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  1. 5th Resident Evil Film - 14th Sept 2012

    This movie was kinda fun but
  2. good stuff thread.

    I had an excellent week and experienced a lot of cool things, but it's work-related and I don't think I should really be talking about it on a public Internet forum (due to confidentiality issues, not because I'm a hooker or a drug dealer or anything like that). Today we went to a school for children with learning disabilities and helped them paint all of the rooms inside. It was fun, in a weird way!
  3. Hall of Fame Board Announcement and Nominations

    I nominate Comedy Rainbow. It's just so bad, that it's good Also I miss ReZ being active here.
  4. What about asking for Skype/phone contact details first? That might give you an even better idea of how you feel about each other!
  5. The Wire Season 1 Mafia: Signups

    Sorry dude, I'm out of the country for almost a month on work training, no time for mafia games at the moment! Have fun, all!
  6. Hmm, looks like a perfectly nice message, no Pokemans mentioned :p This suggestion may be frowned upon, but what about including some flattery/humour? How long ago did the send the messages? Maybe you've messaged lazy/busy people who don't reply soon.
  7. Paste one, I'm curious! Maybe your tone wasn't right/it looked like you copypasta'd it?
  8. good stuff thread.

    First week of work went well, continuing training in a different county tomorrow and then London for almost three weeks after that. Looking forward to everything!
  9. Ghosts and The Afterlife

    Revenge and stuff. Ghosts are sneakier because of the stuff heroic said!
  10. Patience... It took me 20 years of lovelessness to find my fiancé...I know some people who are the same age as me but have been with their SO for 6 years already...and some are still waiting and searching. Everyone's journey is different...you can lose focus, but don't lose hope!
  11. Funny Stuff Thread

    Nooooooooooo :'c
  12. Ghosts and The Afterlife

    I won't believe in ghosts unless I see one. I don't spend a lot of time denying the existence of spirits either, which aligns with my view of religion (agnostic) By the way, The Apparition is an awful (ghost) movie, don't watch it. Unless you like Draco Malfoy, because he's in it. (The actor, obviously, not the character.)
  13. bad stuff thread.

    Awww, any plans to return? My memory apparently doesn't last 11 weeks, did work put you there or did your contract there end?
  14. Awesome stuff thread

    Some of them are dusty, too! I do love the glitter though...Magnus, start making sparkly clay figurines!!
  15. Summary: it'd be more sensible not to go for it then? I was approaching it from the assumption that you still liked her lots, but it seems like you're not sure. You can tell a lot from how someone acts - she'd probably be making mountains of your own issues if you were together, instead of/along with work/everyday life. idk though, your call :p
  16. Dazz, she just sounds immature to me - which will/may change in time. To echo Moogle, go for it - you'll probably be a good influence on her
  17. Post your Cooking!

    Raining, that looks sooo yummy!
  18. Awesome stuff thread

    A fashion editorial shot in Instagram, by Nick Knight. The times are a-changin'.
  19. General Movie Thread

    My thoughts on Anna Karenina (2012):
  20. Weird shit people do

    Haven't you ever gone to a movie with people, and they would laugh/shudder/something and look at you, expecting you to be doing the same? Though that was a very long time ago, when I was a dorky kid with no confidence...don't really feel like that now
  21. Post your Cooking!

    Looks like you have the right ingredients, try using chilli bean sauce (good brand: Lee Kum Kee)
  22. Weird shit people do

    This!! Certain people are my cinema buddies (@Frank and @heroicjanitor ), but I would rather go by myself than with someone with a radically different taste in movies to me, or...bad taste :s I used to go by myself all of the time, due to the fact that I was getting tired of being (or feeling) expected to "oooh" and "awww" and laugh at the right moments. When you're on your own, there's no pressure to like or dislike a movie! Yay!
  23. Campaign for people to use the chat room again

    I'm frightened of the chat room
  24. Introductions!

    I don't play Metroid because I'm awful at it, but nevertheless - welcome!