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  1. What a Lovely Meal

    Thanks for sharing! Her voice is awesome. Kind of like Daria Morgendorffer.
  2. What a Lovely Meal

    I lol'd. I don't eat meat either. Similar experience: my housemate had just gotten a takeaway and asked me whether I'd like to try her pork floss dish/starter, because "you can't really taste the pork in it".
  3. Rate the song above.

    Didn't really like it, but really only because it doesn't overlap with the kind of music I usually listen to...the beat annoyed me. I'm curious to see how this song will be received...the concept album "In the Aeroplane over the Sea" is quite interesting.
  4. What do you think of this tattoo?

    My two cents: I think it would look cool if the lion had some shading, akin to the level of detail of the crown.
  5. Disney Mafia Sign-ups

    I don't remember much about him in the movies...but I did think that it was hilarious when green died in Episode I. I am a terrible person.
  6. Disney Mafia Sign-ups

    Hooray, I made the list! Thanks for the welcome! Yoda and C-3PO are awesome but I don't know much else about Star Wars (I refer to people by the colour of their lightsaber...), so I think I'll pass!
  7. Encountered any zombies lately? :)

  8. Disney Mafia Sign-ups

    Can I sign up? Total noob, but would like to try my hand at this mafia business. Will do my best to follow the rules and play well heroicjanitor introduced me to this forum