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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    Next N-E meet featuring Moogle with his special fried chicken drum solo performance! :p
  2. Funny Stuff Thread

    Haha, there's a , check it out and see how you do with that!
  3. Best Public Webcams

    Here you go, creepers: http://www.earthcam.com/ It has webcams at a number of landmarks, plenty to choose from!
  4. Metal Gear Movie

    Hang on, is this a CGI or live action movie? Aren't the games (*COUGH* MGS4) pretty much movies anyway? :p I hope they don't skip out on the ~tactical espionage action~ part...
  5. Funny Stuff Thread

    Not sure how funny it is if you're not Asian (and experience every single one of these things in the video), but these guys are good anyway!
  6. Forum User Photos

    I watched TDKR three times! Yeeah!
  7. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I dunno who she is, but her voice really grabs me.
  8. bad stuff thread.

    Back in Ireland from TX...the roads look weird, the time is weird, people aren't as polite, it's cold, and I had to leave my fiancé at the airport Time to relearn how to sleep/eat/walk/drive/do everything on my own! I'm just being a drama queen really, he's coming here in a few months
  9. No one can force you to meet or do anything you don't want to do! It's up to you, just think of the potential relationship or friendship you could gain...or possibly meeting a weirdo/serial killer (JK) :p
  10. Post your Cooking!

    Doesn't orange juice + milk make you throw up? Though I realise that yoghurt =/= milk... /Heathers
  11. Have a Murrvelous birthday you Son Of A Gun

    Happy Birthday, Murr!
  12. Do you buckle up in a taxi?

    Why...wouldn't you wear a seatbelt in a taxi? It's still a car. The taxis here are pretty good no matter what the time is, actually. The drivers always stow away your suitcase and stuff for you, and open the door. I've always thought it's weird that buses don't have seatbelts here...after all, it's still a vehicle and you will still get hurled out/at someone in the event of a crash. I won't complain though, I hate travelling by bus enough :p
  13. Thank you everyone Yep, we've been challenged by that all along. Tbh I will probably move here, just need to work for long enough in my new job in Dublin to be able to put it on my CV and save some money! Btw Dallas is really nice so far...everyone is really polite and wait staff are forced to be super perky The weather is MUCH more tolerable than the humidity and smog in Asia, too. So far I haven't met any rednecks/gangsters/bible belt nutters/cowboys/gunmen yet :p But I also haven't been downtown yet...
  14. Forum User Photos

    Dannyboy: Weirdly enough, that suits you for a costume, in a good way! You should totally wear it as an outfit.
  15. We're engaged Except I apparently have an abnormally small finger, so the ring has to be resized... /blatantly unrelated to current discussions /but wait... My instinctive smile is kind of awful too, makes my face look fat. PRACTISE! All you need is a mirror Also will everyone just have FUN with this dating site malarkey! Good luck!
  16. good stuff thread.

    I'm leaving for Dallas to see my cute boyfriend tomorrow morning!!!! :hehe: Bye for 9 days!!
  17. My point is that Facebook is a lot more personalised than say, Myspace, and thus it's somewhat of an accurate representation of a person! Of course every individual quirk and mannerism can't be portrayed online, but that leaves something to the imagination! It's the same in real life tbh, you could get a false impression by meeting someone - they could've acted or spoken differently than they usually do, etc. Not pushing online dating or anything, just my thoughts! And yes I would...online shopping :p Though yeah, it's a bit dodgy buying fruit, veg, and meat with the supermarket delivery services.
  18. GIF

    I dunno, it just looks pretty!
  19. GIF

  20. 10 years left to live.

    Awesome =/= insignificant, Q.E.D.! @[email protected] (Sometimes there are cool inventions and stuff in there...ahem...)
  21. I disagree, look at Facebook...our online presence and communication is getting quite representative of our "real" lives and personalities. Of course you can craft a profile to represent yourself in a certain way, but you can do that in real life anyway! There's hope :p
  22. 10 years left to live.

    That might put new people off from talking to me tbh, apparently we haven't been doing much to recruit new members already... Ah now, imagine if everyone thought like that It's all relative - if you want to do something that will impact the entire universe, we're probably out of luck. In that scale, we are indeed insignificant. But ask your family members - you are very, very significant to them. Why not start closer and change their lives for the better? Or your community? Or the world? With the Internet, social media, etc. etc., the medium to communicate with anyone in the world, no matter how far away, exists. It's up to you to use it! Don't aim too high and get nothing done - imo if I can make a positive difference in even one person's life, then my life hasn't gone to waste. But of course we're all capable of much more than that : peace: If everyone is doing insiginificant, similar stuff, then the Awesome stuff thread would be empty :p
  23. 10 years left to live.

    This is probably disgustingly ignorant and ungrateful, but living to an old age has never enchanted me as I am a neurotic emo, so I wouldn't be sad or anything. I guess I would work as hard as possible to amass as much money as possible to live comfortably for say, four or five years. So work to save up and sort out my parents' debts, then quit computer science and do lots of part-time courses of things I've always wanted to study (fashion design/visual communications/language/philosophy) and travel ALL OVER THE WORLD and take lots of pictures and write lots. That was basically my plan all along Everyone: what's the rationale for wanting a kid?
  24. Name That Game: 2012 Edition

    Number 3 is a very old Castlevania? :s Oh wait, no, is it Contra? :s And is 8. Metal Slug? :s???
  25. Is it quiet in here? Or is it just me?

    Hmm, could even make it a subforum of General Chit-Chat? Make the entire forum more compact with a gaming/anything other than gaming forum split. People seem to only concentrate on one forum or subforum and ignore the others, so if they were brought together people might notice and start posting in forums they hadn't noticed before?