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  1. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht...

    I think it's like that for most of Europe - they are fluent in their own language as well as English at the very least, then probably fluent-to-semi-fluent in a neighbouring country's language. Some Dutch kids came to my secondary school for an exchange program before, and they spoke Dutch, English, and French o___o Irish people are guiltier - we spend at least 10 years in compulsory Irish classes, then everyone seems to forget it immediately after the last exam! There is absolutely no motivation to be able to use it here, apart from some professions (e.g. if you want to work in the government). It's a damn shame, 10 years is a lot of Irish classes and time spent on learning it. Don't forget movies, books, YouTube videos, online tutorials, ebooks...
  2. Fruit.

    NO! >:0 Then I can't eat peacefully!
  3. Goron_3 needs YOU!

    Done! Good luck!
  4. Fruit.

    My dad is always going on about how he treats fruit as his meals, and it must work because the doctor always declares him as fit as a teenager. I like fruit but I don't like the pith, so I will often spend ages carving out the insides of grapefruits and oranges. I don't like seeds either, and will refuse to eat watermelon before all of the seeds have been pinched out. Apples are boring. I like plums now. I like fruit in general Why are people so against pineapple on pizza?? It's just food Go to Korea, they put POTATO on pizza. And mayonnaise. Actually, I want to try that...
  5. hello everyone.

    I guess we'll have friendship with you too, but only if the ideas are good.
  6. lol, I have the opposite problem, bf has gotten annoyed at me before for gaming too often :p Anyway, someone update me on Serebii's adventures, haven't been on here in ages (and I am too lazy to read everything ever)!
  7. I'm a bit late, but re: the gamer thing - be careful what you wish for. The bf and I both game, but each of us plays games that the other refuses to touch :p He plays anime games which I can't stand, and he doesn't like the RTS games I play...not that it gets in the way much, but yeah. Just adding a dose of awkwardness to the thread!
  8. What is love?

    Love is total unconscious (I don't think this is the right word; what I mean is that you don't decide or question it, you just know and it just is) acceptance, which transcends appearance and gender. I think. Or maybe that's just loving someone's mind. idk.
  9. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht...

    My first language is Cantonese (I abuse that as an excuse whenever needed >), and I learned English when I was born here and got thrown into primary school. Learned Irish, French, and German in secondary school. Used to talk to quite a lot of German people on Myspace/online etc., but no more. My reading and comprehension is still ok though. I can read French, but no conversation. I swept Irish out of my brain as soon as I left secondary school :P Learned some Japanese and Mandarin during college, unfortunately I don't have much interest in Mandarin and accidentally forgot all of it. Learning Swedish and Korean on my own, with stilted progress...one summer I encountered a lot of Eastern Europeans at work, so learned some Russian and Polish phrases. I should really get on with learning a langage properly to the point where I'm semi-fluent...probably Swedish or Korean. Don't really know what's stopping me, probably laziness, because I used to love learning other languages.
  10. Eggs

    Singapore's favourite airhead blogger shows you how to make eggs. I kind of like eggs, sparingly. I like egg and cress sandwiches. When I was younger I used to only ever eat egg mayonnaise at restaurants and hotels.
  11. The Amazing Spider-Man

    YES! Bing really annoyed me, haha. hdu Peter :|
  12. Awesome stuff thread

    Window cleaners at a children's hospital in London:
  13. Holidays 2012

    Excellent people-watching! If you're at the airport, it means that you're heading somewhere different, or returning from somewhere...good connotations! Mind you, I only like modern airports with nice architecture and good shops...Heathrow and Hong Kong International are my favourites so far.
  14. Holidays 2012

    I'm going to Dallas, TX at the end of August to see my boyfriend! Woop! Haven't been abroad since summer 2010. I get to travel ALL BY MYSELF! I'm a grown-up now! I like airports, so I'm looking forward to the travel just as much as arriving there. To 40°C weather, probably (it's 34°C right now, night-time...). Has anyone ever been to Dallas?
  15. The Amazing Spider-Man

    Just watched it for the second time, in 3D (2D the first time). Andrew Garfield's chin/jaw is really narrow and it distracts me Loved all of the dodging and evading, and use of web. Liked how Gwen/Peter are younger and look more like the characters they're portraying in that respect. I always hated Kirsten Dunst as MJ, so it wasn't hard for me to like Emma Stone. The Lizard was genuinely scary and gross, which I liked - never felt that with the villains of the previous trilogy. Hated the soundtrack. Dialogue was a bit shallow and all relationships were underdeveloped - it could've been longer, to counteract that? I dunno, I can't say I love it but it was still entertaining the second time around. HIS CHIN IS REALLY SMALL OR SOMETHING OMFG.
  16. We need to get hold of Aquaman ...

    Happy Birthday! >O))> (<-- supposed to be a fish?!?)
  17. Split with my wife today

    Honouring request for funny pics: QWOP cosplay. A cute one thrown in for good measure! Hope you're doing ok.
  18. The Avengers

    Hot Toys should make wax (er, plastic!) figures, those figures sure beat Madam Tussaud's offerings. I just realised that I've unknowingly walked past their only store in Hong Kong before.
  19. Yvonne-umental!

    Happy Birthday: Yvonne
  20. The Avengers

    The extremely lifelike figures by Hot Toys (officially licensed) are coming out in December, I think. LOOK AT IT!! *______* (Excuse my Loki bias.) Too bad they're like, €200 The most I've spent on an action figure is like €30 on FFVIII Play Arts Squall!
  21. Awesome stuff thread

    Make UIs out of anything...including a banana spacebar, Play-doh keypad...
  22. It's Raining_Again for the 26th year in a row

    Happy Birthday to both, have a lovely day (even though it's raining...ahm...)!
  23. Forum User Photos

    Today I became a 12 year-old boy.
  24. General Movie Thread

    Oh my god. I need to watch this.
  25. Super Cake Giraffe

    Happy Birthday