacy settings) of their own volition.
  4. Houses of Parliament Mafia - SIGN UPS!

    Sorry dude, thanks for the mention, but it's an extended mafia break for me! It sounds fun though, make sure you add in lots of scandal I'll be checking it now and then!
  5. I Just Don't Get Presents

    Happy Birthday, Dazz!
  6. Venom Movie

    Well put, sir. I don't understand what the perspective of Venom would be...though the extent of my knowledge of the character is from the Spider-man movie. There's no guilt, mysterious backstory or secret motivation...just seems like too shallow of a character. Maybe he has a more fleshed-out background in the comics.
  7. Netflix

    In that case, they need a page which lists all genres...the drop-down menu doesn't include all of them. I found both movies through the "Dark" genre, randomly. Try the first episode - Steve Buscemi is in it! It's not award-winning material tbh, but it makes fun of hipsters and indie folks well
  8. General Movie Thread

    It looks fun, hope the 3D is good again! We should get the previous crowd and go see it
  9. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    She's playing in Dublin this September, but I am likely to be at work training in the UK/some awkward part of the country and unable to go
  10. Netflix

    Netflix must have been updated majorly - I see Lost In Translation (love), In The Mood For Love (looks good - Wong Kar Wai), Flightplan (watched it this morning after wanting to for 7 years)...have also been watching Portlandia, which is quite awesome - Steve Buscemi and Aubrey Plaza make an appearance every now and then!
  11. He's Bringing Sexy Back

    Happy Birthday, Ho-oh
  12. Post your Cooking!

    To thicken sauces, you can try using cornstarch mixed with warm water!
  13. General Movie Thread

    Omg omg omg I want to watch this! Despite the long trailer, it doesn't make me feel like I've already watched the whole thing - a lot of trailers nowadays make me feel like that. I like how the scale of things seems to have gone up from the last movie, I was getting tired of Matt Damon's face. If this turns out to be bad, I can imagine that it's the Hawkeye movie :p
  14. Forum User Photos

    ^I like it! Looks smart but cool at the same time.
  15. Tipping in USA?

    Best guideline so far :p
  16. Forum User Photos

    I discovered that skirts are nice in warm weather. Bonus: I wanted this but it was expensive
  17. Do You Believe?

    The universe is so huge, there has to be something else out there. However it would be a hilarious coincidence if they were green, and had big heads with big, shiny, black eyes. Why yes, I am competing for the boringest answer ever prize! :p
  18. What Have You Bought?

    Pseudo-workwear from Forever 21. €16.99 (on sale, missing original belt) €23.75 Curse you, night mode photos And they both look better with tights on, but I was lazy.
  19. Tipping in USA?

    I think that tipping encourages good service and fosters competition. You're not forced to tip if the service is awful, that's the point. I'm not too sure (my last trip to the US was when I was a single digit age), but I think their prices (and general cost of living) will reflect the fact that tipping is the norm, e.g. don't imagine UK/Irish prices + tip added on. Tipping everyone in the world ever is a bit ridiculous though, re: the guidelines Dog-amoto's posted But that's just because the practice doesn't exist over here, I guess.
  20. 생일축하합니다 Frank!

    Happy Birthday to our male Marilyn Monroe and K-pop enthusiast, @Frank
  21. Moving House

    I think it's the rinse hold setting. /exits
  22. a little announcement...

    I don't think I know who either of you are (too noob), but congratulations
  23. My Love For You Makes My Heart Bulbasaur

    Happy Birthday to both of you!
  24. bad stuff thread.

    You should straight up give her an ultimatum: do all three, or I leave. I mean, it's not like it's just a tiff - it sounds like your quality of life right now is terrible. I dunno though...will you miss her/is there another factor causing her to be so inflexible? Does she understand why your requests are important? /naïveté? /noses out
  25. Let's go to candy mountain...

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!