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  1. Weird shit people do

    Whoops, I didn't consider that it might not be clear to say that! Japanese language is composed of Japanese alphabets and Chinese words, but Chinese consists of Chinese words only (obviously). So you have to learn less Chinese words in Japanese, because they're padded with the Japanese alphabets! Japanese is not hard to pick up tbh, especially the Japanese alphabet. Give it a go!
  2. Your Favourite Book

    Godot is good - I recently read a copy which had both French and English side-by-side - but the imagery doesn't attract me as much as my favourite play, No Exit by Sartre!
  3. Weird shit people do

    Awww no, Édith Piaf would be sad! (She's one of your idols, right?) Pick according to your personal interest level! If you're purely thinking about usefulness, Chinese, because of their strong economy and growing ubiquity! But Japanese is SLIGHTLY easier because there are less Chinese words to learn...
  4. Weird shit people do

    When I cook, I adamantly stick to the concept that individual items should taste good on their own, and as close to their natural flavour as possible...however my family never want me to cook because everything I make is "bland". :'(
  5. Your Favourite Book

    I have a lot of favourite books (re-reading A Little Princess rn), but my favourite favourite book is: Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, by David Eagleman. It's forty stories about death and space by a neuroscientist. It's clever and morbid but also interesting and quirky enough to not be fully depressing.
  6. Blister - pop or not?

    Depends on the type/severity of the zit. Sometimes if you pop one, it will appear again later, possibly worse. You should make sure your hands and the area around the zit is clean, too! The best solution I've found is to put tea tree oil on it twice a day! It's a natural astringent and antiseptic!
  7. Forum User Photos

    Some nice poses there I used to pretend to grab them...
  8. Blister - pop or not?

    You could put a hole in it with a needle (sterilise first), slowly drain it, and make sure to put a plaster over it. It's best not to pop it, though.
  9. Wrinkly Balloons.

    I thought the thread title was innuendo, too... I would've thought everyone did this before as a kid, after birthday parties. Haven't touched a balloon in so long...maybe that's how you know you're an adult :'(
  10. bad stuff thread.

    Pffft, Medicine students party hard...if you're smart enough to get into the course, it's not busy or difficult - popular misconception! Maybe he's just feeling shy or nervous?
  11. Video editing - music/BGM

    I'm in the process of...acquiring Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 as an upgrade to Windows Movie Maker I have a number of videos I took on holiday that I'd like to combine to make a proper, nice video. What do you guys use as royalty-free background or filler music in videos? Is there any site you'd recommend? Alternatively, does anyone know an Android or desktop app to easily play and record piano songs? I can play but I have no keyboard or piano to record from. Does anyone else use Premiere Pro - any tips or better programs (i.e. easier for noobs) to recommend? I could have Googled, but I figured that there are quite a few talented people here who make videos, so I should tap into that instead Thanks.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    In Cantonese, babies/kids are called koalas when they're very attached to their parents and cry when they're separated - e.g. clinging onto them like a koala clings onto a tree. It's not an insulting term though XD
  13. Awesome stuff thread

    Awesome teppanyaki place, the chefs kept making jokes and did really entertaining things. Would've filmed the rest but I decided to enjoy it instead My first attempt at using Premiere Pro CS6... :s
  14. Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht...

    Just started learning Lao because my fiancé speaks it...seems like a very simple language in the way sentences are constructed, and "only" six tones. But the exposure probably helps (being around his family and listening to the music). The written language, however, looks like a nightmare...though not as nightmarish as Chinese, I suppose. Basically if you want to find learning languages easy, be fluent in Cantonese which has nine tones >D
  15. Video editing - music/BGM

    Sympathy thanked... :| Great, I'll check it out!
  16. Weird shit people do

    I actually don't understand the hatred for fake glasses. I don't wear them myself (I need real glasses...), but why not? I guess some people like how they look with glasses on, but don't actually need them?
  17. Weird shit people do

    And you are all genders combined. I guess we're a strange bunch altogether...
  18. Weird shit people do

    You are a Bulbasaur. I find that strange already.
  19. Weird shit people do

    I touch things with my knuckles or elbows, wash my hands before I eat, and avoid touching my face. A pet peeve...I don't like it when people hug me or kiss me on the cheek (old men), and bend/squash my glasses into my face in the process. I'm wearing glasses! NOTICE IT.
  20. Weird shit people do

    But...think about where they lick themselves...
  21. The Dark End of YouTube

  22. Funny Stuff Thread

    Mokong as the mom and me as the dad...are you going to be the son? :p
  23. Maybe...she's allergic to them Naw, I think being specific can be reasonable, in case you're a cat lover who watches cat videos every day and has ten cats and cat crockery and you smell of cats. Then you shouldn't message her... Paj is right too, she could change her mind or decide that it doesn't matter, too.
  24. Funny Stuff Thread

    You are betraying the race! jk...the guy who's pretending to be the mom is Viet and the other guy is Korean, next time you should volunteer to be the mom and make a Filipino video
  25. Adventure Time

    If I had a 3DS I would so get this. Heads-up for whoever's in the US: Hot Topic have lots of Adventure Time stuff, including plushies, t-shirts, and headphones. Labor Day sales on Monday, too!