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  1. Imagine if the calibration sort of breaks after a while, and you end up having to punch someone in the crotch to get the button to respond /juvenile
  2. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Don't kill the Creative Gallery forum, please! Also is the irc chat broken? What's the link? Do people still use it?
  3. Adventure Time

  4. Awesome stuff thread

    Artist puts together collection of self-portraits while on different drugs Psilocybin Mushrooms (2 caps) Cocaine (1/2g) I find it interesting to see how it affects his perception, but...seems dangerous? :s
  5. Forum User Photos

    Woop, I'm gaining pop culture respect points! Last time I got yelled at for watching Drake and Josh :p
  6. Awesome stuff thread

    Very crudely-drawn ones, too! Aw, why didn't I take a picture
  7. Forum User Photos

    Yay! Being a hipster, or something.
  8. Awesome stuff thread

  9. The World's First 'Invisible' Cycle Helmet Goes on Sale

    I watched this a few days ago - thought it was cool, but 7 years development seems a bit too long and wasteful. (It was 7, right? Can't be bothered to rewatch :p)
  10. Adventure Time

    I love it, it's so bizarro and I like how the Ice King is a pervert and the Ricardio episode had creepy undertones. Jake and Finn's dialogue is awesome, too! http://www.mastertoons.com/Adventure-Time-Season-1.php#
  11. Coming Out

    A friend once came out to me by saying "I think I'm gay, are you ok with that?" and I was like yes, duh.
  12. good stuff thread.

    Got my laptop back from Dell this morning, it works! Flying to Dallas, TX on the 23rd. Meanwhile, I've been going to the cinema, art gallery, home, and on very long walks. Yay for no work/college!
  13. British Television - Is it really bad?

    Aren't period dramas getting popularised recently, e.g. The Hollow Crown? I don't watch any TV really, but I'm catching whiffs of it from Facebook and Twitter.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Swype ftw! Samsung have me locked in! :s Typing on iDevices is the most frustating thing ever for me, they are programmed to not give me the words I want!
  15. Eggs

    This saves energy because you can switch off the cooker after putting on the lid. It also boils it less "harshly", so the yolk won't be overcooked!
  16. UK rail fares up 6+% - Ridiculous or fair?

    Never gonna complain about public transport here again...€1.90 single trip for me to get into the city centre, which takes around 15 minutes, usually. The buses are very clean and new too. Of course it doesn't compare to the public transport system in Hong Kong, but it will do :p The tube in London is so awful and broken, random lines closed for maintenance on random days, no AC. The buses seem ok, I can't really remember what the fares were like though. I think that public transport should really be taken care of by the government and it should at least be affordable - the point of it is so that people don't drive (expensive, congestive, and environmentally unfriendly) cars. Travel is a basic necessity, for work, school, etc., in my opinion anyway. Or else we're back in the Middle Ages and might as well walk to the next city over a few days :s
  17. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Depression is weird, getting over it is so dependent on the sufferer - meds, love, friends, travelling, doing what you want, getting a job...it depends on what one's neuroses are. And sometimes it just refuses to go away. I want everyone I know to be happy but I can't really do anything about it. People always say "talk to someone about it, blabla" but I hate letting people know when I'm down so that wouldn't help me at all. Everyone fights it their own way. Read up on it and try everything, just know that you want to get better and you'll come across solutions in your own time. Meanwhile, take care of yourself. Diageo, aren't you studying Psychology? Expected you to spout some textbook description :p
  18. Help with Japanese translation?

    I had a look, but the text is not searchable and my Japanese isn't good enough to translate it like that Sorry!
  19. Its been a long time, i shouldnt have left you...

    Welcome back, glad to hear you're alive, even better to hear that you're enjoying yourself!
  20. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Yeah, I haven't seen any artichokes on him either. Though if we all abide by this, we'll have to put up with everyone complaining about being single for eternity :p
  21. Eggs

    Y'all need to try French toast Asian style! The way my mum's always done it is basically soak a peanut butter sandwich in beaten egg mixed with some amount of milk, then fry until browned. Drown in golden syrup and butter. Yay! (Don't know what I'm yay-ing about, the last time I made it was...a year ago.)
  22. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht...

    Germanic languages :p Depends on your own interests too, e.g. I found Japanese easy (at the time) because I was really into the music and culture, but if you told me to learn Dutch or something, I'd be like...meh.
  23. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    I kind of stopped posting because there weren't many threads to post in, really. I liked the ones that got a big debate going, which I would learn from but also have a laugh at the jokes within. Moar effort needed for new threads? Not that I'm being a brilliant poster, I disappeared due to college business and lack of laptop for a few months... But yeah, main reason seems to be that everyone is growing up and finding other things to do. Less time and effort spent on here = less activity and appeal. Inevitable, really, but it would be a shame as this is the only forum I got into to this degree. I miss ReZ and his artichokes. I experienced something similar with the J-rock community, I used to be really into it a few years ago but I pretty much know nothing about it anymore. Growing out of N-E would be ok if some awesome newcomers arrived to keep it going instead of it dying a quiet death, I think! Better than everyone forcing themselves to take part if they don't actually feel like it. I'm not sure how it works, but maybe some advertising is needed (aware that someone already mentioned it a few pages back)?
  24. Jonnas' DIY Mafia - Sign-ups

    Ahhhh! I'm going away on holiday soon, meanwhile my laptop is in Dell hardware replacement limbo NOOOOOOO. Well, have fun, guys
  25. Fruit.

    You might one day. And be sorely disappointed :p