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  1. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Oh dear...and lol @ Jonnas above. Vote: Diageo Yes, you are suspected of either being or creating a bunch of clouds which killed chairdriver.
  2. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Somehow I believe Diageo. Whether that's foolish or not, I don't know. Where is Sméagol?? And what if MadDog's power got messed with/he's lying about it?
  3. Crazy Person owns Sun. Intends to charge for use.

    Psh, my solar bill will be so small, I'm constantly sitting inside in front of the computer! Time to get rid of all of the windows in the house!!
  4. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Maybe when Cube dies, it helps someone else by making them more powerful/invincible/fabulous/etc.? Though if he's a neutral serial killer, he could hardly help the mafia? As there seems to be an abundance of roleblockers according to a previous write-up, I think he should be roleblocked from now so he can't kill anyone. Diageo, Sméagol and others should be pursued instead.
  5. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    I guess people need to start abusing their powers and stir up some drama But what I meant to say in my post above is that I think actual dragon Pokémon would be the bad guys, not simply dragon type. But obviously I'm not familiar with what HeroJan says about ReZ making all of the baddies one type etc.
  6. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    This. You are all getting carried away with the dragon thing, though the title of this game does allude to the fact that dragons may be the bad guys. Think of Pokemon like Kingdra and Shelgon - they are dragon TYPE, but not dragons. Kingdra is a seahorse while Shelgon is a ...shell?
  7. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    He could be Grass type as well, as they're strong against water (think of plants being watered).
  8. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    If he tells us his type and we're convinced that he's good, someone could protect him tonight from this almighty danger he was talking about. Unless it means that we'd be in danger. I forgot that someone had claimed to be the spore-scatterer. I think the spores induce an element of confusion, like messing up events or changing people's colours like in previous Pokémafia...unless they're used for tracking?
  9. Snowing

    I'm working on a project, so no snow fun for me either
  10. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    As in, telling us will cause something to happen to you, or telling us will make us (wrongfully) suspect you? Or telling will make you a target for the mafia? Are you the one scattering spores?
  11. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Somehow I get the feeling that Cube is making stuff up again. I want to hear from Sméagol. Because of Growlithe?

    Why would Christopher Robin be playing with his toes and doing animal-like things? I thought Christopher Robin wore socks and shoes :P Though I'm getting a bit worried that maybe he's telling the truth and simply gave up trying to defend himself...

    With love, anything is possible~ I'm sure that's a song, or an ad...or a movie tagline... To assess the situation: so we're going for Diageo because of Nintendohnut's claims, and Cube changed his vote which should be trusted for some reason unknown to me (is he being backed by anyone?). I feel a bit mean voting for someone who is practically defenseless once everyone has made up their mind...but unless one of them starts talking or is lynched, this confusion will continue. We will be able to look back on their claims involving other people too, once we find out whether they're good or bad. Therefore, just to go along with the majority and make something happen: Vote: Diageo (Unless someone gives a good reason as to why he *definitely* shouldn't be lynched)
  14. *jumps in, with nothing to add to the topic* Excellent idea, I want to see someone surfing on the snow now
  15. Snowing

    Yeah, that is quite scary, it looks like you could actually get snowed in If it were in this country, at least, because it's never happened before.

    So we're going by this just because he nodded? I would like for one of the silenced players to be able to speak so they can give a proper explanation so I'll randomly give Cube LOVE, even though it could turn out horribly wrong. If I don't get lynched/killed in the night, could someone please investigate me or roleblock me. I simply don't know where people are pulling all of these theories from, and why everyone one is following Cube's votes. First me, then he changed to Diageo and now everyone's going in that direction too. I may change the vote to Diageo depending on the majority for LOVE, but I hope we all agree on getting one of them to be able to talk again... LOVE: Cube

    You actually brought up a good point. Does anyone know whether Cube and Diageo can be trusted yet? Otherwise we are effectively believing in two silenced players with a clear disadvantage - they could be framed/accused/etc. and it would be hard to defend themselves or give evidence - but they also have an advantage: they can't explain themselves properly, so they could be hiding a lot or just plain lying. How do we know that they aren't working together and trying to lead us astray? Cube voting against Diageo and throwing bananas at him etc. could have been an act. Also
  18. Making an essay stand out (physically)

    Even if you just make sure to have a proper layout and readable font, it should be fine. Don't go using crazy fonts or making every word a different colour, or anything like that If it's a really long essay, bind it nicely? An essay really is about the content...from an essay-writing enthusiast~

    The forum isn't loading properly for me at the moment... In reply to HeroJan: No, I'm just trying to take everything in. To get back to the point, then, would someone like to clarify why I'm suspected of being Hades (I'm not)? Cube: are you saying that someone/something with 3 eyes killed Smeagol??

    If Cube gets LOVE, you can speak again?

    Why am I suddenly being targeted? I'm not bad. Someone can investigate me to make sure. And how come Diageo still can't speak?

    How were we supposed to find out about Diageo's alignment? I assumed that it would be in either the last write-up, or this one... Also, Dazz was a woman who died and went to the underworld, and was brought back by Hades. Since we never voted LOVE, is that someone's power, to be able to bring back dead people? I still find the fleeing of The Peeps weird as well. The Peeps, can you tell us what happened with you?
  23. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Sméagol, you sure do love dragons :P That's a good observation by Nintendohnut, though.
  24. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    "When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me"