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  1. Snowing

    You thanked Diageo for reminding you that doing that would probably induce hypothermia and kill you? Nice...
  2. Snowing

    I wasn't aware that it's snowing right now (just got up and looked out of the window)! It's so thick!
  3. Snowing

    Could've been hail, not snow. I was woken up this morning with hailstones hammering down, they were bigger than usual, too!
  4. 10 Hardest Games Ever!

    You just gotta practice and figure out when to press the keys...an easy way is to walk on your knees to the finish line, but it takes a long time!
  5. 10 Hardest Games Ever!

    My friend somehow got to -25m before...if you beat that, you win :P
  6. 10 Hardest Games Ever!

    Trials is the most hilarious game ever. The only aspect which can be considered a win for me is by managing to break almost every bone...the physics reminds me of QWOP - how's that for a hard game...
  7. Wikileaks - End of the World - lol

    I always wonder why the governments involved don't bomb Wikileaks' servers or assassinate the maintainers. Did anyone manage to read the war logs?
  8. Mcoy is eating cookies

    EddieColeslaw likes baking cookies for other people, but does not particularly enjoy eating cookies as they are somewhat greasy.

    Argh! I just remembered that post editing isn't allowed in mafia games. Definitely won't do that again...Chair, hope you'll let this slide as nothing's happened yet...

    I love that Epic Mickey is featured on the banner right now LYNCH: nobody
  11. Pokemafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons Sign Ups!

    But I am a noob who needs 100000 more posts to be able to thank people ...fine, 82 more posts! I would love to join this game but I have exams coming up, so I'm afraid that I won't be able to participate enough. Oh well! I was happy enough being a mere observer during the last Pokemafia, guess I'll just have to resign myself to that again
  12. McFly

    This. McFly seemed like Busted's little brothers, though I never cared much for either. I thought McFly had disappeared...
  13. The Best and Worst Movie Posters?

    Never fails to make me laugh: Lost In Translation: 20 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters
  14. Rate the song above.

    I usually don't like those kind of screamo vocals, but the guitar made up for it. I think I liked it, very energetic.
  15. Disney's Winnie The Pooh (2011)

    I just looked up the Smurfs trailer and am genuinely scared...
  16. Disney's Winnie The Pooh (2011)

    I really like the books but didn't like the previous movies. This one looks nice though. Yay for hand-drawn animation, I'm sick of all the entertaining but forgettable 3D stuff.
  17. The Playground! Its the place to be!

    Waiting for the Disney mafia to start, it will be my first game! Also followed ReZ's Pokemafia, thought it was awesome
  18. Tattoos

    That's too bad, sorry to hear about that...cartilage seems to heal better than lobe piercings for me, I had to abandon two because of hypertrophic scarring :/ I stretch with a combination of PTFE tape, oil and steel tapers, because my ears just aren't stretchy enough to shove a taper through and be done with I stopped for about a year though because I'm just too lazy. Goal size is 0g for now.
  19. Tattoos

    A year and a half Healed very quickly and nicely.
  20. It's getting colder....

    That's only if your duvet is too narrow and doesn't wrap around you fully. In the summer, I stick one leg out from underneath the duvet and it somehow helps me keep cool
  21. Tattoos

    I prefer piercings, at least they're removable and leave little more than a scar. I have a 12g rim, 14g rook and 2g lobes. I change my mind a lot, so a tattoo would be an extremely bad idea. They're also more expensive, if you consider touch-ups. But if I were ever to get a tattoo, I would like one by Nomi Chi (look her up, apparently I'm still too much of a noob to post external links).
  22. It's getting colder....

    The solution: wear lots of layers that you can take off indoors, and pile on when you go outside!
  23. It's getting colder....

    Rummy, I do that at night and it works pretty well I have a thinner blanket draped on me over my head, too! But it's not really a great solution for the daytime (when I have work to do). Recently I've just been staying in college for free heating, wireless and electricity! Woohoo! Pancake, I'll look into those "oil burner things" you speak of...you mean those little tealight + aromatherapy oil burners, right? I was thinking about a few fat candles, too. Seems like the main reason for liking winter is snow, unfortunately for a lot of countries winter is just cold rain :/
  24. It's getting colder....

    I put my laptop on my lap (ha) sometimes, but my computer doesn't really get hot enough. I guess MySQL isn't hardcore enough to make it heat up...though I get paranoid and worry when it does.
  25. It's getting colder....

    This. I like winter, but not in a house without adequate heating! Anyone got any (inexpensive) tips for keeping warm? So far I've been relying on wearing as many layers as possible. Somehow I think sitting in front of the computer doing college work most of the time doesn't help...