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  1. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    The "confused" people: - The Peeps (Lombre): cannot vote - The refreshed Pokemon - The collection of faces (Exeggcute?) So the other two are Zell and Mcoy? And the navy and red Pokemon did it?
  2. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    LOL. I love it
  3. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    HERP A DERP! Anyway, do we have any leads apart from the Tales-Marcamillian-Nintendohnut triangle, and MadDog's defective lie-detecting power?
  4. Mobile phones and texting rant

    I get annoyed with people glued to their phones, too...the "old-fashioned" way of switching off your phone (or at least putting it on silent) on dates/outings with friends should be brought back. Basically you should not be thumbing your phone all of the time, it should only be brought out if you get a call that is possibly urgent, or to take a picture. Messages can wait. Fortunately I find it easy to give people my full attention because I don't have a smartphone.
  5. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Rotom and Deoxys (though Deoxys has a grey body and legs). Marshtomp is turquoise and orange, with dark greyish fins. So your colours change every night? How does that work?
  6. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_color I have nothing useful to add to the speculation...actually, shouldn't MadDog be in trouble for saying that Diageo (Ononokusu, town) was telling lies?

    Sorry to disturb the quiet time, just want to apologise for being inactive. I was working on a project deadline since last night and was out of the house for most of today (in fact, still am - stranded by the icy roads).
  8. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Sméagol claims to have been roleblocked, I think that's logical too due to: Vote: Cube
  9. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    What do you mean by this?
  10. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Me neither. Elaborate, guys? The rolling Pokemon completed its action of... (any ideas)? Did it indirectly caused the death of Zapdos (I assume the mafia all jumped on him inside the cloud)? I was thinking that the cloud might be Smog or some kind of obscuring attack, but it says specifically that it's a storm cloud. Is there an attack that generates storm clouds? Also, was that Pokémon rolling in the air?? Skillz...

    Yeah, I should have checked properly, I'm stupid (and tired)...you talked in the previous page, in fact. But Aqui1a definitely hasn't spoken. I suggested picking on the inactives because I don't get any strong suspicions about any of the current actives, i.e. I am the confuses

    How about we randomly lynch one of the people who aren't speaking instead (and bring them back if they turn out to be town)? Perhaps it will force them to speak up about anything they know. I get the feeling that this is like a townie civil war, while the mafia are just sitting back and watching...

    Then someone else should investigate me and get this nonsense over with so we can lynch some mafia instead of wasting time lynching townies and having to bring them back again. If they get the results back and it says I'm actually evil, then you can lynch both Nintendohnut and I (but that won't happen, because I'm not evil). Unless they're a dumb cop again. Actually I was looking up different variants of the cop role (http://mafiascum.net/wiki/index.php?title=Cop), and am very discouraged now
  14. Cheese

    I found it quite boring when I first tried it too (what smell?), but really good with tare and karashi. Plus it's fun (and messy) to eat I didn't think I'd be able to find it here either, but they have frozen 3- or 4-packs in an Asian supermarket.

    I don't think I'm allowed to say, but I'm not bad. I was obviously wanting to find out your alignment that night/the next day (whenever it was supposed to have shown). So that means you're an opposite-investigator, which I can confirm because I am definitely not mafia. I don't think there's any point in investigating yourself then? You'll just know that when investigating, the result you get is the opposite. Unless my search function is broken, Aqui1a and Paj Meen Ah have said absolutely nothing. Ellmeister, Jonnas, MadDog and Tales have said very little. Since all of us speaking seem to be good, I think we should start questioning them instead. Remove Vote Again, I am not trying to redirect everyone's attention. I'm inviting you all to investigate, track and roleblock me all you want. However you will be wasting your time because I am not mafia, so you might as well go after the people above who are probably making trouble behind the scenes. I don't think I can say what I do, but I can definitely be useful to the town...and I hope I don't get killed for saying that.

    What if this becomes an infinite loop of someone dying, then being brought back by someone's power/LOVE the next day? Sorry, Christopher Robin... LOVE: Diageo Oh wait, I guess we're not going to try and bring baddies back to life

    I was going to say Glinda the Good Witch, but she's not Disney... We should question the people who backed Nintendohnut, too (can't think of anyone right now). Was the witch roleblocked by The Peeps?

    HAHA. What a badass fairy. So now the people who said that Diageo is bad are under suspicion. Vote: Nintendohnut
  19. Cheese

    Been getting way too into mafia games...fail
  20. Cheese

    It's a Japanese food, fermented soybeans, infamous for being stinky with a disgusting taste and texture. Apparently it's a love-it-or-hate-it thing, but it's very good for you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natt%C5%8D
  21. Cheese

    I like mozzarella, both cheap and proper kinds, and especially on pizza. I used to eat a lot of cheddar, but lately it seems too oily/greasy. Don't like goat's cheese as the taste is too strong. Never tried any posh cheeses before, don't feel like eating mouldy kinds...although that doesn't make sense because I like natto, which is essentially mouldy beans (offtopic: any fellow natto-lovers? ).
  22. Snowing

    Ha, I recognise the Dublin correspondent's clip. Looked sore...
  23. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

  24. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    He's being lynched because MadDog's power found that he had lied about not being mafia on a previous page.
  25. Beggars

    I gave a guy bus fare before, and he jumped on a bus straightaway so I was glad to have helped. I've also given a woman train fare before, but I suspect she was a junkie. It's hard to tell sometimes, and I hate brushing off people who might be genuinely stuck.